Zambia Breweries Country Director Jose Moran chats with Zambia Association of Musicans President Tivo Shikapwasha and Salma Sky at the launch of Budweiser lager in Zambia.

The Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) says it values the role which the media play in the development of the country.

ZAM president Tivo Shikapwasha says since the media is a mouth piece of progress at different levels of all sectors of the every country’s economy , it should therefore not be undermined by anyone.

“ The media is at the center of all sectors of the economy where it receives and disseminates to a diversified audience what is happening in every sector, “ he said.

He added that without the media, there will be no development hence calling for all stakeholders to recognize and value the role the media plays.

“The media is an important integral part of the development progress at all levels, our cultural affiliation and all what is happening in different parts, it is needed in everything that we do,” he said.

Asked to comment on the alleged attack on the media by musician and politician, Mundia Mukubesa aka Petersen Zagaze that the media in Zambia only pay attention to stories where transport refunds are dished out, Mr. Shikapwasha said he had not had time to go through the alleged article.

He said it is difficult for him to give a comment without thoroughly studying the alleged comment adding that he needs time to go through the comments and if possible give a comment later.

Meanwhile the Zambia Institute of Independent Media Alliance (ZIIMA) has described the development as a disappointment bearing in mind the
significant role the media play in the country.

According to a statement issued, ZIIMA says the media has always provided a platform for musicians in the country where artist including Mukubesa have thrived.

“It has been brought to our attention that you have labelled Zambian journalists as transport refund parasites as cited in your tweet where you compared the Zambian media landscape to that of the international scene specifically in Europe

ZIIMA said it finds the statement derogative and insulting and has called upon all well-meaning journalists and media houses in the media fraternity to black him out,” part of the statement read.

And Ndola Press Club acting president Mike Mubanga has called on the media to black out Mr. Mukubesa in their reporting further calling on journalists to delete his music from their phones and computers.

Mr. Mubanga has described Mr. Mukubesa’s remarks as stupid, careless and unnecessary adding that journalism is a noble profession hence being the fourth estate.

“It is not as rotten as you think because not all journalists are involved in doing work for personal gains, “ Mr. Mubanga said adding: “The majority of journalists in Zambia have spent years contributing to the development of the country despite the harsh environment they work in. “

He said journalists have been used as a bridge between the less privileged and the decision makers, including promoting your music which at some point spoke so good and advocating for social injustice.

Mr. Mukubesa allegedly posted on his facebook page saying that “With ‘most ‘Zambian journalists, a good story will remain uncovered as long as it does not produce or promise transport refund. That’s why all hot stories are politician based. “

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  1. Mubanga , and all media , try to make sense out of the nonse , why react so harshly, when his statement is clear most not all , which is true , some of us we known media than the ages of alot of you. Zambian media ,including public media is not them , just the police is not like yesterday police service though called it force .

    So i challenge is to the media and owners of the media houses to make sense out of the said no sense and give proper media. One investment in technology for easy stories and videos transmission to your studios, as indeed it is really disappointing. Wake-up Zambian media look at Kenya and SA media


  2. Petersen when he joined politics, I knew something was wrong with him.See now frustrations.
    Just go back in studio and make money by singing as usual.Politics will make you to hate even your own shadow.learn from other artists like Pirato,st’miko .So stop attacking media.


  3. What happened to freedom of speech which the media have been crying for bcoz Petersen was just exercising his freedom of speech.What is good for the goose is good for the gander,…



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