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Youths should desist from being used only during elections as tools for violence-GBM

Headlines Youths should desist from being used only during elections as tools...

GBM speaking during the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
GBM speaking during the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

United Party for NAtional Development vice president for administration, Geoffrey Mwamba has said that more needs to be done to create jobs for youths and support young entrepreneurs so that they can help create jobs for others

In a statement issued during the Youth Day celebrations under the theme; Youth Unlimited, Mr Mwamba said Government had the mandate to empower young people, increase their participation in governance and access to education, training and jobs. Mr Mwamba said youths should desist from being used only during elections to be used as tools for violence.

“The government has the mandate to empower young people, increase their participation in governance and their access to education which should be free, training and jobs, unlike what we are seeing today were youths are only needed during elections to be used as tools for violence. “We need to do more to create jobs for our youths and support young entrepreneurs so that they can help create jobs for others,” he said.

Mr Mwamba said young people hold instrumental values in the fight against corruption if well engaged in governance processes due to the energy they bring along in improving policy and programme outcomes.

He said youth bring energy, vigor, diverse and fresh ideas to the deliberations. “Demand your right to education, your right to freedom of assembly, speech, worship, among other rights, then as a powerful unity, young people make it known that you expect corruption free societies so that you can enjoy a brighter future,” he said.

Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe emphasizing a point during his visit to KCM

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has said that more than 200, 000 jobs will be created for the youth after the Copperbelt Investment Expo.

Mr. Mwakalombe said youths were a resource that needed to be nurtured and such Government would ensure that the young ones were not left behind in terms of development.

Mr. Mwakalombe was speaking in an interview in Ndola yesterday after the Youth Day celebrations.The minister added that Government had taken keen interest in the plight of youths on the Copperbelt and other areas across the country.

“As you are aware, we will be having the Copperbelt Investment Expo in June this year. We will create 200,000 jobs for the youths. That is what we stand for and we want our youths to use their skills,” Mwakalombe said.

Mr. Mwakalombe said he was happy that there were youths from different political parties during the Youth Day celebrations, stressing that it was a sign of unity in the country.

Mr Mwakalombe advised the youth not be agents of political violence and abuse, stating that their time and effort needed to be channelled into development activities.

Mr. Mwakalombe noted that youths did not need to get educated to be employed but could become innovative to better their livelihood.

“Youths should stop thinking that they go to school to get educated and get employed. They are the resource of the country through their skills. We want to ensure that there is equality of development in all the districts of the Copperbelt. So to do this, we need to create more jobs for our youths,” he said.

Mr Mwakalombe added that Government wanted to turn the old mines into tourism sites on the Copperbelt to attract tourists.

“We want to turn the old unused mines into tourist attractions in order to turn our weakness into strengths. There a lot of opportunities that can help us attract foreign direct investment. Our target for the expo is to create 200,000 jobs for our youths,” he said.

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  1. The bemba youth are clever. They will never be used for political gains. They will eat your money for free. I love being a bemba seriously

    • GBM is great. But I think HH should appoint this wise man as Ministry Mulusa had. Now we don’t know who the current useless minister is.
      Republican Vice-president should be Nalumango. She should give party to Katuka whom we know is 10 times wiser than SG of PF.
      UPND listen from me, even though am not your member.

    • Double h, what have you done to Gvbm?
      He is looking worn out.
      Is he trying very hard to look vice presidential.
      I hope it is gym.

    • Remember! Politicians say one thing and do the opposite with actions.

      This is Mr Ponona. Or Mr Beat them up.

      Sadly, he has a punching bag at home in form of a human being.

      I just wonder why we let these guys get away with crime.

  2. Thanks GBM for the message but please do what you preach. Why were you caught training militias at your premises? UNPD is the most violent Party in Zambia. There’s nothing that the PF are doing which the UPND haven’t done yet. Your members celebrated the burning down of City Market, the blowing up of Zesco pylons, the burning of DEBS Kafue offices, the list is quite long. That makes it difficult for anybody to listen to you. We’ll be shocked if you 2 don’t butcher each other in the coming by-elections because that’s what you always do

    • Tell us what happened to that case were GBM was caught training militia to attack ZDF using catapults and golfclubs ???

      Remind us ??

    • Cases in Zambia just die, especially for those that are well connected. Even when GBM beat his, he was attested more than once but where did those cases go? Don’t ask as it you just completed Grade 1

  3. Coming from GBM this is something. Thanks GBM. Hope this is not at variance with the general feeling of the Upnd.

  4. It is lungu and kapoyongo, the most violent thugs in leadership.

    Today even the police are PF cader thugs and watch while opposition are brutalized …..in eastern province the opposition parties were banned from entering to campain by PF thugs….they escorted out of eastern province by force while the police watched…..we remember the gassing of GBM in kasama golf club and never mumba in a church for only doing a card renewal exercise, and the brutal attck on NDC supports by PF using pangas at central police or brutal violent attack and robbery of a UPND funeral procession by PF caders….who recalls the other brutal PF attacks on journalists in chipata where the pf thugs openly urinated in their mouths while they passed out ?

    • GBM is not my favorite but he is saying is very cardinal in preserving our peace. Please give credit where and when it’s deserved.

  5. Look who is talking about violence-GBM?It is simply better for some people to just keep quiet on certain issues!!ALL ZAMBIANS KNOW THAT GBM IS VIOLENCE AND VIOLENCE IS GBM!!CORRUPTION IS GBM AND GBM IS CORRUPTION,ETC!!!
    Only a fo0l or his dull wife would take GBM serious on the issue of violence-period!!!

  6. It is only Kaunda, Chiluba and Mwanawasa who could not tolerate the nonsense and barbaric behavior from party cadres. Rupiah, Sata and Edgar lamentably failed to tame their cadres

    • Chiluba and Sata injured people in Chawama. Chiluba was a thug and thief at the same time. Who killed Mr. Tembo before he were to testify?

  7. For the first time to hear GBM addresses this forum with WISDOM,age and experience matters,am sure.

    • It indicates that there is something amiss with him.
      Kind’a situation where a person starts behaving when “things” are going bad. Quite unusual.
      This GVBM, an armageddon propagandist in 2016. Who did he want to use for his discomforting act.

  8. Do as I say, not what I do, GBV seems to be telling us. But the statement was not insulting as per traditional trib.al upnd, are you upnd is intact? Or is the fat bemba being shown the door by trib.als???

  9. Do as I say, not what I do, GBV seems to be telling us. But the statement was not insulting as per traditional trib.al upnd, are you sure that upnd is intact? Or is the fat bemba being shown the door by trib.als???

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