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Sikwela instructs Zambia Tourism Agency to correct the misconception of the Victoria falls location


Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Howard Sikwela has instructed the Zambia Tourism Agency to correct the misconception that the victoria falls is located in a named country other than Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Reverend Sikwela says failure to which he will be forced to engage the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the issue.

Speaking at a media briefing to mark the Irish Festive of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, Revered Sikwela says the Victoria falls is found in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

And Rev. Sikwela says commemorating the Irish National Day in Livingstone will help clear the misconception that suggesting that Victoria falls belong to another country other than Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Rev. Sikwela has commended the Irish Government through its embassy in Zambia for choosing Livingstone to celebrate the Irish festival of Saint Patrick.

Speaking at the same event, Irish Ambassador to Zambia, Seamus O’grady says the irish festival of saint patrick is a huge opportunity for Zambia as it will help market the country’s tourism opportunities to the world.

Mr. O’grady says this is because the image of the Victoria falls will be displayed during the official launch.

He explains that the global greening initiative is designed to promote awareness of ireland while also providing a platform for host countries to highlight their own tourist offering.

And National Heritage and Conservation Commission director Collins Chipote has thanked the Irish government for choosing the Victoria Falls as one of the prime sites that will this year be bathed in green lights from march 15 to 17.


    • Even Botswana advertize Vic Fall as their country. Tourists visiting Chobe National park are being driven to Vic Falls.
      PF has no ability to market Vic Falls. Rwanda even advertizes on English premier league on the stadium electronic billboards & players jerseys’ arm-bands inscribed “Visit Rwanda”.

      If we can’t market Vic Falls, how can we operate an airline?

    • “One of seven wonders ON the world” ??Truly the all thing was typing error.
      But to us becomes an issue, thugs have no tolerance. PF shouldn’t start deporting ambassadors over that as usual.

    • Clearly a typo. They wanted to say “Southern Africa.” How can something that is in South Africa be found at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe? In fact, we should be paying them for free advertisement

    • Tourist always complain about luck of infrastructure in Livingstone and they prefer staying and spending money on the other side which is Zimbabwe and even South Africa…Everything in Zambia is controlled by cadres….If we can make Livingstone attractive to the outside world then the Tourist will know that Victoria Falls is in Zambia….way too many substandard structures in Livingstone and shantys.. PF Cadres just issue plots with no proper panning and now RSA is taking advantage and using Victoria falls for marketing

  1. That’s clearly a typo but since we have cadres and bootlickers appointed to the positions of PS and Ambassadors this is what you get…instead of worried about Boer tour operators who fly in international tourists for a few hours in Livingstone without them spending money in Zambia as they have already paid for the package in RSA you are worried about nonsense.

    • @2 Jay Jay,agreed on the issue of these tour operators and even other so called investors,who only bring “change” to Zambia from.all the forex they earn from using our resources!

    • It’s not a typo. It’s deliberate. By the way the Victoria Falls are not NEAR the Zambia Zimbabwe border. They are ON the border

    • For your own information south Africa advertise the victoria falls that its in that country. And when dull tourists who thinks Africa is one country they jump on board and go to south Africa where they re again put on another plane to Zambia. With them this doesnt matter as long as they are in africa.

    • Only dull Americans would think Victoria falls is in RSA or Mara…but you an not foool European and Chinese tourists

    • @Lukaku yeah that’s designed to perpetuate the notion that the falls are in South Africa. Near South Africa ‘s borders with Zambia and Zimbabwe

  2. How do they correct the misconception when you are scared to even name “South Africa” as the country behind this scam. You are happy to call it a “named country”

    • @Reminder Hahaha! I was also wondering why the use of “named country” when everyone can see that it’s South Africa.

    • Mwebantu it’s not south Africa. It’s a company in South Africa. It’s not like that is what the South African government says

  3. We say east Africa, West Africa and not eastern/western Africa nor east/west of africa.
    what is wrong to say we “Zambia” are located in South Africa.

    perhaps we should stick to our local language

    • @Good Fellow, there is every wrong in saying Zambia is located in South Africa because South Africa is a name of another country unlike west Africa, East Africa, etc. It is different from saying Zambia is located in Southern Africa. When talking about tourism we should also bear in mind that the Victoria falls is what puts Zambia on the map so any misconceptions surrounding it should be corrected. I personally use it to identify where Zambia is when am asked where I come from. And those who know Zambia, know it from the falls and Kaunda.

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    Typo or not, it is still an error that needs to be corrected.

    It goes on to say “…near the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe…”. Is that a typo too? How many typos could you have in one sentence? Me thinks this was deliberate.

    But I agree with @Jay Jay and others that they should be worried about bigger things like getting worked out about this… things like infrastructure and actually marketing the country and it’s resources outside Zambia. Botswana and Kenya are shyting on us when it comes to vibrant tourism sector and yet we have better natural resources and attractions than them. Something is seriously very wrong in this country.

    As usual LT writers assumes everyone knows the story and they are failing to provide the background or context of that screenshot.

  5. The writer is illiterate. I doubt it is written by a company in SA. For some time, there was a big advert near Sandton. It read/blinked: “Heaven I presume! Welcome to the Victoria Falls, Livingstone”. You can’t be clearer than that. And saying the Falls are in South Africa is NOT a misconception. It is a factual error.

  6. It does not matter, sell them mosi o tunya instead of Victoria falls. They will find out that they were cheated. Why spend sleepless nights over this!

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