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Lusaka City Council wants the 65 years lease of Luburma Market to a Chinese firm revoked


Kamwala Market

Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale has disclosed that Lusaka City Council has declared a dispute with China Henan, the managers of Luburma Market in Lusaka.

In a statement issued in Lusaka, M. Mwale said in 2001, China Henan were given exclusive rights to manage the market for a period of 65 years in a signed lease agreement.

Mr Mwale said the lease agreement stipulated that it was the responsibility of China Henan to improve the structures and keep the premises in good state of repair during the management period.

Mr Mwale said the agreement provided for regular review to ensure that terms and conditions were abided by, but he said this has not been done in the last 15 years.

He said the Lusaka City Council was however forced to initiate the review of this agreement following serious concerns and perceived breach of the terms of the long-term agreement.

He said the matter has since been referred to an arbitration process.

Below is the Minister’s full statement


    • Forget that.

      Arrest and investigate the person that gave the 75 year lease.

      Chances are – he didn’t follow any due diligence.

      Exterminating the source should be paramount before sorting the resultant product.

      I have a PhD



    • The legacy of MMD’s mindless privatization of everything they could get their hands on. Which has robbed Local City Councils/Govts the much needed sources of revenue for city services. 2001; this is Mwanawasa’s brain-child!

    • How can you even give management of any market to any foreign firm …this should be a revenue stream for councils they just need an quasi -govt organisation to see that they are meeting all regulations

  1. Is this because you PF have failed to have your thug kaponya enforcers running the
    Market and exterorting Clients and the general population, which is payment to the thugs for them to campain for you , like is happening in other markets and bus stops ??

    • Spaka you’re so easy to read. If the lease was contracted in 2011 you’re going to have a different story. But because it involves your holy Levy, the Chinese are ok to run markets in Zambia?

    • Ndanji

      This uprore is for the benefit of violent PF caders who controll other markets and public spaces……not for the council..

      PF need controll of marketeeias so their thugs who they send to election hotspots get paid…..by holding marketeeias and the public at ransom the thugs pay them selves.

      Maybe the Chinese who control this market are blocking the PF thugs from extorting people there……that is why ka mwale is looking to change things.

  2. So you – Mr Minister and your cronies – can actually get to China and negotiate even a 10 year lease and have it? Is that what you are saying? Fimo muletontonkanya ba kapala! Iyeee

  3. I really fail to understand the logic behind such deals, now we are being told even new airport is the same arrangement. I have so many questions i wish someone can answer. After 65 years, that structure will have dilapidated completely and will require major renovations. Since we always say have no money as a country, we will need Chinese to re-do it all over and will go back to same arrangement. In whose interest are these deals? What is Park-rite doing in town? Has council failed to collect simple parking Levy? Is it true that mother Zambia is only getting 10% from this, Speed cameras and others?

  4. On what basis do you revoke? Just when
    You get broke or no cuts you want to revoke.If it’s maintenance only tell them
    And give time to do maintenance. Leases
    Are not revoked anyhow.

  5. the chinese never paid anything for the market. This was the waste deal at the time of mwanawasa. The council dont get anything they only do the cleaning while the chinese are getting all the money.
    They dont want to review the lease but the but the same lease says it should be reviewed every after 10 yrs.
    some goverment officials have been eating with them.


    • It was the City council, not Vincent Mwale, who Chitotela wants to spill the beans on too. Half of president Lungu’s ministers are useless.

  6. For sure 75 years is just too much time when we can erect our own new and modern structure there. That trash of the building does not even meet the current architectural structures. Its rubbish and the Chinese can do a better job now. Its too dirty and where is the so called maintenance.
    Lets move in baMwale!!!!
    What a disaster!!!!

  7. “In a statement issued in Lusaka, M. Mwale said in 2001, China Henan were given exclusive rights to manage the market for a period of 65 years in a signed lease agreement.” How much of Zambia did these ridiculous MMD destroy? Zambians rebuild your country.

  8. Dull creatures in Zambia who only think of their stomachs. I wish I were not a Zambian coz ubupuba bwachila. Just at the beginning of this stuppidy lease we questioned the logic and rationale for such flawed period -65 years..the dull creatures couldn’t listen to us just coz they had some cuts. I end here this creatures can just make you collapse of high blood pressure.

    • Indeed, I feel you……sometimes I feel like going to any funeral , even people I don’t know, just to cry…..they even make me look for seatbelts while sitting on a toilet , the frustration is so much that some times I catch my self punching my wife’s number in the microwave….eeshhh ##!@%^*&

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