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How Prophet Bushiri allegedly conned investors out of millions


Prophet Bushiri poses next to his luxury cars

Scores of Shepherd Bushiri’s congregants handed over millions after the ‘prophet’ promised them huge and fast returns on their money

Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri has allegedly fleeced scores of followers out of millions of rands through a failed “commodity investment opportunity”.

Emails and other documents obtained by City Press show that investors were promised a 50% return within 30 banking days of placing their investments of between R100 000 and R1 million.

According to three investors City Press spoke to last week, it all began when, during a church service in March 2017, Bushiri allegedly announced that he wanted to empower members of his church and “make them millionaires”.

A follow-up email sent to selected congregants with the subject line “commodity investment opportunity is open – minimum is R100 000!” began with the words: “I hear good news … HURRY!! It’s first come-first-serve.”

Congregants were told they had just two days to get in on a hot investment opportunity and were promised the impossible 50% return.

The email continued: “For example, when you invest R100 000, you will receive R150 000 pay back after 30 banking days.

“Come with cash (not cards) to Hall A from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday 29 March (today) and Thursday 30th March 2017.”

Those who couldn’t bring cash were told to SMS a number for “BushiriBuzz” to get the banking details.

Duped investors told City Press that the hall was packed to the brim with people on those two days as congregants handed over wads of cash.

But those who could not deliver the cash were told to deposit their money into the account of a company called Rising Estates, the directors of which are well-known Bushiri lieutenants, Willah Mudolo, Duncan Oduor Otieno and Kit Ching Catherine Kum.

The three have often appeared alongside Bushiri on TV.

One of the congregants who heeded Bushiri’s call from the pulpit was Sylvia Skosana, who invested R100 000, which she had borrowed for the purpose.

“When he spoke about it in church, everyone believed him. He was very convincing and I saw this as an opportunity not to be missed. I took a loan and I deposited money into the bank account,” she said.

According to Skosana, who lives in Pretoria, scores of other congregants also made deposits.

“There were two groups – there were those who invested R100 000 and above, and those who invested R1 million and above,” she said.

“I took a personal loan to invest and I know of people who went as far as selling their houses, hoping to replace them when they received the returns. We have still not received the promised harvest.”

Skosana, who works as a transport analyst and who has since stopped attending Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, said she felt betrayed.

It has now been a year since the big promises were made, and they have yet to receive a cent from the church.

“We have called, sent emails and SMSed the numbers they provided during the investment, but no one is responding. I went to their offices in Sandton, but they referred me to the church,” Skosana said.

“At the church, no one knows who is responsible for handling our issues. They just act as if nothing has happened and this makes me sick. I am still repaying the loan and the interest, and I know many people who are going through the same problem.”

Another investor, Francinah Ntuli, told City Press last week that she also lost R100 000 of her savings when she handed it over in cash to Bushiri’s people after being told her “money would multiply”.

“We were called to a meeting last month at Bushiri’s hotel in Rustenburg, but no one was able to say when we will get payouts or even refunds. They keep on lying to us,” she said.

In hindsight, she cannot believe she was so naive, and keeps asking herself why she didn’t question the investment more thoroughly.

Another would-be investor, who asked that his name be withheld because his relatives are still staunch members of Bushiri’s church, said he was lucky that he could not raise the R1 million within the two-day period Bushiri prescribed.

Under pressure from his parents, he planned to cash in some of his investments, including a pension plan, to invest in Bushiri’s scheme, but he couldn’t get the money in time.

“I almost lost my investment. I told them I could not raise R1 million within two days because I had to cancel some of my investments and divert the funds to the church. The promised returns were supposed to be so good, and my parents were putting pressure on me to invest,” he said.

“I thank God that I did not invest there. I know people who lost their hard-earned money there. My parents still go to that church and I do not want to be seen to be despising it. You know, when it comes to religion, people are very sensitive and it looks like they have been brainwashed.”

In one email sent to the disappointed investors, Bushiri’s team sympathised with those who had lost money.

“We truly understand your disappointment and appreciate the inconvenience the delay in your harvest has caused you to date,” reads the email.

“There is no question that we have not met the very high standards you have come to expect and should continue to demand from us, and in our effort to settle all partners who opted to receive their harvest, we sent out communication based on information that all the funds will be released.”

The email further stated that they did not have all the money available as they were waiting for more money to be cleared.

Bushiri’s assets – including his private jet and a number of luxury vehicles – were taken by the Asset Forfeiture Unit after he was arrested alongside his wife Mary earlier this month on charges of fraud and contravening the Prevention of Organised Crime Act.

Many have speculated about how the self-styled prophet, who celebrated his 36th birthday last week, managed to amass his wealth in such a short space of time.

Despite their complaints, the investors City Press spoke to have received no money back.

Skosana told City Press that she had been sent from pillar to post when she asked for a refund.

“I believed he was a man of God and that he would never do this to us,” she said.

When contacted on Thursday, Bushiri’s spokesperson Maynard Manyowa initially denied the allegations.

He asked City Press to send him detailed questions, which were sent to him on Thursday and Friday via WhatsApp and email.

Manyowa undertook to respond, but failed to do so by the time of going to print.

Source: City Press


  1. Mr. Bushiri is clearly a fraud. But people are so gullible. Instead of reading God’s word to hear what God says, they prefer to listen to another human being.
    In this case, you have people who are too lazy to work hard to make money. They want “miracle money”. And the wolves in sheep’s clothing are always ready to pounce. The tell them lies about “sowing a seed”, and swindle them and grow richer, while the showers become poorer.

    • And when you try to advise people that they are being swindled by these frauds, they say “touch not the anointed”. A scripture that is taken out of context and used by these servants of Satan to brainwash their victims through superstitious scaremongering. It’s sad. But I guess it’s what Paul says in 2 Tim 4:3.. …..”For the time will come when people will not tolerate healthy teaching, but with itching ears will surround themselves with teachers who suite to their own desires.They will refuse to listen to the truth and will turn to myths”
      And so we are today people flocking to the Bushiris the TB Joshuas, the Magyar etc

    • Not supprise that we still have people on earth and i believe it about or maybe 90% or even more of the earth population that are so dull to the cole to follow a low life loser called bushiri.

    • i know of one retired police officer who invested his retirement package into this Bushiru and he is still waiting for devidents 5 years down the line. this man still believes in Bushiru despite being conned, i dont know whether he is just emberrased to admit or he has just been bewitched. he now behaves like a upnd member when you talk against the small god of dundumwezi.

    • I will not be surprised if PF government also invested in Bushiri Trading, like the PF gave Eurobond to Miles Sampa in no time got swindled at New York stock exchange.

    • Poor Africans, they keep getting duped by shiny Western trappings. This gullibility enabled colonialism and now Prophets. Imperialism is always enabled by victims

  2. It the duty of governments world to protect the faithfully that believe these conmen. i am happy he was banned from coming to Zambia cause the government here saw through his lies.

  3. Any prosperity gospel by these preachers is always a scam and false gospel. Jesus never preached money ,he preached about saving the soul.

  4. He tricked quite a few emerald miners in Lufwanyama. I was very disappointed with those unrealistic criticism against government when it barred this crook from entering the country.

  5. African governments need to make these criminal pastors face the law for conning ignorant vaunrable people…..there is one clip of a pastor again in SA showing waking someone from a coffin while his gullable congregants weep… dought to have their pockets and purses emptied at the end of service ……this is criminality and the law should intervene…

    • Spaka I remember how you attacked Bowman for the instigating the banning of Bushiri. You people should stick to one thing. We call it integrity. As for those cheated millionaires, I don’t blame Bushiri I blame their greed.

  6. Finally… the truth has come out.Some people are too gullible!! There is no such a thing as prophet in form a human being called Bushiri…I have no sympathy for all of you who were swindled!!Lesson taught and good luck is getting your refunds..

  7. LAW 27,
    “People have an overwhelming desire to believe in something. Become the focal point of such desire by offering them a cause, a new faith to follow. Keep your words vague but full of promise; emphasize enthusiasm over rationality and clear thinking. Give your new disciples rituals to perform, ask them to make sacrifices on your behalf. In the absence of organized religion and grand causes, your new belief system will bring you untold power.”
    “Not only will your followers worship you, they will defend you from your enemies and voluntarily take on the work of enticing others to join your fledgling cult. This is kind of power will lead you to another realm”.
    When people attempt to trick you into buying something they will try and keep things simple, vague and promise something…

  8. He’s the only clever Malawian, others are very dull, they don’t know how to make money smartly. The other chaps inflated the price of maize, how do you do that? At least Bushiri can sale fake miracles. We will see if Harry Kalaba will enter State House come 2021

    • He is not clever Malawians believe in hard honest work I have travelled and worked there this guy surely does not represent what Malawi stands for … These people till the land and live off it …..not this crook no wonder he could not fit his country. Your comment @Ayatollah epitomises the African way in which the corrupt and scams of the earth are glorified

  9. Bushiri is just a fraudulent magician. It amazes me how seemingly intelligent people would be followers of this dude in The Name of God.

  10. ….kwasala ma pastor nama bishops ba pa Zed….living large with mansions, kids schooling abroad and bodyguards all paid for from tithes…. People can be dunderhead I tell you…

  11. Mother Earth was proffered a generous dosage of a.s.s.holes and in his generosity the creator appeared to have served a larger portion to the African continent. Manje tinga kambe bwanji acimwene?

  12. It’s far cheaper to get a finance expert. That’s why they are there. You give a so called profit R100,000 to give you back 50%….Pyramid scheme. To quote “my people perish for lack of wisdom”

  13. These are Gospel merchants and we’ve been warning people, but they don’t listen. Thank God for the Minister of Religious affairs & her team for baring Bushuri, Gilbert Angel, and other Gospel fraudsters from duping Zambians. I think the RSA gov’t has a lot to learn from Zambian’ gov’t as there are a lot of the Bushiri types operating in RSA, Nigeria, Zimbabwe.
    God bless Zambia!

  14. There is one pastor in matero,i attended his church one Sunday and people really worship idles.Before he comes out they will advertise as if its was the time of palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem,they would say the prophet is coming and anyone to tap anointing and blessings pay k500.00 first class blessings, second k300.00,third 200.00 and last 100.00s and people will fall on the pulpit when this idle comes on his seat. They will ay him money and the idle begin deceiving people by teaching them by there small round heads and some falling by his magic like pharaoh’s induna magicians and he has not time to preach the word no bible after that he brings washing baskets 4 of them of cooking oil packaged in small bottles selling at 100.00 each. from there the service ends.

  15. Meanwhile the church of England which is among the missionaries that introduced religion to many parts of Africa including Zambia have lifted the 400 years rule requiring all churches to hold services every Sunday. Canon law dating from 1603 required priests to hold morning and evening prayers and a communion service each Sunday in every church they oversaw You do not hear of Prophet that Apostles that among the pioneers of dissemination the word of God to Africa it is simply Priest, Preacher or Pastor.

  16. No difference, when you look at gullible Zambians who believe in this useless crooked, & corrupt P.F enterprise, currently run by Ba Jona Chagwa, & his equally morally bankrupt high priestess Godfridah.
    They promise Heaven on earth, good morals, more money in your pockets, & half a million jobs, when the reality is you only get crooks like Chitotela & Jona squirrelling Billions of taxpayers cash into personal offshore accounts, & P.0®n0 minister as mbasela, whilst the Docile masses suffer, & wallow in abject poverty.

  17. When UPND forms government these people who have duped by Bushiri will be refunded there money.And all the unemployed youths will have jobs created by the mighty HH the ayatollah of zambia

  18. The stupidity of so called believers just amazes me. Why is that Bushiri “prophesized” in South Africa and not in his poverty stricken home of Malawi? Same as Omotso who came all the way from Nigeria to “save souls” in RSA when he should be preaching to Book Haram in Maiduguri…? It is always the desperate, the greedy and the lost who believe such con man!!! Plenty of them here in Zambia too!!!

  19. Bushiri is just another TB Joshua…now believed by even the most educated! Like Kaunda once said…even the educated are fools!!!

  20. How different are Bushiri’s supporters to PF cadres at least am even compiled to think Bushiri’s supporters are smarter than PF cadres PF buys fire trucks at a million dollars each when they cost less than $350000, FIC exposes corruption you start attacking it , PF almost built a simple road at 1.2 billion dollars if not for the intervention of HH you also attack him, PF steals social money you still defend it, they kill Vesper you still defend them, they buy a jet then scrap off meal allowance you still defend them are you guys blind

  21. At least Bushiri’s supporters where manipulated because of the miracles, they had blind faith so they made an investment believing he is a true man of God but a PF cadre is too dull to even comprehend with imagine you have Google and an internet connection on your phone how can you even believe those fire engines were worth a million dollars, how can a toll gate be worth 4.3 million dollars you are too gullible you believe borrowing money to build a road is being hard working ,by the way borrowing money is the minister of finance’s job not the president’s job this now begs the question what has he been doing all this while we don’t have a president i regret voting for ECL

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