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Civil Servants Warned Against Reporting Late for Work

General News Civil Servants Warned Against Reporting Late for Work

Kalumbila district commissioner in North western province, Robinson Kalota has warned teachers against reporting late for duty.

Mr Kalota disclosed to ZANIS that he undertook a check at Manyama primary and secondary school and was disappointed with the attitude of teachers towards time keeping.

“I was at Manyama school at about 06:30 hours in the morning…the acting head teacher was the first to report at 06:50. By 7:08, there was a total of four teachers out of 43 for both secondary and primary school pupils. Between 7:00 hours and 7:30 hours, lessons had not commenced…this at the end of the day will affect output,” he said.

Mr Kalota said his aim is to counsel and correct the doings of teachers in the district. He said if the bad attitude continues he will have a bone to chew with them.

“We want them to educate our learners in the district. If they are not attending to duty, how are we going to improve performance in the province and at national level?”, Mr Kalota questioned.

He said it is sad to note that at national level, North-western province is at number nine in terms of performance.

He encouraged teachers in the district to work hard and change picture this academic year so that they can benefit from incentives being provided by provincial administration for best performing schools in the province.

Mr Kalota said the incentives include, Presidential award, Royal Highness award and Permanent Secretary award.

He said he will continue going round schools in the district to check on teachers conduct towards work.

“There should be proper reasons why teachers should report outside stipulated time. This applies to all civil servants and local council workers,” he said.

Mr Kalota also disclosed that he has directed the district education board secretary’s office to surrender teachers who have been transferred but have not reported to their new stations to the teaching service commission so that their positions are filled by other qualified teachers.

“I am not going to allow teachers to draw free salaries, if they cannot perform they are going to be replaced without fail. Government policy is that if a teacher has worked 10 years they must be moved.

“No one is untouchable, these are government officers who signed that they shall work anywhere in the country”, he said.

Mr Kalota also appealed to all parent teacher associations and school managements in the district to find land for agricultural activities in order to help cushion challenges for school infrastructure development.

He said they can ask for land from traditional leaders for farms up to 250 hectors and engage into farming so that the money realised from the produce can be ploughed back to the schools.

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    • Zambia is a country full of lazy people and under achievers. But of course let’s blame the president!

    • Money was paid to PFoools cadres to go and throw stones in Sesheke, maybe you should get those morons cadres to go teachers PFoools kids in their strong holds….. ubu paba wa chipante pante govt run by drunks and kaponya`s

  1. Civil servants have not been paid and how do expect them on time.

    Its unfortunate we have no opposition leader. Someone is holding onto 3 provinces making opposition very weak.

    He thinks 3 provinces can reach 50+1 threshold.

    Country needs a leader that will unit the country against PF.

    • Why do u always have to shift the blame to HH? I can’t see the logic.

      You are the pipo who were propagating the lies that HH privatized the mines until Lungu’s involvment in the privatization exercise was revealed.

      Olo nikuzonda muntu, si so.

  2. Service in Zambia is just a problem. I am in Barclays main branch in Kitwe, and it’s 8 34 and there is only one teller receiving deposits, and they even have a sign that says thanks for making us number one, what a joke, these banks. This type of service in Zambia is very prevalent

  3. The number one major factor of our increased poverty levels is poor work culture, starting from people of the highest position & it filters down to the civil servants. People report for work late and want to knock off early hence leading to poor productions.

  4. Someone is talking about late salaries forgetting that the perennial and endemic behavior of low output and negligent working habits is what has led us to this. So now you would like to explain all the years of late coming and poor service to this incident of recent late payments? Don’t you realize it is a slow creep up that has now realized in your nation becoming BROKE!??? Awe shuwa!

  5. What is the role of district commissioners? – in relation to provincial ministers, other ministries, permanent secretaries etc; especially, also, in relation to the directives above.

  6. The warning is tooooooooo late! About 30 years late cos Chiluba used to stand outside their offices to lockout late civil servants but they still turn up late

  7. The warning about 30 years late which is tooooooooo late! Because Chiluba used to stand outside their offices to lockout late civil servants in 1991 but to this day they still turn up late

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