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Tendency by the opposition political parties to clamor for participation in the governance is misplaced-Lubinda

Headlines Tendency by the opposition political parties to clamor for participation in the...

Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda says the tendency by the opposition political parties to clamor for participation in the governance of the state is misplaced.

Mr. Lubinda says the role of the opposition anywhere in the world is to come up with alternative programmes and not to be participants in the governance of the country.

He said for any given time, there is always one governing party that is accountable to the people of Zambia.

“For the time being, the only one who is accountable to the Zambian citizens is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and not opposition leaders, it is him the people will demand answers from, if things are not working out as expected in the country, the rest can just oppose without saying “let’s sit and govern together”, he said.

He appealed to the opposition political parties to desist from trying to find back door processes of governing but rather concentrate on winning the hearts of the electorates through their manifestos.

Mr. Lubinda said President Edgar Lungu had a constitutional mandate to govern the country and deliver on his electoral promises that included the refinement of the National constitution.

He said Government has no hidden agenda with regards the refinement of the National constitution as has been insinuated by some political stakeholders.

“We have no hidden agenda, if we had bad motives, we could have published the constitutional amendment bill and sent it straight to parliament as required by Article 79 of the Constitution, but President Lungu wouldn’t want to use article 79 without giving Zambians an opportunity to contribute towards the process”, the Minister said.

And Mr. Lubinda has disclosed that the Public Order Amendment bill will be published in the first week of March adding that government’s intention is to publish the Public Order Act before the Constitution Amendment Bill.

He said the Act would be released to the Parliamentarians, the political parties and the Church Mother bodies for consideration.

Mr. Lubinda said the Government will thereafter release the 2018 Report of the Constitution refinement process prepared by technocrats who met in Siavonga and later call for a national validation meeting to validate all submissions.

Mr. Lubinda was speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia when he transited to Brussels to attend the European Union 7th International Congress on Ending the Death Penalty.

The Minister who was met by Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Her Excellency, Ms. Susan Sikaneta said President Lungu had so far commuted 332 prisoners on death roll to life imprisonment.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia Inutu Mwanza.


  1. Thank you sir.Which constitutional provisional allows for ethnic cleansing otherwise known as retirements in national interest?

    • At one time lubinda, was such a bright kid in politics, he was a future presidential material, but now his a wasted, useless, vionless politician there to feed from lungus tits

    • But Edgar’s government spokesperson is pure annointed MmD, whose opposition president Mutati just left cabinet ministries to deal with an opposition court case. There are countless ministers in PF who are from opposition party.
      Lubinda start to disappoint like most Lozi leaders, think of any.

    • In Mr Lubinda’s wisdom he thinks he would tell the people if he had a hidden agenda. From the statement itself it is possible there may be a hidden agenda, if not why does he want to bulldoze the constitutional refinement without the participation of other stake holders.

    • What are checks and balances then? What are opposition political parties doing in Parliament then? Is governance only for those driving GRZ vehicles? Are GRZ Jobs for only Yes Bwanas? That is a partisan governance not patrotism. In another statement on Costitutional amendments he said he will only involve those with them. Which Constitution making process in the world is left only to the ruling elite to amend as they wish? The Consitution encampasses all. Ask Trump on his lessons of governace thus far. Trying to exclude the opposition from his agenda has so far not worked. That is how it ought to be: inclusive. Involve all in major policy issues. Every Zambia has a stake in the well being of Zambia and must be heard. Governance approach is non-partisan, it is patrotic; that the purpose of…

    • In which language? Do you understand meaning of “Mr. Lubinda says the role of the opposition anywhere in the world is to come up with alternative programmes and not to be participants in the governance of the country”?

      Read the Constitution (Act No. 2 of 2016) before showing your lack of understanding about role of the opposition !!!

  2. These people who eat rats (bakoswe nangu ba kwindi) have a good say that chiwamila galu kuluma mbulzi.
    I remember Mr Lubinda as a number (3) three in PF strong men after Mr Sata and Dr Guy scot opposing everything from government of Mr Levy and Mr Lupiya. Mr Lubinda have you forgotten how MPS where expelled from PF and now the famous word LABEL? Nakazwe councilor for Manddevu was expelled from the position of mayor for receiving Hujintau. Today you want to sound as though you have never done that. The bible say do to your brother as you would love them do to you. All what you are doing to other humanity my big man will happen to you in return because our God is justice. So why are you surprised aftero you politicians are just the same.

  3. I think the new amendments should include the role of opposition do’s and dont’s like has been done by Tanzania. Zambian opposition Parties don’t seem to understand or practice what it means to conduct checks and balances.

  4. Checks and Balances; control mechanism that guards against fraud and errors due to omission. In a system with checks and balances, the authority to make a decision, and the associated responsibility to verify its proper execution, is distributed among different departments of Parliament. These department are kept logically and physically apart. Checks and balances are applied primarily in constitutional governments. They are of fundamental importance in separating powers among legislative, executive, and judicial branches. As a result, no one branch or institution can become so powerful as to control the system completely. The separation of powers is important because it provides a vital system of ‘checks and balances’: Firstly, it ensures that the different branches control each other.

  5. So, Mr Lubinda thinks that the Government of Zambia comprises the Executive branch of government only – No Legislature. No Judicature?

    The GRZ comprises three arms, namely the Executive, Judiciary, and the Parliament, to which the Opposition belong! All of the Judicature, Legislature and the Executive!

    Mr Lubinda, Zambia is for all Zambians, nobody has given this Country to you to own. The governance of Zambia must be all inclusive, to all stakeholders!

  6. Abilima- you could be right that im missing the point.A constitutional making process isnt supposed to be bulldozed.Its the supreme document of the people.This hurry you see is as a result of some fears.One of the pressures is to sneak provisions that will cover crimes against humanity.I dont see why the minister should be acrimonious. An important attribute of leadership is ability to build consensus around national issues.The crimes against humanity committed in the country is ugly and unzambian

    • melly – Thank you so much for being very civil in your response to my reaction to your earlier response. While all that you have said is true and I totally agree with you, what Lubinda is saying is about the tendency by the opposition to operate like a parallel structure of governance. That is where the problem is. The opposition in Zambia is not for checks and balances and working towards the improvement of governance structures and accountability, but just to view themselves as a government in waiting and therefore oppose everything a sitting government does. Right now the most important item on their agenda is recommending fellow Zambians as criminals to the ICC.

  7. Mr Lubinda Sir, for crying out loud. The opposition are very much part of the governance process. As Minister of Justice, you are surely expected to know this basic tenet.

  8. Mr. Lubinda says the role of the opposition anywhere in the world is to come up with alternative programmes and not to be participants in the governance of the country.Ignorance at its best.mr lubinda do kno that the usa house of congress decides when in majority but the executive is of different party ,the congress decides the allocation of funds and sharps both domestic and foreign policies as they decide which bills to approve.american has real checks and balances as they are equal branches of govt.mps are elected officials and therefore they speak on behalf of their electorate.USA current composition,house of congress-DEMOCRATS CONTROL,speaker third in line of presidency,senate -REPUBLICAN CONTROL,white house -TRUMP.

  9. Opposition were not excluded they have boycotted of their own free will. The fact that opposition MPs won’t opine on the constitution amendments means the voice of their constituents is lost in party politics. Short of the story they will have to live by what those that are participating decide on. Last time it was amended people neglected to weigh in critically on the Grade 12 threshold and voted themselves out of standing as a candidate in future. Opposition party voters need to demand that their MPs represent them as elected for this process

  10. Lubinda stop expecting Zambians to be led mbuzi style- we’re gonna question,check and challenge your misrule. We’re not gonna follow whatever the shepard says go because we’re not sheep.

  11. Exacatly my words all along.
    Its PFs time to govern. Why does the opposition want to include their manifesto in the PFs time?
    Check and balances are different from calling for a meeting with government to agree on what should be removed or added. Its the role of government to present their manifesto to the people and once they agree through their members of Parliament, that’s it. If UPND MPs do not have enough mandate from their people tough luck. PF MPs have full mandate from their people.

  12. When the under-five term was pronounced by the late His Exellency MCS(MHSRIP), it was an accurate description of the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema specifically. The more we see the rantings of the so called “opposition alliance” the more the “under-five ” term remains true and accurate. In reality there is no credible opposition in Zambia. What we have is an opposition party led by a bitter, cry-baby in the name of Hakainde Hichilema. This guy is using the one-man political parties to coin the term “alliance”as if there was any. Heichilema has done more harm to our economy than the corruption itself. But because his (HH) focus is only state house, he has no clue of the damage he has caused but he continues to peddle lie after lie and scanderlising the very country that has…

  13. …Educated him and empowered him to be who he is. Bwana HH, you cannot negotiate the presidency, you must be voted in by the majority of the citizenry of our great nation. Zambia is not Edgar Lungu nor is it Hakainde Hichilema. What Lubinda is saying is true and it is meant for you HH.

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