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Mulongoti continues mending, refuted statement he withdrew from opposition alliance

Headlines Mulongoti continues mending, refuted statement he withdrew from opposition alliance

Emmanuel Mwamba, Mrs. Betty Mulongoti and daughter, Juliana Mulongoti at the Hospital Cafe.
Emmanuel Mwamba, Mrs. Betty Mulongoti and daughter, Juliana Mulongoti at the Hospital Cafe.

People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti continues to receive specialized medical treatment in South Africa.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba disclosed that Mr. Mulongoti was made an outpatient the last two weeks.

He said , however recent development have neccesisted that he be re-admitted into hospital.

“We urge all stakeholders not politicise Mr. Mulongoti’s illness and allow him the privacy he requires”

He said Mr. Mulongoti was re-admitted last week into hospital.

And Mr. Mwamba has advised that to his knowledge no press statement(s) have been issued by Mr. Mulongoti and further advised the media to get in touch with him or Mrs. Betty Mulongoti for clarification.

In January 2019, President Edgar Lungu directed that Mr. Mulongoti be evacuated for specialist treatment in South Africa.

Mr. Mulongoti has since been admitted to Awryp Medical Centre in Johannesburg.

And Mr. Mwamba said the treatment and review of Everett Chongo has gone very well.

He said Everett was in South Africa last week for medical review for doctors to ascertain and observe the continued healing of her spine and legs.

He said after the review, doctors were happy with the tremendous progress she has made.

Everett sustained injuries to her spine and legs when she jumped from the 3rd floor of her University of Zambia Hostel.

This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary for Press at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria Mrs. Naomi Nyawali.

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  1. Not all statements you see on social media are true. Social media can generate violence, hatred,peace and love. So it’s better not to comment before knowing the truth. Look at the issue of mulongoti pulling out of Alliance. Who’s telling the truth,is it media or himself? Who posted the article? If you look at the state is in, can he issue that statement sure!!!! Let’s be honest with our media,they can destroy or build.careful

    • Question: do you have a history of mental illness in your family??Answer: yes, I have an uncle who voted for PF

    • I think that Mr Mwaamba’s statement be it true, has upset and ruffled a few furthers in PF/Government.

      It should be easy to find the source of that statement and more so, I await to hear what Sunday Chanda says about that.
      His jobs is a perennial refutations of such statements, it has been observed.

      I hold a PhD



    • Fake as it was we read genuine comments against mulongoti from upnd guns. Mike should indeed take note of all hate comments seriously because they revealed how he is regarded in the so called alliance.

    • What a country …which is proud to send its citizens to high price luxury hospitals in RSA becuse of lack of facilities yet its Presdent is glad to justify procuring a $70 million 10 seater jet for himself.
      Shame shame!!

    • This is a half baked article where has he refuted …this is just Mwamba hoodwinking you with his propaganda

    • his treatment is now jeopardized, even Emmanuel is now involved? with PF he will not make it. those Sunday Chanda are busy writing funeral speeches.

  2. Question, do you have a history of mental illness in your family? Answer: yes I have an uncle who voted for PF

  3. I had always considered Mike Mulongoti as a political rat whose politics thrived on the betrayal of others. I never had any kind words for the man, but now I have realized that he’s after all human just like me. He needs sympathy and prayers at this difficult time. After all we will all face the same judgement before our Lord, it doesn’t matter which camp you belonged to. I wish Mike a quick recovery

    • The man is in a foreign hospital surrounded by Mwamba and his cronies …family is also staying in hotel paid for by GRZ…you think he would say otherwise

  4. Hope those who have just been insulting him apologize without reservation. In fact this actually shows that in Upnd people will smile while they devour you.

    • Hmmm yet to see glowing tributes from PF supporters towards people who have abandoned them like Kalaba, Mwenya Musenge, Mwaliteta etc.

    • Who is PF? The problem with you scum bugs is that anyone who supports government is a member of the ruling party. No wonder you’re scandalizing the country just because your id1ot has failed to make it to state house.

    • To me a chap who supports everything PF government does like you is PF. If you do not realise this then you are as dull as Lungu.

    • You want to pretend that these are politics only familiar to the UPND u are obssessed with ??? Just say Zambian politics or politicians besides I don’t recall when the UPND issued a statement. If anything I don’t expect the UPND to behave any different from the PF these days it is hard to distinguish the two

  5. It is a fact that Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza are behind this sad story. They dont even know what their JDs expect them to be doing – not spreading fake news on a person who is battling for his life inn hospital.
    It is clear that both Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza didn’t come out of normal pusseys but filth infected pusseys that affected their deranged brains!

  6. Story was cooked by Sunday evil Chanda and Antonio Mwanza,these are the most useless hypocrites that ever walked this earth

  7. This is all PF is good at bribing even using taxpayers money with that crook Mwamba who like Amos Chanda think they work for the party and forget that they are civil servants!!

    • It was a fake story meanwhile you took turns insulting mike for ditching your tribal grouping. Pathetic zealots.

  8. Upendi cadres must withdrew the premature insults at Mulongoti upon hearing he deserted

    Does it mean whoever leaves the alliance is fake, a mole, infected toe, brown envelope freak all sorts of names.

    This level of childish mentality down grades upendi . Next time c k leaves which he will or saun tembo you will hear that it was long overdue good riddance

  9. Yes let mulongoti see for himself how these upendi view him. And thats how upendi view all these chipimo. Suan tembo. Ck. They are just tools

    You are only useful as long as you insult lungu

  10. To all supporters and members of the sat.anic upnd party leave Mr Mulongoti alone when he was in UTH your de.monic boss hh, didn’t do nothing to help poor Mulongoti, it took the President so that Mulongoti can be treated in South Africa.What is sad is Mulongoti campaigned for under5, and surely hh failed to help him…iam fully convinced that hh is full of himself and a dev.il worshipper because he has no heart for humanity. Chi. Sa.tanist

  11. Story of Mr Mulongoti is a puzzle indeed.certainly is wrong to discussion of a person who is terminally ill.

  12. I thought Emmanuael Mwamba had been transferred from South Africa. What is he still doing there?Or does it take time before you are formally posted to another embassy? Just wondering.

  13. Regardless of anything else surrounding Mr. Mulongoti’s political life, he needs our support and prayers for quick recovery. It’s a challenging moment for the family and as such, let’s be an encouragement to the Mulongoti family. None of us is perfect. We all need the support of others in trying moments.

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