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Zambia awarded International Star Award for Leadership


ZAMBIA has been awarded the International Star for Leadership Award in the Gold Category at a prestigious event held in Paris, France.

The International Star for Leadership Award was bestowed on Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company for outstanding achievements, perseverance and Leadership in Excellence and quality in accordance with the World Quality Commitment criteria.

The World Quality Commitment Award recognizes and promotes companies, organisations and institutions that understand the dedication, continuous improvement, innovation and relentless pursuit of productivity that leads to excellence.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Bishop Dr. Edward Chomba, representing the Government, Zambia’s Ambassador to France, Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata, Board Chairperson, Engineer Yamfwa Mukanga and his delegation from Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company received the Award on behalf of the water utility company.

And Bishop Dr. Chomba said it was most gratifying for Zambia to be recognised through Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company in the Gold Category at International level.

Dr. Chomba said Government was making strides in fulling strategic goals such as sustainable development goal number six (SDG-6) which targets ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

The Permanent Secretary noted therefore that his Ministry, working in collaboration with the Ministry of Heath had since achieved what they were calling Zero occurrence of cholera.

“We are working towards ensuring that our people have access to clean water and sanitation as it is their basic human right. This is in line with the Seventh National Development Plan for Zambia which His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been championing through the make Zambia clean, green and healthy campaign,” Dr. Chomba said.

Furthermore, Dr. Chomba noted that his sector was also working towards implementing the Agenda 2030 so as to ensure that all households had access to tap water around that period.

Earlier, Zambia’s Ambassador to France, Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata reiterated that the International Star for Leadership Award was a clear indication that Government’s efforts in not only improving the country’s business environment but also quality and productivity was being recognised and thus attracting the international community’s attention.

“This achievement goes a long way to speak about the great strides for Zambia and in particular Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company,” Ambassador Kaseba-Sata added.

And Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company Board Chairperson Engineer Yamfwa Mukanga thanked the organisers of the World Quality Commitment Award Convention, Paris 2019, BID Group One and Business Initiative Directions (BID) for recognising Zambia.

“We are truly thankful for this Award because we never expected to win but because of our operations and the support from the Government of Zambia our work has being recognised internationally.” said Engineer Mukanga.

And Engineer Athanasius Mwaba, Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director hailed the employees and customers who he said had contributed so much in getting the company where it was.

“Having been given this award in the Gold category which falls within our slogan, that of providing good service with commitment and efficiency, coupled with the levels in which this award has been given is being correlated to innovation which we have strived to achieve with exemplary leadership,”Engineer Athanasius Mwaba added.

Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company (KWSC) is one of the 11 water and sewerage utility companies in Zambia whose operations commenced in the year 2000 as a result of Water Sector Reform Programme (WSRP) embarked on by the Government of Zambia.

The Establishment of these commercial utilities is to provide water and sewerage services in all urban areas of Zambia and was pronounced in the National Water Policy (NWP) document of 1994 in accordance with the Water Supply and Sanitation Act Number 28 of 1997.

Issued by:

Yande Musonda (Ms.)
First Secretary – PRESS


  1. What Kafubu water and sewage?? That’s the company which is supplying black water to people, this is shocking, only PF can do this

    • I would have proposed Lusaka Water but the company gave us water full of shi.t. I am still purging blood and they have hot away with it.

    • Ba Mwaba my brother. I know your dedication to water quality. The way you have run Kafubu water is simply amazing. I applaud you for this great achivement. You and your team in Luanshya are simply the best….KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

    • It’s sad how we shoot at ourselves. Instead of being happy that we have been recognized for something as a nation, alas here we are, doing what we fo best…PHD….pull him/her down ????

    • My company Inter Agencies (Pty) Ltd, was the first Swazi based Zambian company to win the prestigious Gold category Award in quality and efficiency in October 2003. The ceremony took place in Geneva, Switzerland.

  2. All the new resdential areas in Ndola have no running water and there is not even e sign that pipes will be installed any time this early. What is this Kafubu water really being commended for? These awards are insults to the residents of the areas where Kafubu water should be giving services. The guys are doing nothing.

  3. If you google the organization that gave this award, it probably is a farce, find out how long it has been in existence, maybe less than 6 months.. We should be careful what we read and believe.

  4. I hope this is not the water company that covers the city of Ndola. ..The water company that covers Ndola falls well below expectations when it comes to service delivery. I wonder what boxes the judges were ticking.
    What is this award anyway? What is it worth with an entire delegation like that to receive it.?

  5. Maybe the question should be; which other countries were being looked at for them to have arrived at a Zambian utility company whose performance going by the comments leaves much to be desired?

    Or was it just companies specifically from Zambia that were in the running. If so, it makes a bit of sense

  6. The only company that deserves this award is the one supplying us with water in Meanwood Kwamwena valley where we have supply for 3 months now non-stop,24/7.That’s what you call ‘excellent water supply’

  7. These are meaningless awards,the organizers of these events are not even affiliated to any professional body.They just play on peoples minds and excite them for nothing.They send notifications of awards to people who have not participated in any competition of any nature.Unsuspecting people get exited at the prospect of traveling abroad e.g to London or Paris to receive this prestigious award.
    The condition is that you pay some money in order to be able to receive the award,they make you foot your own air ticket and accommodation.The only thing they pay for is your meals at the hotel.Then you receive your award were you meet a lot of happy people all smiling and shaking hands.But the awards add no value to your business and they have no recognition any were.

  8. How I wish Lusaka times would reprint the last comment by kwindi, it is very true. I myself was once offered an award I had not earned during my university years

  9. Kafubu Water ranks 8 of the 11 water companies in Zambia. Where was Southern, Nkana, Mulonga, Eastern Water and Sewerage Companies which have always been amoung the best 4 in Zambia according to NWASCO assessment??

    This award is not related to quality of service delivery.

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