Home Headlines UPND Mocks PF Government over the creation of over 27 000 Jobs

UPND Mocks PF Government over the creation of over 27 000 Jobs

UPND cadres at the party's secretariat
UPND cadres at the party's secretariat
UPND cadres at the party's secretariat
UPND cadres at the party’s secretariat

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has mockingly congratulated the ruling Patritic Front (PF) for creating 27 000 jobs in 2018. In a statement posted online and signed by UPND’s Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter, Percy Chanda, the party wondered why the Government had to anounce the creating of Jobs in a Foreign Country.

This week, Commerce Trade and Industry Minister Christopher Yaluma said that over 27, 000 jobs were created in 2018 across the country. Speaking on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum workshop in Sandton South Africa, Mr. Yaluma Mr Yaluma said that the 27, 000 jobs were created through the Small and Medium Enterprise.

Below is the full Post by UPND


The revelations that PF has created 27 000 is something that leaves our unemployed youths wondering where these jobs are, because physically there is no movement in employment levels to the tune of such numbers. Why should it take PF to break the “good” news in South Africa? Yet these jobs were created in 2018 and since then the PF government kept quiet until this year, something is not fitting well here.

If indeed PF created so many jobs they would have announced this on top of their voices and most likely in Sesheke or Dundumwezi. But since this was done in a foreign land, it raises a lot of suspicions. We challenge the Minister to give us a break down of that number, Province by Province or District by District and the nature of jobs created.

We just hope PF does not mean those boys washing cars in town centers are the jobs PF is talking about? Because when you look at the number 27 000 and the car washers though out the Country it makes sense. This is the only industry that PF can talk about. Other than that PF is just embarrassing itself. Since the collapse of our industrial base PF has never attempted to revamp it, because they have no idea on how to do it. So what reforms is PF talking about?

We in the UPND wonder how PF has been running a complicated Industry like Mining with a collapsed industrial base. Go to any mining town and see if you will find any mechanical or electrical workshop to feed the mining industry for its required spares. And yet mining Companies import anything from a nut to the most sophisticated spare part. What this means is that you have allowed jobs to be exported to other Countries. Has it ever come to your senses why Zambians do not benefit from the mines and why unemployment level is so high in the mine townships?

I know this may sound too complicated for your understanding, it’s like Am talking in tongues. However as UPND we have already done a blue print on how to revamp the collapsed industrial base to create real jobs for Zambians; this is the only way Zambians will benefit from the mines. It is common sense that Countries are strategizing on how to create jobs for their citizens and if you don’t know what you are doing you will be creating jobs for others. No wonder capital flight is so high from the mines.

Luckily enough, most Zambians are fed up with PF leadership; you will be amazed how this Country will be transformed into a middle income Country in a very short time. HH and the UPND are very serious; they know what to do once in power.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter

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  1. UPND do you truly have to come to power to contribute to the growth of the nation? Meaning if you never rule then all your good ideas will go to waste? Is it an exchange? How can we trust you and count on UPND? It doesn’t add up. If you mean well,please start from where you are.

    • Umwana alinesala, bawishi Ati talala ukalya when l become a boss. Really. Ama party yamo l wonder why people follow and join them. Seriously no jealous guys critically guys just look at the Upnd leadership what do you see? Seriously guys. To me this Upnd is a disaster. Am not against them but awefye kaya.

    • When majority of zambians can see the positive trends unfolding upnd on the other side are down playing the reality. This is why this party can never grow because they believe in there traditional members. They have no clue how to attract pf members. No wonder Davis chama said for hh to win each man has to marry 3 wives and have atleast 8 children who have to grow to a voting age. This can only happen in 60years and if the voting age is reduced to by 2years then hh will be voted president 58 yeas from now.

    • Well done Lusaka times. I thought we will launch this new design on Sunday as agreed.

      Good job



    • Suddenly dull fooools like Davies Mwila can now obtain 6 points from Grade 12 exams that shows you how excessive the leakage was ..Sampa will soon have PHD like his friend Brian something these chaps can not get outside govt.

  2. Kennedy, follow up UPND policies articulated daily, compare and contrast the shadow cabinet of UPND and the PF cabinet in power. UPND has offered constructive opinions to PF government, response has been jealous and bitterness from PF. UPND says review most projects in the nation to save money for more needy critical issues in the country. We just see our president shopping a presidential jet. Let ACC work independently to curb rampant corruption and suspend those pending huge corruption cases – NO PF mocks Zambia. Kolala, good ideas ignored.

    • Mazoka had a shadow cabinet which articulated real issues with their leader and offered alternatives to the MMD govt. hh has zombies who agree with anything he blurts out and worship him like a small god….

  3. Ba Percy Chanda kuti waseka! The guy is literally wallowing in poverty in Mufulira but claims to know how to create employment for others!! What business or employment opportunities did Chanda create in Kankoyo where he was MP? And what’s this nonsense of freedom fighter?

    • @spaka you should learn to keep quite about thing you have no clue of or you are just as misinformed as my elder brother percy chanda. he is the worst mp kankoyo has ever voted for and just like hh he is also not a team player. he is also knows everything just like hh

  4. Percy Chanda u too dull man. U don’t deserve to be a bemba. What u have done is job creation by joining UPND. Ask all your friends to come and join UPND. Jobs are in your mind. If u want one u will definitely get one.

    U wanted a job and you got it with UPND. Well done. U are now a UPND secretary and continue writing. But why are you only two people struggling to hold even that chitenge material? Where are other people?

  5. I seriously pity those have placed hopes and dreams in UPND and HH because, as someone has rightly observed, this party is a worst disaster to have happened in Zambia.
    Really, look at their screwed and warped thinking, how do wait for someone to get into power for you to sieze an amazing opportunity like creating employment for your supporters? If you have the know how and the ability, do it outrightly and demonstrate to others that if you can do it whilst in opposition, you can do even better when in power. What delusioned UPND supporters ought to know is this, Governments world over dont create jobs but rather they create opportunities for those with serious minds to excel period. The PF Government has seriously provided these opportunities and its up to innovative and creative minds…

  6. Contd
    The PF Government has seriously provided these opportunities and its up to innovative and creative minds to take the advantage. How come foreigners who come to Zambia are making it really big time? So imwe ba Chanda, you shall d1e a bitter man because that time for your HH to form government will never come. Sieze the opportunity today and stop linking everything to politics.

  7. Just look at the clueless PF rats above ati
    ” why don’t you create jobs from opposition ” , as clueless as their leaders in power expecting everything to be done for them while all they do is borrow and loot……. Ati
    ” creating an enabling environment ”

    It is up to GRZ to initiate and show the way to job creation, not wait for foringners and the opposition to do the leg work…

    Indeed 27,000 jobs are street hawking jobs And mostly imaginary jobs based on ” intent to invest ,with the creation of bla bla bla….” by foringners

    Again let’s see the PF take on the challenge of giving a breakdown of jobs created ???

    • Spaka…mind your language, you are the reason why under5 will never form government. Even 2021 ba under5 you will lose. Upnd is a sa.tanic party all of the are full of bitterness and hatred,Remember your god hh was a consultant during privatisation and he did a serious misleading on the then government therefore its not right for ba under5 to point a finger at pf when the other fingers are pointing at your idol hh. By the way government has not create jobs its creates an environment like bringing investors.

  8. The worst thing Zambians can ever do is to usher UPND in power.

    If there is a political party that is FULL OF JEALOUS,BITTERNESS AND HATEFUL is UPND since the inception of………

  9. Given the ineptness, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, hollowness displayed by the ruling party, anything else is a better option. So yes, I rrckon Percy Chanda has the audience!

  10. Bushe imwe bakolokombwe nangu benga mupela advice ya job creation kuti mwaumfwila? Mwilapolopota fye nga knock engine mulesumina ngamwabepa. Lesa akamukanda mwefinangwa mwe. UPND has provided guidance on different issues but do u people in PF take it? Stop playing double standard. The rule of laW is not there in pf, courts are for pf, police is for pf in politics.

  11. We are doing very well under PF. Everyone including UPND Supporters are now enjoying life.
    We all have money in our pockets. Dont even lie, it is not just pf supporters who have become rich. We are all enjoying. Dont be tribal. I have never seen anyone recently failing to afford paying rent. Roads are all over and everyone who wants can now buy a car.
    We have more money in our pockets than ever before.

  12. ATI 27,000 jobs, PFoools ubu paba, their so thick can’t understand what’s going on the ground, people are sleeping hungry and they are busy stealing, Jono meno meno has just failed, didn’t he promise 500, 000 jobs

  13. Heey fi UPND, what do you really stand for in terms of maximizing income from the mines? Your president always is against any measure meant to get fair share from the mines….and here you are contradicting your HH. Awe you piss me off. Ataseee imwee.

  14. ##Jay Trib.al Gay, on page 9 of the Zambia Daily Mail of 7th March 2019 there is a profile of Dr Mushimba and his academics. He began his PhD at UNZA in 2012, his supervisor was Dr Edwin Nyirenda. Obviously LT reporter cut out critical information in his report, typical of our journalists who write without understanding what they are writing.
    Does that help convince you about his well deserved PhD compared to that of Chimbwili the dunderhead trib.al of the Opposition Trib.al Alliance aka upnd??
    If not, just confirm your trib.al inclination. There is no cure for the trib.al disease which causes gradual rotting of the brain.

  15. Patriot Abroad you busy praising people who are enriching themselves right now while you wallow in poverty. You people, are so inferior such that you have to find someone like ECL to make you feel better. Comparing apples to apples, people in developed nations would never have chosen ECL, with a conviction on his record, bypassing a businessman already accustomed to luxury living. Now the man is busy enjoying luxury instead of working. Outside reports now show that the jet lungu bought is actually $400 millions with military upgrades and people in Zambia don’t know because the truth is hidden from them. Our people need proper education on how to vote wisely. Can you imagine it took us 27 years to take ourselves out of the shackles of UNIP, we can’t be voting based on a song or T-shirt…

  16. The reason it was announced in a foreign country is because these jobs were created in foreign countries. It could be the number of work visas that were issued to the chinese, indians and foreign nationals to come and work in zambia. Of course not forgetting the congolese to come and set up trading shacks in our market places

  17. “UPND’s Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter, Percy Chanda”. Percy Chanda? He sounds like a trib al to me, an honorary one perhaps? Just a question of time, he will come to his senses sooner rather than later.

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