HH: The ‘Boy’ Who Cried Wolf


By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

If the story of the boy who cried wolf reads like fiction, the reality is not far from what Zambians have been treated to since Hakainde Hichilema assumed the limelight as one of the country’s Opposition politicians.

During the campaign trail in Sesheke last week, Hichilema cried the loudest after his impromptu meeting on the roadside which was part of President Edgar Lungu’s route was dispersed.

He rushed to the international media and cried, “Lungu wants to kill me.” On February 20, 2019, Hichilema summoned the media at a grandiose press briefing at which he was flanked by opposition leaders of insignificant political parties.

Hichilema and his political alliance announced they were headed to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because, according to them, their lives were in danger. Particularly Hichilema’s life was in danger.

Since 2014, Hichilema has cried assassination. Infact, he has made such inflammatory statements more than the five times he has attempted the presidency and failed.

On April 15, 2014, Hichilema held a press briefing at which he claimed President Michael Sata attempted to assassinate him.

This followed an encounter with suspected ruling party cadres at Sun FM in Ndola. State House was prompted to react.

Then State House spokesperson George Chellah accused Hichilema of exaggerated outbursts alien to Zambian politics. ‘‘He doesn’t surprise Zambians and the President because assassination is not Zambian and his claims are laughable and extremely exaggerated.

“Mr Hichilema thrives on inflammatory remarks. He thinks he can improve his political party by provoking the Head of State,’’ Mr. Chellah remarked advising Hichilema to carry out a self-introspection and desist from preaching hatred.

The following year, Hichilema was back with his claim with former chief government spokesperson describing the UPND leader as a non-factor.

On October 2, 2015, Kambwili exonerated President Edgar Lungu saying he was not a heartless leader who would consider killing Hichilema.

Kambwili advised Hichilema to offer leadership qualities instead of resorting to cheap propaganda in his fresh assassination allegations.

Then on December 8, 2015, a website linked to Hichilema titled Kachema Kontolola detailed claims that the ruling party plotted to eliminate Hichilema.

“The PF are so determined to hold on to power by whatever means to a point where they care less if HH lives or die”.

“This revelation to kill HH has been exposed by Innocent “The Commando” Kalimanshi or Inno for short, who has been the leader of the PF thugs at Intercity and in charge of executing most of the violence we have been witnessing from the PF until yesterday when he was arrested on assault charges …”

It further went on to claim “The Assassination idea was planned by Mumbi Phiri and Kaizer Zulu to assassinate HH while he visited Mongu. But when Inno did not fully oblige to this, Mumbi and Kaizer were so enraged that they decided to dispose Inno off,” the Hichilema machinery reported.

On December 18, 2016, another UPND sponsored publication claimed a Zambia Police Commissioner Bothwell Namuswa had confessed to being assigned to assassinate Hichilema.

“We had a meeting at which we resolved to disrupt the court proceedings of the petition by provoking the UPND supporters at the courts. It’s was then decided and ordered by State House Special Assistant for Corruption Kaizer Zulu to fire a live bullet at the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and kill him.”

“Kaiser Zulu was very clear that Lungu thought Mr. Hichilema had a strong case that can nullify the presidency and the only way to stop him was by killing him with a live bullet through causing confusion,” Namuswa, according to the Zambian Observer, told his family members.

In 2017, Hichilema’s wife, Mrs Mutinta Hichilema, joined the bandwagon narrating in an interview how her husband was nearly assassinated.

“They never came to arrest Hakainde here, they came to kill and they are still determined to kill my husband. Anyway my God is watching. The same God that saved my husband that night is the same God who is going to save him even now,” Mutinta told journalists.

And most recently, Hichilema is back with the tired claim which he now uses as the basis to report Zambian leader to the ICC.

Evidently the amount of times Hichilema and his cohorts have cried assassination exposes their attention seeking type of politics much like a fiction boy who cried wolf that never was. Yet such tricks had the potential to undermine the democratic tenets of Zambia if tolerated.

Unfortunately, the more Zambia gets better; the more Hakainde gets bitter.

The author is Patriotic Front Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat Lusaka


    • I am just happy that the Mental Health Bill is making progress in parliament. HH the Delusional Dictator needs mental health treatment because his grandiose delusions are getting worse.
      Fortunately, the ICC has better things to do than entertain the leader of a tribal grouping with manic stage of bipolar coupled with schizophrenia.

    • Indeed PF are full of idyyots!!!
      Take advantage of Kambwili and get some peace from firing innocent officers in Sesheke.
      What kind of PFools are these, you have Chitotela, Kampyongo Sesheke, Bridges you are knocking down etc.
      Kambwili saved you by taking by way all that attention.
      Look imbwaa yakalyelye Sunday up barking again.

    • Look imbwaa yakalyelye out from the toilet. But PF matoole yekayeka fye.
      It’s Kambwili week.
      Kambwili saved you from Chitotela and Sesheke sagas, take advantage.
      Sure this why Chitalu is demanding to declare PF Secretariat as a mental health clinic.

    • PF is a toilet. It’s a Kambwili week, take advantage.
      Chitalu is right to declare PF Secretariat as mental health clinic.
      Rabbied dog is out again on weekend.

    • When is pf going to give a statement on the it’s cadres they ferried to sesheke from Lusaka , is it true that the all sesheke police/ pf cadres fight was a result of not knowing utuntu concerning a voter register, is it true that pf cadres cried wolf over someone having a legal document? And those pictures of confiscated pangas we saw what was those pf cadres intentions?

    • Sunday f***ing Chanda, he will not comment on corruption or fired Police officer but will make a beeline for his silly HH…its like childish chap on LT talking about the same thing!!

    • That is a great piece Mr. Chanda. Tell these good for nothings that there absolutely no need for one to consider erasing a nonentity from the face of this earth. He will just die a natural death. No cause to alarm. Let him just die unpresidentised. A sadist he is.

    • The point is to let you know how under5 think! UBUPUBA TABULYA for sure, wakeup guys UPND we need your opposition to govern Zed and not with your wamuyayaya HA…HI…!!!

  1. This THING called Sunday Chanda his mouth always releases diarrhea. Did the boy ever live with parents? I doubt because if he did and came from a well mannered home he could not be that foolish. Good for nothing PF media derogator.

    • Your Unde 5 (HH) stinks like the diarrhea from Chief Mukuni’s but*tocks.
      Ask those who witnessed Mukuni taking a sh*it on the bugee rope.

    • Don’t insult the handsome dude.

      If he came to upendi can you reject him if you can take in tekele. Ck .gbm

      Am sure upendi is courting the boy behind the curtain

    • Sunday Chanda or the real devil born from satan go and tell that thing that brought u in this world she is a devil who has put the whole country in problems, u and your stup!d wanker family should commit suicide

    • All insults but no one can point out any lies that Sunday Chanda has told. Nor can anyone dispute the instances in which HH himself or his cronies have ‘CRIED WOLF’ about “assassination.” And the consequences of all this has really led to the CHEAPENING of the term itself. Nonetheless, the poetic Justice about ‘crying wolf’ is that people eventually stop believing or taking you seriously when the real deal hits you!

    • Yambayamba – That’s because the world dont revolve around Hakainde …so much has happened in the past week in terms of corruption and banning of meal allowance for the future generation of this country. Its pains me that those fooolish MPs turned their backs on the future.
      Its laughable that we never see you on articles concerning corruption yet you claim from your lofty tower with a concealed PF vest that you are neutral…absurd indeed…you have absolutely no shame as old as you are to suggest that anyone debates with a silly boy like Sunday who only thrives when there is backstabbing and corruption.

    • @Jay Jay, I have no idea what you are talking about and I will try to be kind with you since you seem lost. Now, what has meal allowances and corruption got to do with the topic at hand? Also commenting on every headline that pops up on LT does not signify that what you contribute to the discussion is insightful, helpful, smart, or enlightening. Unfortunately that’s what you seem to believe and the reason why you are always here contributing nothing but childish gibberish. It is said that sometimes SILENCE IS GOLDEN…..but this GOLDEN RULE seems to have escaped you.

      What does EDGAR LUNGU WANT TO “KILL” ME mean to you if not ASSACINATION? And if a prominent politician in the country, such as HH, cries this tune every time he f&$ks up and the Police come after him, what do you think…

    • Continue….

      that does to the psych of the Nation? This what Sunday Chanda is talking about here. Yet all you do is launch into insults just because you don’t like the man.

      And if you want my honest opinion, I used to like UPND before HH took over and made it unrecognizable and regional. At that time UPND was run by mature Statesmen who knew what the heck they were doing. In fact, I gave HH a benefit of the doubt when he just took over UPND thinking that he will learn. But, to the disappointment of many people, the guy seems to be getting worse every passing election in a wrong way. And no one in UPND seems to have grown a pair to set him straight. That’s why many of us have given up on HH/UPND. It is not that we are in love with PF or ECL. But I sure as h3ll not going to support…

    • Continue….

      n0ns3nse when I see or hear it just so sycophants like yourself can agree with me. And just so you know, I REALLY DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY POLITICAL BELIEFS!

      By the way, I don’t come to LT to convince you or anybody else that I have no interest in any of the political parties currently operating in Zambia. But I will always support any Govt of the day if they do something right…..and there is something RIGHT that PF is doing despite their many failings like any other Govt on planet Earth. I am not in the business of condemning Govt, or people running it, just for the sake of it like some of you do.

      As for corruption, it looks like you never learned anything from the accusations that we’re being transacted like cheap Kapenta in the MMD era. How many…

    • Continue….

      corruption accusations and cases levelled against many a people in the MMD Govt were ever successfully prosecuted and proven where it matters most, in the courts of Law? And I am glad that now the ACC, Police, and others upped their game. A rarity in the past Govts…..where indictment of a sitting Minister was as impossible as extracting blood from a stone….so something must be going right. Just because you come up here on LT yelling corrupt Minister, corruption this, corruption that, does NOT make fighting real corruption a reality. So why should I waste time on a topic that has turned into a freaking political football online and these blogs? Where corruption is only in the eyes of the beholder and not based on firm morals and principals. The same people being…

    • Continue….

      condemned for corruption today will become heros to many of you tomorrow if they switch Parties. So where is the HONEST DISCUSSION and SERIOUSNESS in all of this?

  2. Keep on hammering this small untaught Under 5 kid. Good piece from Sunday Chanda.
    (HH) is a small toddler who needs potty training.
    His diapers haven’t been changed for 13 years since 2006.
    7 election losses.

    • Mulifipuba ba PF.
      Imagine how bad you came out of Sesheke even firing digfined officers.
      Parliament is empty because some PF MP is smelling corruption.
      The NDC came to save you with their Kambwili.
      Look what it brought up, a chilling HH. It it because of fighting for ambassador position in South Africa?
      Ba Davies grow up, fire the idyot.

    • Nostra Dumb Ars your comment is as pathetic as it is incoherent. Teach your Kainde to wipe his behind. He’s a stinking liar and a piece of sh*it

  3. 1000 rounds were discharged at upendi crowd. No death was reported apart from one hit by lightening at the opposite camp

  4. Mental health is underrated in Zambia, the likes of Chanda should seek help from Chinama before its too late. If you have nothing to write or say better keep quite than try to appease the powers that be. When are you going to d real work and earn decent money to feed your family? I bet even your wife and kids knows how foul mouthed you, what type of a role model are you to your kids?

    • (HH) can go for a free mental health check. He is a sick sociopath whose faculties are in decline since 2011. Him and his tatoo wife are pathetic liars.
      What can we gain from assasinating an Under 5 piece of shi*t?

    • He has told you the truth about your small God Kainde, Ulubemba butila (Uwakweba infywa yanoko mutanshi) as Chishimba Ka**pu**li once said not knowing he was exposing his calibre!! LESA WAKWA ABRAHAM mutubeleleko uluse…

  5. HH should be shot in the head so that he dillusions can be true.

    Mwana akalila bonzo afanika kupasiwa. HH must be given the bitter pill he has been craving for.

  6. There you go again, Chanda. for a man of your purported intelligence, it is sad that you have become fixated on a personality and deviate from core issues. it is clear that HH does really keep you sleepless at night. He scares the wits out of you paymasters so every time you dream, think, see is HH. Very soon you may start to think your wife is HH. You becoming rather delusional. Get a life. When people look through what you saying and know it for what it is, political gibberish, then you have lost your drift. Reflect

  7. It is sad that Zambians who claim that they are Christians can say such things….. GOD help Zambia…….Our leaders can allow people like Sunday Chanda to issue grave statements on fellow Zambians….
    We need Jesus more than Lungu or HH for us to live holy lives……..
    I sincerely hope Sunday shall go to church on Sabbath or Sunday and ask JESUS to teach to love his enemies and the President ‘s enemies

  8. Sunday Chende, Chindika Wiso Na Noko so that your days may be long on this earth! This means you should respect everyone older than you the same way you would respect your parents! It does not matter what differences you may have.

  9. Sunday Chanda says it as it is and yes you either hate or love him depending on which side you are…no one in UPND media has found a way to respond to this guy.

    In this article, Sunday is just stating facts as they happened…why are people getting bitter?

  10. Hmmm….ok this article has exposed the cattle boy who cried wolf wolf kikikikiki

    Ka Sunday nikovuta…Kaleza this guy has a big future in our politics…ignore him at your own peril

  11. Sunday, in as much as you try to hide the hate you have for HH it sticks out like a sore thumb in your articles, you v run out of money and you have to write crap so that you are noticed and thrown some kwacha. I tell you all the education HH has not counting the wealth you will never get even if your brother shares the loot for old people with you. He is the opposition and will oppose things he does not feel right. Wish a group of drunk cadres would chase after you firing guns even in the air and see or hear what you will say. You may be educated but civilization is something you do not have and my condolences to your parents for having an obnoxious child like you. Keep playing the tunes your masters like to hear but your days are coming soon.

    • You’re totally pathetic. Sunday Chanda is a self made intellectual and he has a brighter future in politics than your moribund Under 5 nephew of bungee jumping rope shi*ting Chief Mukuni.

  12. why don’t we look for a place where we can quarantine Kudos and Sunday Chanda. On the day of fasting and prayer in October, I propose we focus on the two. Limbi ukukobwela mumutwe kuti kwafumamo

  13. The chanda boys now trying hard to change the news from the high unemployment among our youth as exposed by CK when he pointed at foringners taking jobs for zambians…

    Chanda…..the people are intrested in the high unemployment , stop trying to divert attention….

  14. This Chandra and PF , they surprise me if HH is not a factor, why waste time to talk/ write about this man. Chanda I think HH is your bread and butter. Minus HH I don’t think PF was going to employ you. Mule tasha.

  15. the icc cannot be corrupted , let them come if evidence is there against anyone the truth will come out dont insult others for nothing. talk about corruption among yourselves guys. people are suffering. we shall go for the opposition come 2021.

  16. We have read an article from Sunday and what i have noticed is that we are just inclined at insulting him. Can we at least criticise him by responding to his findings. Let those opposed to his view bring their own retrospective to his assertions or at least come up with a good counter article. Lets test our intellects Debaters where are we?

    • PF brutality and violence is clear to all…..what chanda is writing his easy, just as easy as me stating all the lungu lies, 500k jobs, mulungushi textiles etc or one can write of the numerous lungu and pf corruption allegations , 42/42, enswatini land, $4 million toll gate, etc etc

  17. HHNeeds to told from time to time he has lost his internal GPS. He had damaged the only country he has been vying to lead. He will never, never rule.

  18. The Boy Who Cried Wolf is one of Aesop’s Fables. From it is derived the English idiom “to cry wolf”, defined as “to give a false alarm” in Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable and glossed by the Oxford English Dictionary as meaning to make false claims, with the result that subsequent true claims are disbelieved.

    The fable
    The tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking wolves are attacking his flock. When a wolf actually does appear and the boy again calls for help, the villagers believe that it is another false alarm and the sheep are eaten by the wolf.

  19. We are in trouble bane, if this boy calls an elderly person who pays his salary this what more does he think of poor marginalized people in kombonis and villages. PF has become too arrogant and they think they will get away with it, they need to learn from Mugabe and many others who abused their power and were forced out. Right now these guys taking advantage of our people’s gullibility to steal from them, punish and take away many benefits they entitled to.

  20. Nobody respects Sunday Chanda in PF. We need a media director who discusses development. He only discusses people. Does this boy have somebody to guide him?

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