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Mike Mulongoti becomes the latest leader to pull out the UPND led Opposition Alliance

Headlines Mike Mulongoti becomes the latest leader to pull out the UPND led...

People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti

President of the People’s Party (PP) Mike Mulongoti has announced that his Party has pulled out of the Opposition Alliance. In a statement released to the media, The PP President said that his party has ceased to be part of politics of hate, malice and propaganda and decided to with draw his membership of the Opposition Alliance.

Mr Mulongoti said that his decision has come after deep reflection and after realising that the initial agenda of the opposition alliance has been discarded and replaced with a sole goal of helping a certain party, UPND in particular to ascend to power in 2021.

Last week, Peoples Alliance for Change President Andyford Banda cited the same reasons advanced by Mr Mulongoti in Pulling out of the Alliance saying the opposition Alliance had lost direction and was serving the interest of one political party.

Below is Mr Mulongoti’s statement

Dear Zambians

Thank you for the prayers you have rendered and continue to render to me and my family over this period.

I find strength knowing that you have continued to pray for my wellbeing and quick recovery.

I would like to render my utmost gratitude to His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his warm heart and his role played in my evacuation to South Africa for specialist treatment.

Many of you know the frosty relationship I had with President Lungu. It may not be right to discuss this issue now but let me hasten to state that at times, we humans are driven in our deeds by vanity and a self fulfilling attitude, especially in the political sphere. When you allow politics to define who you’re,you lose so much of humour and rationality. I was unreasonable in my belief and accusations that President Edgar Lungu is Jonathan Mutaware. At an appropriate time , if I will get well , I wish to hold a briefing to detail the motivation behind those petty accusations we made against the Head of State.

Suffice to say, some of us were blinded by the power hungry colleagues who cheered us for our antagonistic approach, for their own political mileage.

Country men and women, you may be aware that in 2011, just like many other people, I campaigned for PF and late President Michael Sata (MHSRIP).Some of us expected payment for our efforts and when those rewards seemed far fetched, we developed hate for President Lungu. Am not ashamed to admit this because I believe my open letter will lack genuineness if it does not address these issues. It is from this perspective that some of us begun to discredit even the good deeds of government.

I, in particular found partners in the opposition who to a very large extent, champion politics of hate, malice and propaganda. They practice politics of hate, of paying a blind eye to the good deeds of those in government.

It is during my sickness that I realized that, what should set us apart are ideologies of how best to develop Zambia. If President Lungu is doing fine, I must recognize and applaud.

Today, I write to inform Zambians that as a member of the opposition alliance, I wish to state that from today going forward, my party People’s Party (PP) ceases to be part of politics of hate, malice and propaganda. I therefore, withdraw my membership of the Opposition Alliance.This has come after deep reflection and after realising that the initial agenda of the opposition alliance has been discarded and replaced with a sole goal of helping a certain party, UPND in particular to ascend to power in 2021.

From me and my family, we thank you all for your prayers and continued support.

Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party (PP) President

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  1. I was about to ask when was Mulongoti came out of comma?
    He better go and kneel before Edgar Mutaware for paying his bills to South Africa hospital.

    • Get well soon Mr Mulongoti. This man almost became my father in law but if I had married his son, I wouldn’t be where I am today not to mention his son was a little older for my taste. All the best sir.

    • When he was evacuated to south Africa, someone on LT said that we will see if mulongoti will continue singing the Jonathan mutaware song after the evacuation. The gentleman was right.

    • This is why people like Mandela will go down as great politicians by being principled come may what !!
      Tu bena Mulongoti twafukama already . I suggest he retires from politics.
      Afukama Mudala

    • So as usual even Mulongoti has the misconstrued notion that our money (tax) is equivalent to Edgar’s Money ….now you understand why corruption will forever be institutionalized in African public office. Politicians use our own money to fund patronage …it is such a shame…. Though I believe these alliances are not necessary some of the reasons used by Mulongoti are downright Shameless !

    • Mulingoti is Tasila’s uncle, even the resemblance is uncanning.
      He’s elder brother to Lungu’s 1st wife, who left him for a white man after he became a destitute due to being deregistered by LAZ for swindling a widow.
      Mulongoti has always been unprincipled, flip-flopping from opposing Lungu in 2015, then supporting Lungu in 2016, later castigating him in 2017 (after not being given a cabinet position or job) now flip-flopping bcoz after being evacuated to RSA.
      Only principled leaders like Mandela can save Zambia, not job-seekers interested in their bellies.

    • The Alliance will crumble like a cookie for one reason: it is anchored on quest for power and not on ideology or principles.

      Watch this space!

    • As of today, the only man of integrity with principles still standing in Zambia is GBM. I am convinced he is a true leader and means well for our country. This is a man that Financed PF and even Sata up to the time it got into power. It is far much easier for him to go to PF if he wanted but he has stuck to his principles stayed with UPND. We should all take note of this and remember this son of the soil.

    • looks like HH didnt pay Mulongoti enough….this is what hunger can do….the highest bidder takes all

    • Mike Mulongoti is currently in ICU. Was re-admitted five days ago. His family have confirmed that he is in very serious condition and would not have the strength or mental will to write about the alliance when he is about to die. That letter was written by dull Sunday Chanda my dull PF friends. Sometimes grow brains especially pa Sunday please.

    • In Search of Credible News

      In order to decide if an online story is true, I usually wait for it to be reported by News Diggers. Kalemba is also good. Lusaka Times is next. Today, I saw on Smart Eagles, a story claiming that opposition leader, Mike Mulongoti, had written a statement throwing his opposition compatriots under the bus while heaping adulation on President Lungu for evacuating him for treatment. I decided it was almost certainly fake because, even when Smart Eagles reports the date, one is advised to double check with the calendar. Then I saw the story on Lusaka Times and figured it was then likely to be sad for the man, but true. Reading News Diggers just a while later, I saw the story was entirely fabricated as Mr Mulongiti is too unwell to write any statement.

    • Terrible times we live in, in which news has to be triangulated and then re-triangulated before it can be believed. I do hope Lusaka Times remains somewhat trust-worthy. We need a few outlets to depend on for passably credible news. (Laura Miti)

    • Now Emmanuel Mwamba has released a statement saying he has no knowledge of Mulongoti issuing any statement from South Africa and has asked people to get in touch with Mulongoti’s wife. Ka Sunday ‘!d!ot’ Chanda’ has hoodwinked dull PF supporters

    • That was Emmanuel Mwamba last fairwell propaganda in South Africa. Ignore it as it is fake news.

  2. Mr mulongoti or Mr pipe. Ni nsala ? Be a man . This is how porvety can do. What a shame.
    Just be what you are. May be ambassador Mwamba told you to write a gun point. Shame sha shame.

    • Alaaa ba roda mbewe#2 in fact you are not from East. .Are you that dull that you can’t understand the reasons why mulongoti left..Its because of your god hh who is full of himself, free . mansion de.mon possessed hh. Roda mbewe Mulongoti hates the darkness that is in upnd.

    • Kkkkk. Mulongoti will go with his drama to the end…he has no principles!! Even Sata was a better than this ka finished dried kankubala! Even after Levy evacuated Sata to South Africa, he didn’t disband his PF party but continued on his journey. That is what politics is about but NOT Mulongoti’s politics.
      Mulongoti’s nashala neka party will also go with him because it has no members except him! He is a shameless man who can criticise a dead man, Sata for not giving him a job, but now becomes a praise singer for Lungu for his evacuation. We wish him well and the very best for the future!

    • The statement is from PF propaganda my friends, Mulongoti is in ICU in SA in very serious condition and cannot write a letter about the alliance with his life on a string. Abo niba Sunday Chanda. The alliance has already issued a comprehensive statement calling out PF on their insensitivity in trying to gain political mileage from such a situation.

    • Mulongoti, are you going to be honourable enough to help conclude the controversy about the ‘Chagwa is a foreigner’ allegation? YOU WILL NEVER BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY ANYONE, Just quietly leave the political scene, mate!

  3. What kind elders do we have in Zambia?Is there anything we can learn from our elders in politics any more. These men and women are very selfish individuals who are there to save our country, but put there interests first. No wonder it’s really difficult to be a president in Zambia with such kind of people who always want to gain before the country. Had he not be sent to South Africa for medicals he was still going be calling the president names. Shame on you. No respect for you old man.

    • The opposition alliance has responded to PF lies in sick Mike Mulongoti

      1. The Opposition Alliance is saddened by the increasing appetite of President Lungu and his PF party to use the sickness of President Mike Mulongoti, who is also Opposition Alliance member, for political propaganda purposes. Yesterday, the PF party official website known as “Smart Eagles” published a fake article allegedly penned by President Mike Mulongoti in which the publication claimed that he had withdrawn his party from the Opposition Alliance and instead joined the PF.
      2. The Opposition Alliance wishes to inform the nation that President Mulongoti was readmitted to hospital in South Africa about 5 days ago and his condition is not good as he is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The Opposition Alliance has…

    • Continued
      … The Opposition Alliance has been in constant touch on a daily basis with his family members in South Africa, specifically Mrs. Mulongoti and his son, Mike Mulongoti Junior. The family of President Mulongoti has assured the Opposition Alliance that his condition in the Intensive Care Unit is such that he is unable to write anything, let alone the long fake article that the PF party published on its official website and has been circulating all over social media.
      3. As Opposition Alliance, we are of the view that it insensitive and poor judgement for President Lungu and his PF party to peddle propaganda in the name of a man that is unwell and bedridden in the Intensive Care Unit, all in the quest for political capital. We are fully aware that the Opposition Alliance has been…

    • Continued
      … Opposition Alliance has been giving President Lungu and his PF party sleepless nights and we are also fully aware that President Lungu’s desperation to undermine and destroy the Opposition Alliance keeps increasing everyday, hence his previous quest to plant political moles within the Alliance, who were subsequently discovered and expelled. However, our appeal to President Lungu is that in the midst of his desperation about the Alliance, he must endeavor to practice decent politics by not dragging people who are bedridden in the ICU in his party’s propaganda efforts.
      4. As Opposition Alliance, we wish to reiterate our previously held position that we shall always hold President Lungu accountable for the actions of his party officials, unless and until such a time that…

    • Continued
      …, unless and until such a time that President Lungu makes a pronouncement that he is not in control of his individual party officials. Until such a time, the Opposition Alliance shall always operate on the presumption that all the actions of PF party officials are motivated, orchestrated, directed and conceived by the PF party leader, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.



  4. Insala kapondo. You added no value to the opposition. You are now reduced to a puppet. I hope you are considering retirement from politics

  5. The right thing to do is resign from politics and let those who love our country take the rains. You have never been a man of integrity. You are easily influenced and one wonders how you served as a minister with that mentality. HH should have paid for your treatment in SA but you quickly discovered how irrelevant you are after using you as his mouthpiece. Park it in and concentrate on your health.

  6. Might as well pull out of public life too since this alliance is self serving vehicle for plot one.

  7. When we undergo extended and/or severe trials, it is usually a time for an introspective on our lives. I find that even a week long bout of malaria or acute asthmatic attack, gives me an opportunity to be ‘ still and hear the inner voice” The candidness of Mr. Mulongoti should be a lesson to all: “When you allow politics to define who you’re,you lose so much of humour and rationality” (c.f CK, HH). It is especially touching that Mr. Mulongoti is alive to the fact that he has not recovered yet.

  8. Ka Mulomgoti got sick and the rich men of upnd abandoned him at UTH. After surviving a near death experience, he realised he was being used by these greedy and bloodthirsty men. So upnd and hh were behind that “Jonathan Mtawari” [email protected]?? hh needs introspection like Mike and find a new purpose in life-ECL seems to be getting ahead of him in many aspects. Andyford and Mike have dealt the upnd propaganda system a fatal blow that will expose them to Zambians.

    • Come on, this has nothing to do with UPND. No political party can afford to send party officials for medical treatment abroad ,not even the PF. ECL and Chitalu Chilufya are abusing state funds evacuating people for political gain.Despite his other weaknesses CK declined a similar offer. Mulongoti by accepting may regain his health but never his good name which he has traded-in.

    • ….I didn’t say it has anything to do with upnd Mike said-“…Today, I write to inform Zambians that as a member of the opposition alliance, I wish to state that from today going forward, my party People’s Party (PP) ceases to be part of politics of hate, malice and propaganda. I therefore, withdraw my membership of the Opposition Alliance.This has come after deep reflection and after realising that the initial agenda of the opposition alliance has been discarded and replaced with a sole goal of helping a certain party, UPND in particular to ascend to power in 2021.” AND I REST MY CASE….

  9. I hope he pulls Fraser Siwale out of him. HH indeed is selfish otherwise he would have allowed the evil alliance to openly choose who the leader should be. But of course with hating tribalist Milupi we don’t expect anything else.

    • Your hate for HH makes u say things that don’t add up so in your reasoning you expect a party which gets 46% votes in Presidential elections and has such representation in parliament which none of the alliance members has I guess none even has a seat in parley to give up leadership in a political alliance to the smaller entities? Tell me in the world where u have ever seen this ???

    • Your hate for Edgar will consume you. So if these parties have members in Parliament what the hell are you doing with them. In that case only one thing can be proved. …the purpose of this coven of haters is hatred against the Republican president. Yes I hate HH and with very good reasons.

  10. Ubupina elyo bucita. He is now OF because he gotten a favour from them using our money. Let him be after all his party was insignificant in this country

  11. Mulongoti is still sick and his Medical Bills are being paid for by ECL so he has no choice but sing for his Super. It was “I scratch your back u scratch my back”. Mike has no Principles anymore. He is a sick man.

    • So Sata had no principles for accepting medical evacuation by Levy and later reconciling with him? Only people who support HH such as Kambwili are principled?

    • The point is Sata continued playing his role as an opposition leader…in fact Mawanawasa even said he believed Satas role as an opposition leader helped him improve as President and kept him on his toes…. In Zambia this word reconciliation is misused it is always believed when u are opposition you are therefore enemies which is in itself ubututu! You cannot compare Satas popularity at the time to Mulongoti that is just an absurd comparison naimwe ba @Ndanji please.

    • So if Mulongoti is not popular why did you “recruit” in your witches coven called the Alliance? You’re just contradicting yourself. I’m sure you will demonize those who are soon to quit too.

    • 13.2 That’s the problem with Hakaindians. They will insult people of Chibolya or such township that they are not educated, they are Kaponyas but still go there to ask for a vote. Even GBM is just like a banana shield once peeled, it’s thrown away without even looking where it will fall. GBM is a sitting duck. All they can do after winning the election is to instruct the ECZ to read examine his certificate and boom! he’s history.

  12. The measure you use to judge others is the same measures that will be employed to judge you. The current crop of politicians we have of a mediocre caliber. You can serve this nation in many different capacities. If you live in grass thatched house don’t throw stones. God does not give leadership to people who are spiritually blind and deaf. Am happy with the present God ordained leadership in this nation. Usurping power through sowing discord will not help you. Turn to God

  13. Comment:Mr. Mike Mulongoti. does he have people to support him? I’m sure he is just alone. Thus why Zambian politics are very dirt now if he doesn’t support the alliance does he feel and think he will be president or will win an election in 2021? if the need to fight opposition need to come together. obviously pf has paid Mr mulongoti even his evacuation to south Africa

  14. Very easy to bribe Zambian politicians. Just do them a favour using state funds
    And the next thing you hear praising you.This is reality and tells you don’t bark
    Against the ruling party if you are poor.

  15. UPND cadres you are heartless fellows a man who acknowledges his wrong and confess to me I salute him .it takes a lot give me credit for that ,unlike some other individuals who cry out to be leaders but lack principles.Wynter Kabimba will never worship HH in a million years because the guy is principled.God forbid if HH was to become president,our country will turn into a circus the man has no plans for any common Zambian as he portrays .He has duped a lot of people for his hunger to rule.Leadership comes from God not the size of your wallet.

  16. All those of you calling .Mr mulongoti names what do you find irritating about his revelations? Even a blind person can see that the alliance’ core objective is to unseat PF . isn’t this foolishness ? Can’t the alliance members realize that HH has failed to compaign reasonably and convince the Zambians in order to win elections? The alliance has already failed the members Will continue pulling out until it finally crumbles in 2021 some people are just perpetual failures even your sympathy on them can’t do them any good.

  17. With such a letter, this man Mulongoti,has just signed his his political death warrant.There was nothing wrong accepting medical evacuation from ECL because as every Zambian ,Mulongoti deserves it.But this letter was like written by someone unconscious and in comma,without thinking.You can thank people without bringing in political issues.This is trading.

  18. Like Amayenge sang those days, “BA MU KAYIKA 10 WALA MULONGOTI”, typical of Zambian “Poloticians”
    Grease their palms, & they will defend filth, & treachery!

    • Civil servants have not been paid, retirees are dying without seeing their retirement benefits, Farmers are not being paid on time, or given inputs to ensure they are ready for the planting season,
      Jonathan gets himself an expensive (White Elephant) Jet to fly himself around, to avoid doing some work in State House, but because he’s paid your medical bills, & given you some Taxpayers 30 pieces of silver, he’s now a good man?
      Mulongoti, that is known as bribery & illegal, similar to if you are telling us you knew all along Lungu was NEVER Mutaware, that is defamation, & misleading a nation + causing un necessary alarm, & that also leads to Prison.
      If I were you Mulongoti, just take your Corrupt proceeds, & enjoy them in silence, as we all know Zambian Poloticians are an Auction…

    • Cont’
      Zambian Poloticians are Auction floors, where the Highest bids, & & not integrity are accepted!

  19. Zambian politicians exercise leadership not ukwa lola umwela, or wen u are hungry u are able to do anything in order to satsfy yoself, yes u can appreciate wen someone has done good to u but not accusing others that they were the pipo who told u to start behaving the way u were bahaving. Sir, are u telling the nation that u had no capacity to kno that accusing someone its an offence, or wen someone told u to accuse someone u can analyse the issue and refuse. If it was me u accused i would have sued u with deformation of character. So be a stable leader, otherwise theres no leadership in u sir

  20. Seems UPND supporters are very angry towards Mulongoti. When Kambwili dumps the alliance he will once again become a corrupt thug in their eyes!

  21. Mike also apologies to HH and the Alliance for misleading them, now that you have come clean.

  22. Mulongoti should just apologize for his lies and simply thank the state (Zambians) not Edgar for his evacuation. HH never called Edgar Lungu Jonathan Mutaware. I support HH.

  23. People, this is fake news. Ba LT naimwe mulechita verify a little bit. The big man is quiet and recovering. He has kept a low profile. People nowadays just wake up and write lies. This man has never even been part of the alliance. Let us allow the man to recover well and peacefully.

  24. At least Mulongoti is human enough and humble to apologise and reflect on the past. There’s no weakness in doing so in fact you have stolen my heart. Great leaders reflect.

  25. all young sisters and brothers of 49 and below , you are the only hope for mother Zambia , all these Politicians are useless and sad that they donot even know that Politics is about leadership ,not about themselves.

    So please lets come together mobilize and create a new Visionary leadership to take mother Zambia forward , PF and all these guys let it be you gave them another 100years they shall do nothing, but destroy our country.

    lets move , get in-touch if you are ready to take Zambia forward ;0960664989

  26. Another example of what tax payer money and Chinese kaloba can do to someone who was admitted the neglected UTH then transferred to South Africa using hard earned tax payers money abandons the fight for the poor who need better health facilities which PF scum bags have enjoying even for broken bones which could have been done in Lusaka or Mufulira .

  27. Mulongoti is too sick to utter even a ‘thankyou’. This man is in ICU. This statement was written by Emmanuel Mwamba the Zambian High Commissioner to RSA. He is notorious for stirring controversy.

  28. The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed between the rock and the hard place as on one hand, Zambians have refused to toll their line while on the other, UPND’s top leadership especially its…

  29. Cont…..

    Setting in of desperation

    In all their schemes, indications have always looked to be in their favour but ending in the opposite. First was the loss with the privatisation, then the election in 2001 to Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. It is no telling how a party led by a former branch Chairperson of Bauleni Compound could mobilise such huge sums of funds for campaigns if not being bankrolled by the foreign interest for obvious reasons.

    The financiers suffered yet another setback with the death of their principal on the 24th of May, 2006 a few months before yet another ‘promising opportunity’ for business interest as elections were fast approaching under which UPND had earned itself a lead place in the UDA Pact seen as a formidable force to unseat the MMD of Levy Mwanawasa…

  30. The 13th Disciple. I retrieve my earlier comment. Rather Id rather utter a word of prayer for him. May he recover quickly.

  31. GBM love tomorow at his home press briefing over his mistreatment in the UPND and HH believes that GBM is not adding value and numbers to record him to plot one. Charles milupi as the next election chief mobilized….watch the space. More drama grips UPND camp

  32. He says “I have pulled out”. Meaning he is alone – Another Nashala Neke Party. No value addition, really. Go well.

    • Well said. Another one man party like Pule, Kabimb ant the rest. Just looking for 30 pieces of silver

  33. Fake news indeed. Mulongoti campaigning for Sata in 2011? The man was an MMD diehard like some people are pf diehards today. When the late Sata (MHSRIP) said “the mood of 1991 is here”,the man (Mulongoti) questioned which mood the late Sata was talking about only to realize that Sata was right when he(Mulongoti) and MMD was out of government. These are just fabricated stories.

  34. Wait,before 2021,HH will remain alone in that Alliance.Already two “nashala neka” parties are gone.8 are remaining.Of those 8,NDC is next.HH can only depend on Charles Milupi (a lozi),the rest can ditch him anytime-MARK MY WORDS!!!Alliances do not work in Zambia.Micheal Sata knew this fact,hence marketing PF alone until he won in 2011!!!THIS IS A BIG SETBACK FOR HH BECAUSE ONLY FEW ZAMBIANS CAN SUPPORT THIS NONSENSE(alliance)!!!



    At one time in history, the rats being terrorised and eaten by the cat, called for a meeting to find a solution. The UNANIMOUS solution was; TO BELL THE CAT. Next strategy WHO WILL BELL THE CAT? There was no VOLUNTEER. With regard to our opposition political parties, it is ASYMMETRICAL in comparison to the rats scenario in that they are ALL AGREED and ALL (LEADERS) WANT TO LEAD. Thus, each opposition political party comes with a HIDDEN AGENDA. The HIDDEN AGENDAS in long run demean the ALLIANCES. Late President Michael Sata knew this and was right, ALLIANCES CANNOT WORK IN ZAMBIA (at least for now)

  37. This is the more reason you can never ever trust a politician. They are the same breed. They have selfish motives for wanting political office. Now that he has been bailed out by powers that be during his incapacitation through sickness and now his recuperation, he sees everything wrong in what he was championing as opposition. It’s obvious that he can no longer bite the finger that is feeding him and taking care of his bills while incapacitated.That is why in developed countries, you don’t find a pauper fighting to run for political office. “Deep reflection” in his case may mean serious consideration where his bread is buttered, politically. Well, that’s African politics for you because it is said that in politics, a leopard changes its spots.

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