Sunday, April 14, 2024

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Ghana has died


President Edgar Lungu swears in Mr Mbulu as High Commissioner
President Edgar Lungu swears in Mr Mbulu as High Commissioner

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Ghana His Excellency, Rayford Mbulu has died.

Reports from Ghana indicate that the High Commisssioner died in the early hours of today

Livestock and Fisheries Minister Kampamba Mulenga confirmed the death of Mr Mbulu on her Facebook page.

“It is with a heavy heart that I wish to inform you all that Zambias High Commissioner to Ghana who also happens and former Member of Parliament for Kalulushi Hon. Rayford Mbulu has gone to be with the Lord,”

“The late High Commissioner also served in different govt portfolios as Deputy Minister with his last position being that of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs before being appointed as High Commissioner to Ghana.”

“On a personal note I shared a good working relationship with when I served under him as District Commissioner for Kalulushi.”

Mr. Mbulu took over from Mr. Timothy Walamba in 2017.

He also served as President of the Mine Workers Union of Zambia


  1. It is sad to see how powerful Davies Mwila a mere PF cadre has become so powerful to am extent of making decisions that should be made by government. Davies Mwila has the authority to command Kanganja to arrest whoever and Kanganja salutes Mwila and does as commanded. Davies Mwila can chase media houses from covering PF events and command collosure of media houses. The question is where are the responsible Ministers where Davies Mwila is messing up? I am meant to believe what late president Sata said that PF Ministers are USELESS.

    • That is the all powerful PF thug that Oders other PF thugs to steal plots , takeover pubic spaces and resume street vending

      He is a lawless violent thug resonsible for PF violence.

  2. Condolences!

    We have a minister of livestock and fisheries? What then does the minister of agriculture do?

    • Minister of Agriculture does Agriculture,while Minister of Fisheries does Livestock and Fisheries as simple as that

    • Young Man chibs with a bad name don’t show your ignorance as well. I think If I remember well the government said it was too big too be run by one but needed two minsters that’s why. Anyone can correct me if wrong. but Agriculture doesn’t mean grass and trees its practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. So Bola Panshi

  3. He was once sued for infecting a woman with HIV; hope he didn’t neglect to take the medication.

    All the same, MHSRIP.

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