From right, Mr Walubita Imakando Ambassadot To Malaysia , Mrs Winnie Chibesakunda Ambassador To China nand Mr Josephy Mwape Mukukka Projects at The Statehouse- PICTURE BY EDDIE MWANALEZA/ STATEHOUSE.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs have refuted a story circulating on social media, indicating that two Zambian students were sentenced to death by the Government of the Republic of China for suspected drug trafficking.

The online story also indicates that the Zambian government has kept this condemnation of the students as a secret from the members of the public.

This is contained in a press release issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations unit.

The statement explained that the information is misleading and a mere fabrication which must be treated with utmost contempt.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to China Winnie Chibesakunda disclosed that the mission has received a number of inquiries from both Zambia and non-Zambian nationals over the validity of the story.

Ambassador Chibesakunda said that no such report has been received by the Embassy nor recorded by the Chinese authorities in China.

She further stated that there are no Zambian students in China bearing the names indicated in the online story.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also reaffirmed the strong bonds of friendship between the Chinese and Zambian government and has assured the public that Zambian mission in China will continue to monitor the well-being of all students in China.

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    • What I really find disturbing about this government is its insatiable appetite for lies. What is there to be defensive about? Did they sponsor any student to study in China? Does it hurt for them to just be quite if at all their investigations have not yielded positive results or to promise citizens that if there is any element of truth they would do what is in their powers to solve the problem. Why do they always want to look perfect? Nobody is perfect!


  1. Hh is have a hard time. campaign messages pa the only thing left bufi. In the name of looking for votes and painting government black


  2. The story could be tru.e only if they had names. I mean wouldn’t it be good for Zambia if the population of trib.als started reducing?


  3. I’m a student in China and I can clearly say that those two students were sentenced to life in prison and not death as reported in the media. Even their school had said during an assembly that their sentence is life.




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