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Dr Manasseh Phiri hospitalized in SA

Headlines Dr Manasseh Phiri hospitalized in SA

Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba

Zambia’s HIV/AIDS activist, prostate cancer campaigner and educator, Dr. Manasseh Phiri is receiving specialist treatment at Awryp Medical Centre in Johannesburg.

Dr. Phiri, 68 years, arrived last week in South Africa and has been admitted to the hospital.

In 2016, Dr. Phiri announced that he had been fighting prostate cancer since 2014 and the cancer was in remission.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba said when he visited him, he found Dr. Phiri surrounded by loved ones that included his spouse, Mrs.Chilufya Mwaba Phiri, sisters; Mrs.Ireen Kabwe and Mrs. Zondiwe Maboshe.

Others were his daughter, Sipiwe Phiri and niece Mwenya Kabwe.

In 2016, Dr. Phiri founded the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Zambia and joined hands with veteran broadcaster Chanda Chimba III to raise awareness about the cancer.

And Mr. Mwamba said former Minister of Works and Supply and People’s Party president, Mike Mulongoti continues to receive treatment.

He said he was hopeful that Mr. Mulongoti will be made an outpatient as he has made progress on his road to recovery.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa Naomi Nyawali.


    • So Emmanuel refused to go to Ethiopia, or is not qualified for that post?
      With that plane accident in Ethiopia, nga kuli akantu with Emmanuel. He could have been chief Spokesman.

    • In Kenya you will never hear of medical tourists like Zambia as you have leaders who would prioritise improving facilities at UTH…not lazy leaders who sit doing nothing but consuming resources and procuring jets.

    • Gay Jay, the Hospitals in Nairobi and Joburg are privately run. It’s a pity those who claim to have cash stash it in offshore accounts instead of investing it in the health sector. Aga Khan medical center is own by Pakistani national and not Kenyan Government or a Kenyan national. In Joburg, different departments are run by individual Drs. You don’t pay to the hospital but the department you are attending. Muleishiba utuntu.

    • 1.4 Albert, your point is? Private or public, the issue is that our medical standards overall are low! If government in Zambia invested in the public health sector and raised them to a high standard this would in effect also lead to investment and higher services provided by the private sector hospitals in Zambia too. A case in point is that the public hospitals in either Kenya or South Africa are significantly better than the public hospitals in Zambia. It goes without saying that the private hospitals you will find in the two countries will be of significantly higher standard than the private ones in Zambia.

    • But why does LT have Mwamba’s picture deliberately imposed on a BOEING plane? Are you trying to pass a silly message about the Ethiopian airlines crash to your readers? Its stuupid! how are you connecting Mwamba with the Ethiopian airlines crash?

    • Mannseh Phiri a great man and a great humanitarian I remember when I was stationed in Mbala and one of our colleagues from Signals was dying from poison at the hands of fellow jealous soldiers in the camp, the camp had no proper medical facilities and in those days we had the Flying Doctors Service of which Doc Mannseh was active. They saved our brothers life. This is the man who inspired me to educate my son to the level of being one of Denmark’s best young foreign medical doctors.

  1. The government of South Africa do complain that too many foreigners are taking space in hospitals. Stop coming here. U are embracing us guys

    • @Dj7
      Take the lead, go back to Zambia, when the see you return, they will stop coming there kekekek!

    • Get well soon Dr. Manasseh Phiri.

      But sure-sure, you mean PF Govt can’t get medical equipment & drugs from the money they are wasting to take Zambians to RSA & India?

      Arwyp Hospital admission fee is K30,000 per day (Excluding tests, medication, operations, relatives escorting etc). They offer accommodation rooms & canteen on top floor for escortees.

      There are at least 30 to 50 Govt sponsored patients at Arwyp Hospital at any given time. Add relatives & cadres escorting, the bill is humongous & can be better invested in improving local hospitals to South African standards.

    • Why should the complain when you are bringing dollars into their country…I mean you have an Ambassador who job is visiting hospitals….shame on you!!

    • They are not talking about foreigners like Dr Manasseh Phiri who is paying for his treatment. Nor are they talking about foreigners like Emmanuel Mwamba, Dr Chiara Chiumya, Augustine Chisembele Daniel Mundea or Mike Tembo who came to South Africa legally. They are talking about illegal immigrants whom you cant budget for because they are not on the record

  2. But sometimes if there is need to say something good…….. Lets say it. Thank you E Mwamba for the visits for those Zambians in RSA Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one proof that you are working for Zambia. God bless you.

  3. Get well soon Dr Manasseh Phiri, a legend of our time on the music scene in Zambia from the 1970s’, phone in over to you radio greetings programme with the late Matty P. in Lusaka studios’.

  4. Nothing personal but why do we even bother to have hospitals in Zambia, why??? Are they just death traps for the poor??

    • Government has provided schools but people choose to take their children to private schools. Same with hospitals. I remember president Buhari of Nigeria promising the voters during campaigns that he’ll not seek medical treatment abroad. But alas he spent almost a in foreign hospitals. There’s also a USA senator who prefers to get treatment at a Canadian hospital where he’s charged in six figures. Even within grz hospitals some choose to pay instead of getting free medical services.

    • You are right my bro. The hospitals here are meant to be death traps for the majority poor citizenry of Zambia. Why don’t we improve our own hospitals much better..?

  5. Zambian hospitalizing, If it’s Not in South Africa then you hear it’s INDIA. As you will soon be told to celebrate 55yrs of independence.

  6. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong announcing the hospitalization of Zambians in SA hospitals, to an extent there has to be a consideration of the patients’ right to privacy, notwithstanding that some of them are public personalities. Just some food for thought.

  7. Imwe, life is in God’s hands. Whether you are taken to the best of hospitals or simply here at UTH, if its your to time to go, no medical facility can prevent it or if its not your time, then you recover.

    • At whose cost in Dr Phiri receiving treatment in SA? Dr Phiri is one of the most prominent medical professionals in Zambia in recent times so it will be shocking if he does not have private medical insurance or similar to cover such expenses so that it is not at taxpayers cost. Can someone please clarify?

  8. Imagine you are a Government official and you have to be admitted in a Zambian hospital full of opposition party cadres. One reason they choose to go out is we have politised every thing in Zambia including healthcare. Kuti baku titila ubushiku.We may not have state of the art equipment nombafye too much ma politics a
    nd desperation to get into power.

  9. Musa, there are many Zambians who have to find their own way to SA hospitals. They are never visited because the govt. has nothing to boast about. Aaron, the minister of health in SA is complaining about foreigners putting a strain on the govt. facilities not the private ones. This as the country prepares for the National Health Insurance implementation. Ndanje Khakis, the Canadian dollar is a fraction of the USD. Anyone on Blue Shield or Blue Cross can pay the Canadian bills, and yes, the health system in Canada is generally better than the US one, even the public hospitals because there no one operates a private service without accommodating govt. sponsored patients. The govt hospitals have the facilities which private hospitals need to do their major medicals from.

  10. Manaseh Phiri has stood out as a medical practitioner par excellent. He’s the guy who influenced the culture of putting water in a basin for all diners to take turns to wash hands according to seniority. He introduced the putting of water in a jug and washing hands with the dirty water falling into the dish. The old culture wasn’t hygienic. His track record is indisputable. Wish you a quick recovery. He was a good DJ as well

  11. We remember u also as Director General at Znbc. We also remember you as chief medical officer at nkana hospital where u made a big impact.
    We also remember u in theatre and arts. We remember u as a jazz presenter. And lastly we remember u as Matpi. WE JUST LOVE U MANASSEH.

  12. even our own professional doctors seek medicals outside Zambia, running away from the hospitals they managed.
    it’s not arguable these Zambian doctors manage Mortuaries than Hospitals.

    • How do you choose not to see the numerous efforts our govt has put in to uplift our health sector. Unlike most commentators here, who are in foreign lands, you are seeing the apparent improvements and acquisitions of modern health equipment and infrastructure. SHAME ON YOU.

    • When I had that condition, I went to COMPANY CLINIC here in Kitwe. The doctors there were excellent. I am cured

  13. That picture of mwamba and a plane behind him coz hes the new ET ambassador is very stupid of you LT. Trying to show us tht hes now where the plane crashed. Its in ill taste

  14. It’s now any tom ,dick and Harry to South Africa for medical. Can’t the government
    Come up with a plan with South Africa to establish similar hospital in Zambia with
    Their specialist.

  15. Get well soon Dr Manasseh Phiri, you have served Zambia well, time for Zambians to wish you well.

    If a trib.al goes out of syep with sill.y comments, just ignore them, they are trying to find relevance.

  16. Dr Phiri should have established a top class clinic in Zambia considering his background. We are just poor at everything- we can’t even plan for our well being!

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