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The Opposition Alliance gets rid of Andyford Banda

Headlines The Opposition Alliance gets rid of Andyford Banda

Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda

The opposition Alliance has parted-company with the People’s Alliance for Change headed by Andyford Banda.

Announcing the development at a Media briefing, Alliance Chairperson for Media and Finance Sub Committees Sean Tembo said the decision was made at the Committee meeting held yesterday due to PACs absence at its meetings.

Mr. Tembo said the Alliance decided to take the painful decision to amputate the toe, for fear of the infection spreading to the entire foot and possibly the leg of the Alliance.

He said the fact that the Alliance is made up and shall be made up of credible opposition political parties only, their standards regarding the level of credibility of each one of their constituent members cannot, will not be compromised.

And Mr. Tembo has refuted allegations by Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda that the Alliance has been undermining the ability of the Government to borrow from the international community because of their public complaints about human rights violations in this country, through political violence.

Mr. Tembo said the allegations cannot be left unaddressed as they risk tarnishing the image, objectives and aspirations of the Opposition Alliance in the eyes of right-thinking members of the public.

He said that the recent continued failure by the PF Government to borrow funds from the international community is not because of anything that the Opposition Alliance says, but rather it is because Zambia has now reached a junk status in the eyes of international lenders, because of the country’s high levels of borrowing, with the current debt to GDP ratio hovering around 200 percent.

Mr. Tembo has advised President Lungu that if he wants to increase the prospects and ability of his Government to borrow additional money from the international community, he needs to focus his energy, not on the Opposition Alliance, but on the prudent and sound management of the economy.

He said once the economy is brought on a path of sustainable growth, President Lungu will realize that the international community will be ready and willing to lend his Government additional money.


  1. I do not see the significance of this alliance as it is made up mostly of parties that have no impact. The only major player is the UPND. The others should do us themselves a favour by disbanding their Mickey Mouse parties and join the UPND.

  2. I do not see the significance of this alliance as it is made up mostly of parties that have no impact. The only major player is the UPND. The others should do us/themselves a favour by disbanding their Mickey Mouse parties and join the UPND.

    • In 480 B.C. a state oto rf war exists between Persia, led by King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), and Greece. At the Battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas (Gerard Butler), king of the Greek city state of Sparta, leads his badly outnumbered warriors against the massive Persian army. Though certain death awaits the Spartans, their sacrifice inspires all of Greece to unite against their common enemy.

      Its always important

    • Number count. Painful but perhaps good riddance. He has to be with them or withiout. He probably found a brown envelope in his mail bag.

    • 10 tuntemba parties supporting an Under 5 who thinks he’s entitled to State House. Pretty soon they’ll all abandon him. Ask Mutati who was canvassing the country with Mucheleka and (HH) in 2015.
      The alliance has no Nawakwi, Kabimba, Sinkamba, Nevers, Mutati or Muliokela. It’s weak.

  3. Andyford Banda and his PAC are actually a more reasonable piece of the opposition junk. Note that in the past bye-elections, PAC are coming out third. Being clever, Andyford has realized that if one wants to get dirty, play with the pigs.

    • The so called alliance is basically between UPND and individuals in possession of political party registration certificates. Who are the followers of Milupi, Mulongoti, Lukuku, Sean Tembo and Fresher Siwale?

  4. Kuti waseka this opposition Alliance is truly a clown’s den “ati Zambia has now reached a junk status in the eyes of international lenders” really? Why then are you fighting tooth and nail, blood and sweat to govern a junk country? Again, the Under 5s shallow and warped brains.
    Andyford Banda is a very sharp man and has just realised he made a mistake to try and escort the failed project of Akainde to the ballot. If he really plays his cards right, politically, I see him either joining forces with PF or coming second to PF in 2021, mark this prediction. UPND and HH are a dead and forgotten club. President Lungu and the PF are busy getting solid and grounded for any election but as usual, UPND is running headless.

  5. So now under 5 zealots (UPNDead) will start insulting Andyford Banda, your tribal dictator has used all the tricks in the world to go to plot one, but even 2021 looks bleak for him.

  6. What should worry us is multiparty democracy in Zambia. We need a strong opposition. As things stand PF will do anything any time without fear of being kicked out

    As long as HH holds on to 3 provinces , no politician can achieve 50+1 threshold

    HH has had a share fair of support and must give chance to someone else. Maybe a new person can manage to unit Zambia against PF.

    Just looking at the list

    Late Lupando Mwape MHSRIP
    Guy Scot
    Mutale Nalumango
    Nevers Mumba
    MIles Sampa
    Mulenga Sata
    Silvia Masebo
    GBM eltc. These are big names. Its just a mission Impossible.

    PF must go and we need a new strategy

  7. This Opposition Political Alliance was formed for the purpose of having a national dialog with the PF, it was not formed for the purpose of contesting 2021 General elections, nor clearing the immediate past/future by-elections. ECL on 22/02/19 said he would not sit at a table with criminals, It’s only fair and right for the opposition political bloc to dissolve or if they really want to stay politically relevant they must register the political alliance focus on issues truly affecting Zambians or lose the 2021 elections collectively and become a political footnote for what not to do when in opposition politics.
    This opposition political alliance will not even be fit for a dissertation by an undergraduate Political Science student from UNZA.

  8. The only major player in this so called alliance is the UPND. The others should do us/themselves a favour by disbanding their Mickey Mouse parties and join the UPND.

    • Pf will continue winning as long as hh holds on to 3 provinces

      If lubinda or hamududu or sakwiba stood of upendi you can see.

      Hh is self absorbed and he cant see it because he is obsessed with himself.

      Opposition needs a liberal mind that can inspire all tribes.

      Continue thumbing me down….

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