Police in Mwansabombwe Town in Luapula Province have detained a Lusaka bound Bus allegedly with women fishmongers who attempted smuggle fish out of the province.

The arrest of the five women fishmongers follows the ongoing fish-ban which closes in five days on 1st, March , 2019.

ZANIS reports that at a passenger bus owned by Scorpion Bus Company Registration Number AIB 9965 coming from Nchelenge Town heading to Lusaka was by broadcast time found detained at the police station in Mwansabombwe Town.

The passenger bus was caught around 05:30 hours by an alert team of Security officers and Chipepa Fishing Management Committee at Kasumpa barrier trying to enter Mwansabombwe from Nchelenge Towns, respectively after a tip off by alert residents of Kasumpa.

Mwansabombwe District Livestock and Fisheries Coordinator, Singa Donattelo who confirmed the development identified the driver of the bus as Kelly Siame, 37, a resident of Chifubu township in Ndola.

“ The bus was caught carrying five women fishmongers who were among other the passengers , trying to smuggle bundles of fish popularly known as Chisense weighing 184 kilograms out of Nchelenge Town , “ he said.

Mr Donatello says it is disappointing to both the traders and the transporter had connived in such acts despite only four days remaining before the end of the fishing ban.

He has since cautioned transporters who are in the habit of helping in the transporting of illegal fish during the fishing ban to refrain from the unlawful act.

The arrested women fishmongers and the bus crew were detained at Mwansabombwe Police awaiting appearance in court.

And Kawambwa Subordinate Court Magistrate, Deodatus Chisala who confirmed the development said normally, he would have ordered that the fish be burnt but instead ordered that the fish be given to Mbereshi Mission Hospital and Kazembe Orphanage in Mwansabombwe District.

Magistrate Chisala has since set Monday February 25, 2019 as the day for the transporter and the five fish traders will appear before Court of law in Kawambwa.

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    • So those who eat game should hunt animals with out restrictions ???

      Bans are in place to help fish stocks replenish ….

      Food is contraband if it is from a banned or restricted area area ……


  1. It’s a pit to those 6people…and the decision to give the fish to hospital and what ever is just okay..



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