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Farmers Union shocked by Foot and Mouth Disease in Monze, Pemba and surrounding areas

EconomyFarmers Union shocked by Foot and Mouth Disease in Monze, Pemba and...
Jervis Zimba
Jervis Zimba

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union says it has received reports of Foot and Mouth Disease in Monze, Pemba and surrounding areas with shock.

This is because the development comes barely a few weeks after the outbreak of FMD in Chisamba east; which was effectively contained.

ZNFU President Jarvis Zimba says the Union feels there are some elements that have been negligent in the handling of animals and have casually ignored biosecurity measures when moving animals as stipulated by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock’s Veterinary Department, resulting into the importation of FMD.

“We need not emphasise the risk that these perpetrators are putting our country’s animal population at, and more, the image that this portrays to countries that have been courting Zambia to export animals to, and the losses in monetary terms that come with the FMD”, he lamented.

Mr. Zimba said the Union shall not sit idly by and allow a few selfish and negligent elements and peddlers of FMD to bring down expensive positive strides farmers have made over the years to improve local breeds and grow their livestock sector.

He has since called on the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock to conduct a thorough forensic investigation into the matter, trace the perpetrators and bring them to book.

“As farmers we all have to be responsible for every action that we take. And as ZNFU, we shall pursue this matter to its conclusion, together with the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock and other Government authorities”, Mr. Zimba said.

He has however applauded Government for moving swiftly to acquire the vaccines, treatment and vaccination of animals in Monze, Pemba and the surrounding areas.

Mr. Zimba has also thanked the District Taskforce for the tireless job done over the past two weeks saying the ZNFU will continue to collaborate and work closely with Government to ensure real growth is achieved in agriculture.


  1. This is when he is making this hollow statement when the outbreak of FMD has been there for a month now. Which farmers are you representing?

  2. He is operating in reverse! Sadly for Southern Province, there is looming famine and hunger due to poor rains this season and consequently crop failure. Now coupled with that, there is this life threatening disease in the same area. Its time the people of Southern Province started accepting National events like National prayers and stop thinking HH is there small god. The Bible tells us that “You shall not worship any other god but God Almighty, the Father of Jesus Christ alone! So bane, turn away from idol worshiping and repent. Everywhere were God is at the centre of their lives, the abundance of life is booming except Southern Province. Please turn from wrong doing and seek God’s mercy. HH wont feed you, we can bet.

    • This HH phobia PF is demonstrating will actually work against them,i hope this blogger is not paid for decampaining PF….

  3. Maybe the PF were giving HH chance to act since he said he is the president of Southern province. Just an opinion, am not a supporter of any of the two most useless parties (PF & UPND)

  4. Shortsightedness and politicization of economic sectors affects progress! Personal wealth has no interest in politicians wars and government must provide services irrespective of party interests. The losses are never discerning!

  5. I enjoy my weekend T-bone roast.
    Can not risk RISE in COST of BEEF.

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