GMO food products seized from Lusaka’s Game Stores Manda Hill

Christmas Shopping in Lusaka
Shopping in Lusaka
Christmas Shopping in Lusaka
Shopping in Lusaka

The National Biosafety Authority on Wednesday seized food products containing Genetically Modified Organisms from Game Stores Manda Hill that were placed on the market without a permit.

In its continued Surveillance, Spot and Compliance checks the Authority took away Bokomo Otees and Jungle Ultra Energy as they were not authorized by the NBA prior to their being brought in the country.

NBA Public Relations Officer Sandra Lombe who confirmed the development said Top Class Soups were also grabbed as they did not have a permit to be on the market.

Ms. Lombe said Game Stores brought into the country Bokomo Otees and Jungle Ultra energy without an import permit and a permit to sell the products.

She said just like other traders whose products were seized, all Game Stores across the country were directed to immediately remove the named products from the shelves while Top Class Soups will only be sold when the Stores get copies to place on the market from their suppliers.

Ms. Lombe said an import permit is valid for five years while the permit to place on the market is valid between three to six months to ensure compliance.

And Ms. Lombe said Spar has complied and produced all the necessary permits from its suppliers who include Cold Chain, Zambian Brands, Horizon and InnscorDistributors.

“The supermarket will be allowed to trade in the products which are on the permits as they were previously assessed for safety. However, the Authority will go ahead to destroy all Spar branded GMO products which were seized as they do not have permits”, she added.

She said Spar has started the application process for its branded products that may contain GMOs in order to ensure that the Authority conducts risk assessment on the said products.


  1. If GMO products are imported by permit holders such as Cold Chain, Zambian Brands, Horizon and Innscor Distributors, then that is fine for consumers simply because products “were previously assessed for safety”? So previously assessed products will always be safe, that’s NBA reasoning? And if imported by non-permit holder then should be destroyed because ” they do not have permits”? Why not test, and if found fit distribute to needy e.g. Ministry of Social Welfare? NBA reasoning defeats all logic. We are not safe in this country. Too much mediocrity everywhere. Cartels in the name of regulation. Moving contraband to their homes, after-all, late salaries lately.

    • @Chaos theory very true I mean this confiscated food will end up where exactly? Let it be tested qnd if for for consumption donate it to orphanages or to communities that are in need.

  2. We don’t want these GMOs and people have spoken loud and clear; why are you forcing them on us. All these illegal permits that have been issued in the darkness must be cancelled with immediate effect. That is why many people now miss Dr Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) because he was very principled & focused and he really had the nation’s interest at heart. God bless Zambia!

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