Chishimba Kambwili fails to appear before the Police

National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba Kambwili has today failed to appear before the Police in Lusaka because he had no lawyers to accompany him.

Mr. Kambwili was summoned yesterday over the racist remarks he made on an Indian National working under the Lusaka Decongestion project and was scheduled to appear at Lusaka Central Police Station at 14:00 hours.

But Mr. Kambwili informed the Police through his Lawyers that he was unable to report himself today because there were no Lawyers to accompany him as all of them were committed.

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed that Mr. Kambwili suggested for three different dates on which he could appear.

Mrs. Katongo said Police have however settled for Monday fresh communication will be sent for Mr. Kambwili to appear on Monday at 10: 00 Hours.

The summoning of Mr. Kambwili comes barely two days after Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya indicated that the NDC Consultant faces a possible two-year jail sentence for abrogating the Racism Act.


  1. Hh and kawmbwili are not firable because they are the owners.

    Their party move s in their pockets

    Hh is upendi and upendi is hh

    Ck is ndc and ndc is ck

    Zp just wasting time

    • Dora was MMD government spokesperson.
      Kambwili was PF government Spokesperson, as we know.
      This case is nolle prosecull because Dora is the complaint motivated by haate and fighting for sympaphy.

    • So the Police were instructed by Dora to summon Mr. Kambwila over him telling the truth that simple jobs shouldn’t be given to foreigners in Zambia? Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is so high in Zambia it reaches to the moon. And these clowns aren’t doing anything about it. Also in India, black people are insulted daily, discriminated against under the caste system, with no one to save them. African students have even been killed in India for just being black. Look at the videos on YouTube if you don’t believe it. And yet when Indians come to Zambia, we treat them like royalty. That includes the Chinese, the Lebanese, who treat Zambian workers like slaves, and pay them slave wages in their companies. Sometimes they don’t even bother paying the Zambian workers for months, with no…

    • … repercussions whatsoever. Because the leaders who are supposed to protect these poor Zambian workers are busy kissing the feet of foreigners. That’s what Zambia has come to under Lungu. What a shame.

  2. The way he’s been abandoned by NDC is the same way lawyers are abandoning him. Why should he fear meeting the Police if what he did was Ok.
    Lock the chap up.

  3. We have worse tribal intolerance from lungu and pf towards people from a certain province….to an extent they are being cleared from GRZ work….and blatantly discriminated upon based on tribe….

    • Kambwili went on air and Tongas are worst tribalist

      Why are you defending him today

      Simply because you think ck foul mouth will bring down lungu and put hh in state house

      Ulabeja muchembele

    • Yes…… when he went on air I layed into him, i condemned him, he has since appologised , but kambwili was being sent by lungu….or atleast lungu was incharge of those tribal attacks….

    • And one more thing politico…..

      If being nationalistic and protecting Zambian jobs for zambians is brining down lungu , so be it….we are nationalistic.

      Zambian jobs for zambians, then you can invite your unemployed United nations…before that too many millions of our youth are unemployed while the country is leaking funds being externalised by those taking up jobs Zambians can do….

  4. Kambwli was summoned after Dora Siliya commanded Kanganja to do so after press briefing. The great thing Kambwli did was not to surrender himself to PF police on friday. In their unprofessional usual way they were going to detain him and starting waiting for instructions from the so called higher authorities (Ka Kampyongo ) of course because Kanganja cannot do the right thing but what the PF cadres commands him.

  5. I used to like CK so much before . When he was expelled from PF I thought he is going to put PF in tough times .I also thought that maybe ECL made a mistake of expelling him,but on opposite.
    CK has a greatest weakness. His weakness is HIS MOUTH .This time is behaving like a political amateur with no political values.His is very careless such that small boys like Sunday Chanda,Amos ,Nathan Chanda as well as junior police officers sees foolishness in him.

  6. What on earth does government and police have to do with a man speaking his mind? If the Indian man was offended then he should take kabwili to court and sue him. Kabwili has uttered negative things about everybody in government with impunity yet he says one thing to an Indian he is summoned to the police

    • Do you have no shame? you appear to leave abroad in countries where racial tension can be very high but you expect the police and politicians in those countries to protect you. Why should Zambia be different?

    • Gono, it’s because Zambian leaders love foreigners over native Zambians. That’s why they’re busy selling the country to foreigners. Recently, they even wanted to send about 200 young Zambians to the Arab countries as slaves. Even bragging that they were creating jobs for these young Zambians. And yet foreigners are coming into the country to take up simple jobs that Zambians can do. We currently have very mediocre and incompetent leadership in Zambia. They all need to be voted out in 2021. Hopefully a new, well educated and competent president can come into office. A president who puts Zambia and Zambian people first over foreigners.

  7. Charge the person with the purported crime and go to court. It is based on hearsay and save him papers when to appear before charges. If you are going to arrest people on hearsay there will not be any room in our prisons. Anyone can come out and say ABC called me a… a racist so u arrest and send to jail for two years?

  8. Just Cage That “Fat Albert” the Law has finally caught up with him unless in the Video that’s not him. He can go and drown his bitterness among his kind Ku Chimbokayela or Mumbwa Prison, let’s even given him 3 yrs behind…..

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