Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa doing the on the spot check of water samples in the affected areas
Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa doing the on the spot check of water samples in the affected areas

Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa has given another 60 days period to allow the company build a suitable stand for the chicken outside the round-about.

Lusaka residents had taken to social media to oppose and protest the intended move to remove the apparently beloved but awkward statute.

They said the statute represented a well-known feature of Lusaka and that the action gave moral support to a resilient local company that has survived stiff foreign competition .

Below is the letter by the His Worship Miles Sampa;

“Good Day and Happy Chicken Day.”

“Having heard all concerns and submissions pro and con from Hybrid management and the general public, I am inclined to extend the time for the Chicken to cross the inner circle road by another 60 Days.

“This is to give Hybrid more time to build a new Chicken statue outside the roundabout as I am told the current one cannot be craned out without destroying it.

“I envisage it will be possible by the end of the 60 days to vision two big chickens there one inside and another outside the circle.

“Thereon, we can “kill” the inner circle chicken but still remain with one across the road towards Hybrid.

“Hybrid would still have rights to maintain the entire roundabout. I will also ensure they get a written contract unlike at the moment where they have non for some reason.

“With this approach, I reckon we would have struck a Win Win for LCC, Hybrid Chickens and the general public”.

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  1. There are better things to do Mr sampa than chicken statue business,moreover hybrid is even the one cleaning that place..Lusaka residents are always reporting to lwsc over the long time blockage sewage but to no avail…


  2. I didnt know they were a local company. Please forgive them but they should obey the bye laws ala!


  3. We thank God for giving us ba Chagwa and rejecting Myles Sampa for PF presidency! Myles is not even fit to be Mayor. I wonder how he would have managed to run the country with his clueless approach! Honestly, there are other more important issues to attend to than removing one important landmark! Lusaka is full of unpainted speed humps and dips which are a serious danger to motorists, especially visiting ones! The UNZA pedestrian barrier is broken and needs a concrete replacement! Can someone sit him down!


  4. Let them move the chicken off of the roundabout and place it on the side somewhere.

    And let LCC manage the roundabout. What incentive does Hybrid have to maintain the roundabout after their chicken is moved?

    Hybrid move the chicken and make a nice little park around it somewhere on the side.

    Let that roundabout whither away with LCC management.

    It’ll become yet another ugly roundabout if LCC is managing it.


  5. Unbelievable. Of all the more pressing Lusaka environmental issues, Sampa continues with the ‘chicken’ – a saga he has created himself.


  6. Miles Sampa come to your senses. Hybrid poultry are the ones maintaining that roundabout. So it is only right they place their emblem there


  7. The joke goes like this – London has Big Ben, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty, Lusaka has the Big Chicken.
    Mayor Sampa, concern yourself with more serious issues like the promised free WiFi within your 90 days of election as Mayor.
    You have travelled far and wide as Mayor and if your eyes and brain can see, you will have seen what a dull village Lusaka is.
    Let people enjoy a bit if humour, please.




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