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Ndola Teaching Hospital conducts milestone operation on patient who could not eat or swallow saliva for the past three years

Health Ndola Teaching Hospital conducts milestone operation on patient who could not eat...

Ndola Teaching Hospital doctors operating on a patient
Ndola Teaching Hospital doctors operating on a patient

Ndola Ndola Teaching Hospital has hit another milestone after successfully performing a surgical procedure known as Transhiatal esophagectomy for the first time in Zambia.

Hospital Public Relations Officer Sheona Kamwendo said the operation was conducted on a patient who could not eat or swallow saliva for the past three years due to a complication in the food pipe which was completely closed.

Mrs Kamwendo reveled that for the past three years the patient was only able to spit the saliva as she could not swallow.

On the feeding aspect, she was able to do so using a tube that was inserted through her stomach.

Transhiatal Esophagectomy is an advanced surgery done for people with a damaged Esophagus that results in inability to swallow.

The esophagus is the organ that connects the mouth to the stomach.

“The patient who was operated on is currently still admitted but recovering very well,as of today the patient has been fed on porridge and water
Special tribute goes to the surgical team who are now able to conduct surgery that was previously being done outside Zambia,” she said.

The surgical team comprised of Dr. Joseph Musowoya – Senior Medical Superintendent, Dr Kazuma Seke Head of Department – Surgery, Dr. Patrick Musonda, Dr Bright Chirengendure, Dr. Felix Chibwe and Dr Mbangu Mumbwe –Anesthesiologist.

The Nurses on the team where Mrs Phiri, and Mr Miranda.

Ndola Teaching Hospital doctors operating on a patient
Ndola Teaching Hospital doctors operating on a patient

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    • But how come they failed to fix the ka right hand for Mushimba. Or Mushimba just insulted the Zambian doctors?

    • Look at JUNIOR shamelessly posting…you mean these are the same smart people that lazy man in State House, Bo Inonge and dull Brian can not trust with carrying out a routine medical checkup and a bruised arm

    • One thing for sure is that I can never go under knife with anesthetic bought by that crook Dr. Chifuya from his Indian Pharmaceutical friends in Delhi.

    • Milestones will make more sense when Ministers will have more confidence in our healthcare system. Kudos to the medical team

  1. Herein lies the problem, these should be routine procedures and are world over. I am glad they performed the procedure for the patient but the comments above clearly show the bar Zambians have set for themselves

    • lets just clap for first score. nothing wrong with congratulating ourselves for an achievement . we know its done elsewhere and we have also done it first time

    • Another fact you must know is that advances in technology now make it possible for such “feats” of surgery in Timbuktu

    • @My point

      There is no point in what you just said! What is wrong with celebrating an achievement you were unable to attain before as You country? Your thinking is akin to saying Zambia/Zambians should not celebrate if they won the Football World Cup because countries such as Brazil or France have won it several times before. What sense does that make?

      The fact that complicated surgical procedures of this nature we’re once unheard of Zambia, but soon will become routine should be cause for celebrations on it’s own. Now, ordinary of humble means will be able to benefit as well. Soon expensive trips to India or S/Africa will be a thing of the past.

  2. Weldone our doctors and that’s the spirit, show the world that even in Zambia we have competent doctors who can perform wonders. Once again keep it up.


  4. This is a clear indication that with good political will and monetary investments in Zambian hospitals, we can achieve wonders and don’t have to travel outside for medical treatment.

    Congrats to the Medical Team for the well done job.

  5. I have also been suffering from the same problem though mine is; falling to pronounce the word – HH. I am coming for an operation guys please wait for me….

  6. Then next week you will hear that Lazy Lungu from Chawama has gone to RSA for a routine check up and will send a further 8 days recovering!!

    • They know why they come to South Africa. The country has everything. Even if Lungu dies he can be resurrected here.

    • @Jay Jay, that habit among Zambian politicians vexes me to!

      I wish they all behaved like our Supper Ken….I have NEVER heard of KK trooping to another country for medical “whatever”. That’s a patriot right there. Someone who believes in the abilities of the doctors trained in institutions he built and practicing their trade locally.

  7. Ati for the first time in Zambia , this is happening under the ever working pf government, that has been buying equipments in various hospitals good job,To our doctors job well done and to the people of Zambia please close your eyes and ears to ba under5 they have nothing to offer hence anything that is positive done by government ,the de.monic upnd always want to shoot down.

  8. #1.2 Jay Gay Trib.al, Brian Mushimba paid for his own evacuation and treatment. Your trib.al thinking is getting worse my dear trib.al, so many ignorant posts even when cirrect information is there for you. Ask trib.al Hacks to evacuate you and treat that cancer.

  9. Mr. P. SINHA, FRCS; former Consultant Surgeon, ZCCM Nkana / Wusakily hospitals, had performed three successful transhiatal oesophagectomies during the 1990’s. Mr. Sinha had worked as Consultant Surgeon at University Teaching Hospital during the 1980’s.

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