Minister of General Education David Mabumba
Minister of General Education David Mabumba

General Education Minister David Mabumba has disclosed that his ministry is planning to introduce a number of reforms in the education sector.

Mr Mabumba says among some of the reforms which his ministry is proposing is the examinations reforms and consultations are already in place.

He explains that under the first phrase of the examinations reforms is to strengthen the security arrangement to prevent fraud and malpractices which will be done this year.

Speaking during a consultative meeting with teachers in Samfya district, the Minister indicates that under the new reforms, there will be re-zoning of schools which will mean that not all schools will be keeping examination papers.

He points out that papers will be kept at one school within the zone in a strong room and will only be transported in the morning of exams to all the schools within that zone.

The Minister says this will mean that even the time of starting to write these examinations will be adjusted so as to ensure that exams papers are delivered to all schools within the zone on the actual day.

He notes that under these proposed examination reforms, there will be four layers of examinations strong rooms that is at the Provincial, District and Zonal levels.

Mr Mabumba points out that other proposed reforms are to start the manufacturing of school furniture at provincial levels as opposed to be importing from outside the country.

He further explains the his ministry is also planning to find ways of reforming the curriculum center so that local teachers and Professors at Universities can be involved in the production of books.

Mr Mabumba observes that once someone has gained varsity experience as a teacher and if he or she feels that they can produce a book as they understand learners needs then, they should be given chance as opposed to be importing books from outside.

He observes that this move will help to reduce shortage of learning materials in schools as books will be locally produced by experts in different subjects.

The Minister explains that these proposed changes are all aimed at helping to improve the quality of the countries education system.

And Luapula Provincial Education Officer, Ngosa Kotati used the event to shed more light on the re-entry policy for a girl child.

The Provincial Education Officer says the school re-entry policy only allows a girl child to fall pregnant once.

He explains that this move is aimed at ensuring that the policy is not abused but rather helps a girl child to get educated.

Mr Kotati points out that it is the duty of the Matrons in schools to see to it that girls are counselled once they returns to school after giving birth.

He observes that usually, girls who return to school after falling pregnant are left on their own without proper counselling and guidance which results in some of them falling pregnant again.

Meanwhile, one of the teachers, Shamu Phiri, who spoke on behalf of his fellow teachers thanked the Minister for finding time to talk about the planned reforms adding that, they will help in improving the education system.

He explains that as teachers in the district, they will continue to support the Minister in his effort to improve the education standards in the country.

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  1. Hope the reform is not to make it mess like LT keep doing to this website.
    This website has comment numbers, then readers rate comments by giving thumbs up or down. But LT seems to be reforming from readers to mark the comments.
    Teachers might stop marking and rating everyday classwork.


    • I am shocked to learn that furniture is imported. I have seen so many furniture makers on the streets in Lusaka and CB. You mean to tell me those people can’t make a desk or chair.


    • And things like provision of furniture, security of exam papers, etc are not reforms. This is the way you should operate and these are operational or management issues.
      Just implemen without sounding like there’s a big matter coming up other than competent & prudent mgt.


  2. These are operation reforms within an organization, not education reforms. Nothing being transformed about what and how our children learn.


  3. Education Minister, do you know how much parents are made to pay in term s of school fees at a government school called SOS in Lusaka or have you decided to close your ears, please take interest because this is a government school intended to benefit the community around that particular school but currently that community is denied access to the school due to the exorbitant fees of K3,500.00 per term. All this has been imposed by an illegal Parents Teachers committee which just imposed itself on the parents without being voted in.


  4. reforms are ok but as a ministry hw wil u c to it tht teaching colleges maintain the number of students enrolled so tht we cn hv a favarable number of teachers produced. and wat do u plan doin on the number of undeployed qualified teachers in societies? teacher keep on bin produced but with no where to go. as a ministry come up wit a decision if it means employing them all as assistant teachers let it b so.



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