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Victoria falls to be illuminated green to celebrate Irish festival of Saint Patrick


On 15-17 March 2019, Victoria Falls will be illuminated in green to celebrate the Irish festival of Saint Patrick.

St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland and is credited with bringing Christianity to the country in the early Fifth Century. His life is celebrated on the 17th of March each year, and this celebration has become the National Day of Ireland and the most important festival in the country.

The “Greening” of Victoria Falls is another example of the close and friendly relationship between Zambia and Ireland. For Ireland, the colour green symbolizes St. Patrick and also the Irish people.

Since 2010, Ireland has been running an initiative called the “Global Greening”. In 2018, over 300 landmarks in 50 countries were illuminated in Green- this included the Freedom Statue on Independence Avenue.

This year, the Embassy of Ireland, in cooperation with the National Heritage and Conservation Commission,will include Victoria Falls in the Global Greening initiative for the first time on 15-17 March 2019.

Victoria Falls is the centre piece of this year’s landmarks, and its greening has already received extensive coverage in the Irish media. At the launch by the Irish Minister for Tourism, Shane Ross and the Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland, Niall Gibbons for this year’s campaign, the Victoria Falls were highlighted as the outstanding addition to the Global Greening.

An image of Victoria Falls was displayed during the official launch boosting, selected above other confirmed greenings such as the Colosseum of Rome, Niagara Falls, the Christ the Redeemer statue of Rio de Janeiro or the Sydney Opera House.

This Global Greening initiative is designed to promote awareness of Ireland, while also providing a platform for the host country to highlight their own tourist offering. The Embassy is very pleased that maximum exposure has been achieved for Zambia in Irish media this year.”


    • This insane. What do the Irish have to do with the Mosi o Tunya Falls? Stop this nonsense. Irish people don’t care about you!

    • @1 Kenny Kasonde Kolala the house Negro you’re a very dangerous Zambian and very unpatriotic….you’re ready to receive Nichekeloko…You the same guy that Sakala brothers talked about in one of the their songs Tolilo Vovo

    • XXX Princess- if you have money you can light up any landmark in Ireland…you think its Zambia paying for this?

    • Our minds are still colonized. Its never been lit for kuomboka, ncwala or kusefya pa ngwenya.
      Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds

    • maloza – why don’t you never light it up this year in the name kuomboka, ncwala instead of complaining like a little baby not having his way. You join forces with XXXX Princess and contact Livingston City Council…this is simply organisation. You chaps know nothing about marketing …this is why the Boers take advantage of your docility and bring International tourists from RSA and spend zero dollars in Livingstone.

    • Zambians are good at complaining they dont see the business opportunity here …in England and USA this St Patrick’s has nothing to do with religion but drinking, street celebrations paid for by Irish and Bar owners look forward to it. Here is an opportunity for you dull chaps a business opportunity in illumination lighting for marketing purposes like Independence Day …but you are here complaining you are not even paying a single cent.
      Next time you look at that King James Bible ask yourselves who he was …well he was a homosexual, a pedophile and used to have s£x with his mother.

    • Zambians love to complain for the sake of it. The organization I work for is Jewish owned but they go all out for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s all about marketing people.

    • Uncritical society – they will shine a big spotlight on the falls then put a green lens in front of the spotlight even put a rotating lens with patterns in front of the light.

  1. nonsense. the pf people are thinking it’s yet another project where they can steal a bit of money.
    the beauty of the musi o tunya falls is in it’s depth, how far the water plunges creating the mystical mist that’s like no other. shining a green light (illuminating) at the water does injustice to the natural wonder that musi o tunya truly is.

  2. Green is the colour of prosperity, of choice, it symbolizes life and thats why God created nature to be green. Its a colour that tells indicates all is okay. To the contrary, red is for danger, blood and not okay, no life! A party that uses red as its ligalia, is evil, a vampire and violent by nature. Choose GREEN!!!!

  3. Nonsense Africans and their commemoration of European events!! Valentine Halloween Christmas. Why not commemorate Kaunda or the Litunga’s birthday by painting the falls yellow?

  4. @malinso, if you think there’s prosperity in Zambia under pf, you might as well crawl back to the same rock where you’ve been because you clearly have no understanding of what prosperity is. look around, all you see are shopping malls with foreign stores, and the country can drowning in debt, there’s no freedom of press, no judicial independence ….corruption is common place in all sectors of Zambia. taxes every corner…what prosperity are you talking about? step back from your party affiliation and think long and hard and see the trajectory of Zambia then come back and talk to me about prosperity

    • @ mukolwe
      You can choose to believe what want but the secret to a prosperous life is hard work and not negativity. If all you want to see is what you have been brainwashed into by you small god, i choose to be objective and sieze the opportunities thats before me. All you see is corruption wjich yoi cant substantiate, taxes which everyone good citizen is expected to pay, poverty which allow in the midst of abundance, i refuse to be lazy and to apportion blame on others when God gave me the brains.

  5. This is plain Stoopid. St. Patrick’s has nothing to do with Christianity. Africans are closed minded people. Who can celebrate N’cwala in Ireland?

  6. Next year Dublin will be painted black to remember those who fought for democracy like Lenshina and Mushala

    • Painting and illuminating for 2 days are two very different things……you dont have money to fly to Dublin or even money to buy a can of paint to paint a door how can you paint a city …are you prepared to remove the paint afterwards?

    • Iwe Jay Jay don’t you have any wit about you? Obviously no, and I often see that Most Zambians dont seem to have. There you go ranting about painting and illuminating but not comprehending that The Artist is being sarcastic. He is not asking for what you are answering to. He is saying can a European community commemorate an African event in the way they have coerced an African city to commemorate a European event?

    • Sisal Lords – If you want to use sarcasm at least know when to use …did a Zambian just wake up in Livingston and say lets light up the falls green? Nope the photo there says it for itself…do I have things to do yes but I can simply log on in LT on tea break or on the move on my phone hence you see typos sometimes as I have no time to correct.

  7. @ malinso you don’t see corruption is Zambia? get your head out of you know what. I don’t know which god you’re talking about, If you’re talking about hh, I’ve nothing to do with them, that’s why I asked you to step away from your party affiliation.
    you wanna be objective, ok let’s go there. give me 2 ex of what you call prosperity and i’ll give you 6 exs of corruption, 4 exs of taxes that have no basis
    pointing out where those in power are screwing up isn’t being negative. it’s good that you work hard. me brainwashed? maliso please lmfao. you’ve no clue what you’re talking about my brother

  8. Iwe Jay Jay naiwe don’t you have any wit about you? Obviously no, and I often see that Most Zambians dont seem to have. There you go ranting about painting and illuminating but not comprehending that The Artist is being sarcastic. He is not asking for what you are answering to. He is saying can a European community commemorate an African event in the way they have coerced an African city to commemorate a European event?

  9. What kind of colonial nonsense is this? When shall be allowed to reciprocate? That should be the question the Zambia authorities must ask.

    By the way, with out the Muzungu, we would not have red on our flag.

    Please reject the initiative

    • Come Xmas you will be the same foooooool dressed in a red suit with muzungu white beard handing out gifts to kids on a bicycle.

  10. Anything is game in Zambia for everything originated beyond the Zambian borders is embraced without caring to understand why the celebration! Black Friday has established and next awaited is Halloween!

  11. Muli bapuba bonse. First it was the chinese and now the irish. Come to Newyork queens where we have even china towns. Why are we always trying to apportion blame on countries trying to help us by advertising the seventh wonder of the world in the Victoria falls. Just coming here to make noise will not make your life better. This is a good thing because here in america saint Patrick’s day is da bomb because irish fly here and spend a gazillion pounds to the benefit of the US bars and restaurant owners and the state and federal governement. Bobobo all the times imwe amambala when you cant even pay for talk time. Just work hard and get a better life.

  12. @mm, what’s the population of the Chinese in queens or Toronto? therefore there’s justification to have china town to carter to them
    how many events does the us have celebrating and embracing the native Indians? there’s no need to export st Patrick beyond Ireland… how many non white events in the west do you see being peddled as white sh it?
    do you think the irish in musi o tunya will be drinking mosi or chibuku or any other Zambian brew?

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