Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Lusaka City Council to start killing stray dogs


The Lusaka City Council working with the Zambia Police will next week commence the destruction of stray, unvaccinated and unregistered dogs in all the 33 wards.

The activity is aimed at approaching public health matters in a more proactive manner rather than being reactive to outbreaks of Rabies.

Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba says the outbreak of Rabies is associated with the unvaccinated dog bites.

Mr. Sichimba says the activity is also aimed at increasing the levels of compliance with dog vaccination and registration with relevant authorities.

He explained that mid last year, the Lusaka City Council through the department of Public Health embarked on door-to-door dog registration and vaccination sensitisation in all the wards.

Mr. Sichimba said it is now time to act as no affected dog owner Will be expected to complain should their dogs be found wanting and destroyed.

He said Residents have also been sensitised on how to keep dogs in line with the Control of Dogs Act Cap 247 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mr. Sichimba says the law requires that only two dogs are kept per household and if more than two dogs are to be kept, express permission should be sought from the Council stating reasons why more than two dogs are required.

He said dogs should also be secured during day time and let free at night but even at night when let free they should be confined to owner’s premises.

“Many people have not been observing the requirements of the law hence the prevalence of dogs roaming the streets in most townships. The problem of stray dogs is also very common in schools, colleges and universities thereby threatening the safety of students”, he said.

Mr. Sichimba has expressed hope that residents will support the activity in order to eliminate Rabies in Lusaka.


    • These PF why killing their friends like that?
      Could be wise to gather those dogs and dump them in national parks.

    • Give to the Chinese. Just make sure you don’t order orange chicken or pepper steaks on your next trip to a Chinese restaurant.

    • MA headlines pa LT mu Zambia
      Hippo killing in the Luangwa River Valley will proceed due to contractual obligations-PS
      Dog killing in Lusaks will proceed due to Chinese contractual obligations-minister

  1. Even dogs are feeling the pinch of wasteful spending from this PF government . Their bank accounts is the main priority for them .

  2. I had a sigh of relief briefly, I was thinking by dogs they meant political strays, you know the stray politicians. When are they going to retiring those anyway?

  3. Just engage our friends from China at no cost, tell them that they can take ownership of stray dogs and we shall clean up the streets of stray dogs in no time LOL

  4. Very progressive move by LCC. Those who don’t know what rabies does to a human being should continue joking about this matter. It’s a deadly disease that needs to be feared by all of us. Stray and all unvaccinated dogs should be put down unfortunately.

  5. Why can’t the city offer free vaccination for a month for all dog owners to get their pets vaccinated. Not everyone has money to vaccinate their pets. It is traumatizing not only for the animals but owners as well to watch helplessly as their pets get killed. We already know of Mayor’s busy stealing resources for infrastructure development and nothing is ever done to reprimand them. Offer a free clinic for a month and after that if pet’s are not vaccinated them euthanize them the humane way not by shooting them. Get names of people who own dogs and dogs names and keep a record. Those that chase their pets should be held accountable and should never own one and should be charged a fee for abandonment. Try this method!

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