Higher Education Authority reinstates the registration status of three Universities

Exams at UNZA
Exams at UNZA

The Higher Education Authority has reinstated the registration status of City University of Science and Technology-Lusaka South Campus, Harvest University, and Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management (LIUTEBM).

The Authority has stated that it had restored the full registration of the three named private Higher Education Institutions and as such the Institutions were allowed to, again, provide higher education in Zambia.

Further, the Authority stated that the Institutions were registered to operate only at the listed addresses for each institution.

It said City University of Science and Technology – Lusaka South Campus, whose registration number is HEA/041, has been registered to operate at Plot number Sub 55 Fm919, Lilayi Farms, Off Greg Lungu Road, Lusaka, the premises on the 4th Floor, Provident House in Cairo Road, Lusaka, will be exclusively used for administrative purposes and no classes are allowed to take place there.

The Authority said Harvest University, whose registration number is HEA/034, has been registered to operate at Plot Number 9027, Buluwe Road, Woodlands, Lusaka.

It said Harvest University was formerly registered as Harvest Institute of Missions University.

And the Authority said LIUTEBM, whose registration number is HEA/026, has been registered to operate at Plot Number 2746/M, 2nd Street, Ibex Extension, Lusaka.

On 6th December, 2018, HEA revoked the registration status of six Higher Education Institutions including the named 3, as the they had abrogated the provisions of the Higher Education Act number 4 of 2013 Part IV Section 18 (1), (2) and (3) (a), which state that HEIs that register with HEA at a particular site of operation but then change sites without registering those premises with the Authority are not recognised, at the new premises only, as institutions offering higher education in Zambia.

Therefore, the registration status of Africa Research University, Damelin University and Rock view University remain revoked.


  1. The HEA should provide guidance for the operations of such institutions. Let law demand the minimum infrastructure an institution needs to have to meet the operating standards. We shouldn’t have situations were secondary schools have more infrastructure than universities. We need standards regardless of whether the nation is in a hurry to attain vision 2030.

  2. Could we be shown how these institutions meet the criteria of ‘University’ status, in the first place. There is huge concern in Zambia at the moment about the mushrooming of private learning institutions whose standards are questionable. Money making only, quality education or both?

  3. How can a university’s have its registration restored when it has failed to pay workers’ salaries for 10 months and failed to remit NAPSA contributions for more than a year? What’s in the status? SHAME!

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