Closure of Prime TV evidence of media under threat in Zambia-UK

UK Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin
UK Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin
UK Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin
UK Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin

UK Minister for Africa Harriett Baldwin says the UK is concerned at government’s action against privately run Prime TV.

Minister Baldwin said that the closure of Prime TV is further evidence that freedom of expression and media is under threat in Zambia, a country with a promising democratic record to uphold.
There is growing pressure from western governments for Zambia to lift the one month suspension slapped on Prime TV.

The US Government and the EU are some of the entities that have since raised concerns over the suspension of Prime TV.

Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji last week announced that he will convene a meeting with all western donors that have raised concerns over the suspension of Muvi TV in order to furnish them with the details behind the action.


  1. Dear UK. Please concentrate on Brexit. Stop talking about Zambia. What a funny title. “Minister for Africa”. As if Africa is a province or colony of UK. Why not end at Foreign Affairs minister?

    • Funny. …Thresa May is twaddling like a mother duck between London and Brussels trying to revive a dead issue and here is this witch meddling in our affairs.

    • PFoools, but their money is good enough for you id!ots to loot with impunity… ba pampwe with 0 IQ the whole lot of these roaches

    • Max they still have a big say in Africa because we not financially independent . So yes they have a minister who looks at African affairs.

    • Actually if UK was interested in Zambia s freedom of speech they could have protested the oppression of DeadNBC journalists by the state for the past 20 years. These journalists can’t express themselves as they have to toe the line of the ruling party all the time

    • I find it funny how PF cadres are quick to show “indignation” when the international community rebukes thier misdeeds and they call it interference or they say “Zambia is a sovereign country”. But in the meantime, thanks to their mismanagement of our resources, our country remains dependent on foreign countries to survive.
      And they have been caught several times by the donors, misappropriating aid. Don’t they have any shame these people?
      But thank God that PF is restrained from doing more evil by pressure from the donors. Otherwise they would be completely disregarding the rule of law and killing us like dogs while stealing ten times more money.
      Bushe what’s wrong with Africa that we are cursed with such bad leadership?

    • When you start supporting your own budget without being supplimented by donors thats when they will mind their business…how do you think they will justify sending £100 million to their taxpayers when you are shutting down media houses because a Grade 9 dropout wrote a letter to IBA.

    • useless….pretending like you really care for Africa you silly white devils….just concentrate on your Brexit and stay away from African Politics….mwaba imisula

    • Ati, thanks @ max, busy staying in their country, go back to Zambia and see if you can get a job, be thankful, you will probably run after week from hunger, you will end dancing for the drunk at the airport just to eat, ask your fellow stup!d cadres on this blog….

    • The same people who were dancing when Prince Harry who here like he is their lost are the same foooools complaining

    • Who is this woman??? Can someone please ask her to sit down and leave the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise alone??

      Harriett, please sit down, take a deep breathe and focus on BREXIT. You’re British aren’t you???

      Leave Zambian things to Zambians

  2. But what have you done about the Egyptian journalist who has been held without trial for over 500 days? You have not threatened Egypt, you continue trading with Saudi Arabia but choose to attack Zambia for trying to maintain peace by reigning in a rogue news house. Maybe you’re the funders of violence being promoted by Prime TV. What about other stations that have been closed? You are not talking for them, why ? Because you are funding one particular station with the intention of fanning trouble.

    • Those countries you mention , none of the claim to be democratic and free if they ever need imf of world bank investments and funding from donner countries

    • Nda n je-It’s called double standards. On one side they need Egypt and Saudis to keep a grip on the Middle East but need to keep up the democratic image by picking on small nations like Zambia. They have major military operations in Egypt that they can’t sacrifice that’s why they don’t care about that journalist.

    • Citizen…..

      There is no double standards….Zambia is a reciver of large amounts of western aid and one of the conditions for that aid is transparent free and fair democracy and human rights….with freedom of speech, assembly and all else that comes with being called a democracy..

    • I can’t understand how people want to justify what is clearly wrong by saying “look even in Egypt and Saudi Arabia it’s happening and it’s even worse”. Should we do or accept what is wrong because others are doing it? Is a thief justified in stealing because his neighbour is also a thief. Yes it may be double standard on the part of the western nations, but it does not change the fact that what PF have done is wrong. Truth remains absolute regardless of what people may choose to do

    • @Hurry-Kashoggi?? Who is Kashoggi compared to the $3bn to $4bn the Saudis are speeding on western military equipmemt every year or so??? These westerners would rather undermine our institutions and show a fake democratic image while they do underhand deals.

    • Spaka are you educated or not? Egypt gets loans from USA if didn’t know. Just recently some concerned USA citizens complained against the USA discriminatory treatment of world dictators. Of course you don’t read these because you’re too busy campaigning against your country.

    • Ndanji

      Not every thing that is morally right is done….unfortunately power is money and western world have the money so who they see as usefull friends they tolerate , why do you think they tolerate MU7 ? could it be to do with the USA military bases in Uganda ? Egypt is at the forefront of fighting Islamic terror, and with out eypgt Israel is dommed , so expect different standards towards different countries…a third world country like Zambia that has no geo strategic importance or minerals for the west better be on best behaviour

  3. Only pf dull and lazy cadres dont see that not only the media but the whole country is under threat.

    • These fooools dont even watch ZNBC as they are enjoying DSTV at taxpayers expense…only when they are broke and in opposition will they realise.
      Just look at the arguments above busy making comparisons with Middle-eastern countries ….it clearly shows that the lack knowledge of geo-politics in that region.

  4. Alaaaa baldwin this is Africa, please understand our way of life,culture,believes etc. Rwanda because of someones not been responsible in their report set the all nation in fire. Mind you if war had to start in Zambia you will simply get your people out, and leave us to suffer. Madam baldwin we are not ready and do not want such to happen. Get the all picture before you start opening your dirty mouth and this is why kk used to call such people *****. By the way its not just prime tv that has been suspended, 3 to 4 stations are closed because of breaking the rules. What is so special about prime tv! This thing of imposing your non sense others must come to an end. I will leave you with home work . 1 tell me how many tv and redio stations are currently operating in Zambia! Please take you…

    • Which culture? The PF one? The one of thuggery, corruption, private militia masquerading as police, inexistance pf the rule of law, incompetence on all levels of the government, nepotism, pseudo Christianity……..?
      Which culture you parasitic begging !mbecile are talking about?

  5. This is bad reporting ba-LT. Please include the counter-twits from Britons who were reminding her of dictatorial tendencies in UK itself. Are you also becoming agents of destructive propaganda.

  6. That is not enough…..I am not happy that the tax I pay in the UK , given to zambia as aid is being used by lungu to shut down stations critical of his violence and corruption……

    I will be writing to the UK , EU parliaments again …….

    • At the same time when prime tv and 3 radio stations were suspended govt awarded 13 licences to new radio and tv operators in the country. Prime tv got 30days suspension which even themselves have acknowledged. You can simply ask uk to return your toilet cleaning tax back if you think its sent to zambia to promote violence.

    • Yes, that is why I have been writing to my MP and UK and EU parliaments…..let lungu use his own money to shut critical stations instead of our donner aid money…

      Ati GRZ have awarded 13 new licences ,…. you dimwit…..what do you think Zambia borrowed $265 million for digital migration for ?? To have 1 or 2 PF vuvuzella stations ?? Zambia borrowed $265 million for digital migration to have atleast 300 radio stations and 100 tv stations…

    • Yes even me… I have a right to complain to my MP in UK to justify sending money to the jogging President Lazy Lungu..I tell you what he will respond within 7 days in writing.

  7. Media under threat my foot!, State owned Media which is the majority in Zambia has been gagged since 1991 and the UK has been silent. What’s making Mrs Baldwin interested now?

    • It is because it is State owned media just like you said. The salaries come from Govt. Prime TV is privately owned and independent and that, my friend, is why the UK is concerned.

    • @Dudelove first learn to differentiate between The State and the ruling party. These are not one and the same thing.
      The State owns media for a reason. The reason is that public media which serves the public interest has to be protected by The State from private commercial or political interests. The State doesnt own media so that that media can start being controlled by the ruling party. The Zambian state has been misusing these media having made people like you think because ZNBC belongs to the state it must side with the ruling party. When the State owned media is misused I expect activists to make the same noise that is being made for Prime TV. That is what Im referring to have to

  8. They equate it with democracy because they are supporting anti_government rhetoric. Every time a on election. Is imminent they start trying to support ‘their’ candidates. Meddling.

    • Let’s write her to complain on her stand. We are not Zimbabwe, our government and president should not be bullied if they want to control violent rubble rousers. Our country will not go up in flames because of Western interests against those of ordinary ZAMBIANS! There is a reason why China has more influence in Africa than Western countries.

    • Very good…..write like some of us have been doing……the more people write the more focus they will have lungu and his violent thugs….

  9. What happened to news of the world in uk ? Because as far as I’ knew the uk government did close it .So my question is what comments did zambia s foreign minister say to them?

    • Also the Russian news network. Is Aljezera still around? All these have been targeted for their fake news etc. Which was not in the interest of UK and Western countries. STOP THIS NONSENSE UK. SUPPORT DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENTS. Every country has fight to control adverse press not in the interest of peace in the country. Divisive media leading to genocide cannot be tolerated.

    • Iwe stop lieing , RT, aljareza are still here….they only banned press tv from iran , which is not a UK tv station.

      It’s about Zambia banning a Zambian tv station critical of lungus violence and corruption. If prime tv was not a Zambian station , then fair game.

    • @Spaka really….? Is that logical? Surely preventing any media from anywhere in the world from freedom of speech is unacceptable. To say it’s okay if UK c!oses down Iranian TV is okay as it’s not UK media! Is Zambian media UK?

      I wonder if you opposition mouth pieces realise Zambia is controlled by Zambian government.

    • Yes, shutting down a foreign station , even if you depend on donner aid is some what justified and more explainable….

      If prime tv was a forigne station GRZ would have all the reason to shut it down for interfering in internal politics .

      But prime tv is a Zambia station with a large following of Zambians who seek true alternative news as opposed to the PF ZNBC….

    • @@Spaka closing Iranian TV is limiting the freedom\Right to freedom of speech of Iranians. It prevented UK citizens from watching or hearing opinions from Iranian TV(for those who have no taste). Aid has nothing to do with right to democratic rule of an elected govt.
      If Prime TV has large following, more reason to ask them to be fair and not use fake news that divides Zambia or creates a stilted image of a democratically elected government.

    • Patriot ….

      “….Ofcom found that Press TV’s practice of running its editorial oversight from Tehran, Iran’s capital, is in breach of broadcasting licence rules in the UK…”
      The guardian.

      That said presstv were given 2 options both they turned down, unlike prime tv.
      Running editorial oversights from forigne capitals intended for a particular country is against most broadcast regulator rules.

    • @Spaka news of the world was closed down. I’d have to Google in order to refresh my memory but I seem to remember that it was closed as a result of using unethical reporting? It was a big scandal.

    • @ NORAH and the rest of pf 1mbeciles.
      News of the world was closed by their own shareholders. Stop spreading fake news. It was not because unethical reporting but mostly because of hacking SMS messages.

  10. The UK position is an accurate interpretation of media freedom and freedom of expression. There is need to stand together united until the standoff is resolved. Comparing action by US President Donald Trump to stop a cheek journalist from joining White House briefs to lack of freedom of speech is ridiculous. The argument is about closing media houses because the journalists criticized particular actions, speeches or policies by Government or Government officers. Closure is too drastic. Closure is too disproportionate. Closure is too insensitive. Closure is too arrogant. One journalist is not the whole media house. The comparison between Zambia and the US in media law is an illusion of grandeur. Stick to basics. There is no need for brewing a storm in a tea cup.

  11. Iwe @Spaka. only days ago you were supporting violent racist outbursts by Kambwili against an Indian man. Now you are suggesting you have written to MPs in UK to support your demented unhinged reasoning. You a chap that was supporting the abuse of an Indian peacefully and legally doing his work in Zambia. No wonder she is so misinformed. She needs to heed well rounded ZAMBIANS. This is proof of the UK government backing political trouble in Zambia. People like Spaka cannot be considered balanced. Unfortunately a lot of these types are damaging Zambian reputation.

    • @Spaka don’t be so wet behind the ears. Do your research. UK government did try to muzzle RT and Aljezera because their news was not acceptable. The point is it’s okay for the Zambian government to issue warnings and control it’s press. Trying to muzzle the freedom of a democratically elected country is two faced behaviour. Divide to conquer cannot work in modern
      Africa as in colonial times. This was a 30 warning day not closure. What of Facebook and Cambridge Analytics? Were there protests at their media activities that lead to election outcome meddling? Did the West not try to muzzle them to encourage them to sort out failures? I’m definitely asking for an appointment at her offices to help her balance her opinions better.

    • @ patriot ,

      I was not supporting racism , but supporting the fact that some jobs are reserved for zambians by GRZs own admission. You can not be bringing forigne drivers while the majority of Zambians are without jobs….

      UK government issued warnings to forigne tv stations , RT for certain and aljezirra , not too sure…..but every country has the right to reprimand foreign stations seen interfering in the internal affairs of a nation……just to remind you, prime tv is not forigne and their only crime was to film PF caders and police violence against upnd….

    • @Spaka, I followed your threads on that topic of the Indian chap closely, and you most certainly did support racially motivated abuse of an Indian man legally allowed to work in Zambia.

      Freedom of speech ban is not limited to only foreign entities. Even those entities have freedom of speech. Let alone the people that supported that media also had their freedom to choose what they listened to in the UK! The point is that they took similar preventative action in UK’s interest. Zambia has that same right of preventative right on their soil.

    • Patriot….

      If you think I supported racism in the instance then official GRZ position of reserving some jobs for zambians is officialy rascist …..

      On you second point look above regarding editorial oversght from forigne capitals intended for a particular country….

    • Spaka we radio icengelo which older than these ramshackle station. Because it acts in a responsible manner it has never been threatened except under Mwanawasa when Michael Sata was assaulted by MMD cadres. It features opposition leaders who don’t resort to inflammatory language but stick to developmental issues. Its news is always factual. ..if government has failed or done well it report as such.

    • Ndanji

      I can tell you….if it were not for prime tv taking film of the violent PF and police attacks in sesheke , prime tv would still be on air…we have the eccerpts.

      Pf did not expect professional footage of their attack yo be held against them.

    • How naive can you be? PTV had a premeditated plan to fake the violence if you don’t know. The state has got machinery that you don’t have. Don’t forget some PTV workers are patriotic. Just wait and you’ll eat your own words.

    • Wrong again ndanji….

      The violence on film is not fake….the photos of gun wielding PF thugs are not fake… .That is why mwila went ballistic, the fact that it was prime tv that took the footage…

    • Ndanji,

      Don’t be so naive ……do you think if PF had any evidence of PTV faking any footage of violence , there would be any PTV left ???
      The whole PTV crew and board would be in jail on treason charges …..belive me.

      I thought you knew more than this….

  12. Deal or no a member of the commonwealth we are extremely concerned with the shambolic handling of the brexit issue including last minute tinkering to save a point. We also wish to protest the handling of a young british citizen who has now lost her baby due to refusal by the dictatorial tendency of a minister at 15 this poor young girl now a mother made a simple error of judgment. Now she is in no mans land and childless we call upon the British government to exercise the tenants of democracy and allow her to return and be tried in the court of law and not to be denied entry by a minister who is now law unto himself…..

    • Yes ….well done. That is democracy of a responsible peoples……you put your points to them and i am sure they will come back with an appropriate response …….

  13. Guys, whatever reasons were given for shutting down Prime TV, this station is a threat to democracy. Its used by people who hate ECL and the PF government. All the people who are using this station can run away should war begin. Remember, it’s only the vulnerable who get affected. You may seem intelligent with your comments but you can’t run anywhere should Zambia be on ????.

    • That is the code for anyone who is against PF thugs violence , crackdowns on democracy and corruption…..ati they hate lungu and GRZ.

      The only crime prime tv committed was filming PF caders end police violent attack on UPND …..even that photo of a PF cader wielding a gun attacking a UPND supporter that went viral is deemed by PF to have been shot by prime tv journos….

      The PF after seeing film and still shots of their violent attck on UPND was filmed from the UPND crowd, the pf accused prime tv of masquerading as UPND and being unbalanced….

    • Anyone against a democratically elected government’s right to rule and keep order in the country should try to ‘win’ an election. Unfortunately that has been impossible to date because peace loving ordinary ZAMBIANS dispise rubble rousers masquerading as ligitimate political opposition.

    • Yes they should try to win elections in a fair and democratic way… Zambia PF ban opposition leaders meeting their members , they ban opposition leaders going to markets , the ban civil organisations form holding peacfull rallies , yet PF caders hold any rally any time anywhere ….

    • @Hurry, democracy to you means having President Lungu and the PF as the only people you get to hear about? Really?

  14. People like Spaka would welcome an invasion of our country by foreign forces as long as it will bring them to State House. As for the fool who is telling us not to compare Egypt to our situation, I hope he will never compare Zambia to other countries when it suits him.

  15. People have one sided analysis because they are very shallow, is Prime TV in order by Spreading Fake News, giving Opinionated News, News and analysis that favour the UPND even when they are hacking people, Journalists who use Vulgar Language on set. Please UK concentrate on BREXIT, you are not Angels and please note PRIME TV is a very divisive and useless station for the UPND hence the noise. PF please if possible close this TV station promoting regionalism and run by UPND journalists and cadres.

  16. SPAKA is equally very dull, Harry Kalaba is busy mobilizing countrywide, no one is stopping him. The UPNDead can’t mobilize without violence and intimidating people. Shame on Spaka and his Bantu botatwe political party. In other countries I know, PRIME TV could have been closed a long time ago and Gerald Shawa rocked up and the journalists could have been targeted like Jimal Kashoggi for maligning people who can’t defend themselves. I am happy Prime TV has been ordered to retrain its journalists because they are kangaroo journalists.

  17. It’s annoying arguing a certain group of people that can’t reason properly. It’s exasperating!

    And with my tongue in cheek, yes Gerald Shawa should have been “rocked up” and “journalists could have been targeted like Jimal Kashoggi”.

  18. Odi i have come back for the stupi.d H.Baldwin do you know that prime tv acknowledged the error they made! You cant continue alarming the nation because of one useless fo.ol called hh, this damages the image of the country leading to loss of investment opportunities. If ba under5 have run out of campaign messages, why sink so low to doing dirty games that have the potential to destroy the country’s image. This foo.l called hh is very desperate power, chi sa.tanist. Sat.anist hh the international community will never vote for you. Even in the manner,in which you became upnd leader is questionable. hh God has rejected you, because of your role during privatisation and the people that died without getting what belongs to them, is a curse.Look at Bp,lima bank,etc a lot of people have…

  19. This is why Africa must pull out of the Commonwealth and invite the British to an AU summit for African commonwealth countries. Then invite Britain, France and other former colonialists to discuss areas of common interest. Not is going to them or bowing to such. It’s like adding insult to injury.

  20. They are complaining because it’s their mouth that is being shut down…think about it for a moment. Zambia is also concerned that the British government is failing to deliver the peoples vote on Brexit. We urge the British government to be democratic and deliver the people’s vote and not playing around with the rules to find a way out.

  21. The same way you people are arguing and fighting and insulting each other on this platform is the same way it was happening in the MMD regime. The Shikapwasha, VJ and many others thought they knew it all until they were all out of the game. Let’s reason and not just talk anyhow because we are benefiting one way or another,things change.

  22. Shame on Britain for showing biasness towards capitalist inclined parties. You looted enough from your colonies and let us misuse our own resources without interference. You took out more the so called aid you give us inorder to continue melding in our internal affairs. The west has continued castigating China for human rights abuses but China has continued developing at an unprecedented rate comparable to none in the world. Your kind of democracy, human rights and media freedom must remain there. When you oppressed People in Africa during your colonial days, didn’t you know a thing about human rights and democracy? What are you trying to lecture to us now?

  23. Handle your BREXIT issue,you have totally failed solve your problems you think you solve ours,don’t be hypocritical.

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