RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga

The Road Transport and Safety Agency has refuted media reports suggesting that government has made adjustments to fees and fines payable to many Government ministries and parastatals, including fees and fines relating to traffic fines.

RTSA Head of Media Relations Fredrick Mubanga said contrary to information circulating on social media suggesting that government recently issued a new revised schedule for traffic offences, government has recently not made any adjustments to traffic fines.

Mr. Mubanga said all traffic fines and fees which are currently inforce are based on Statutory Instrument Number 41 of 2015.

He has implored the general public to contact RTSA National Call Centre on the Toll Free line 983 for clarifications.

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  1. The govt of eecl should allow RTSA to make any upward adjustments when it comes to fees. It is in the public domain that its CEO, Zindaba Soko is an enemy to the govt of our beloved and dear president, eecl.
    Therefore, we recommend the govt to dismiss him from that position.


  2. Fees are not increased but im sure its in the pipeline. No smoke without fire. Maybe just waiting for parliament approval.


  3. Tiye…..tiye….tiyenayoo…..sonta..pooo.

    You will pay untill you learn dunnuna reverse in stright lines….


  4. Another failed institution that must be disbanded together with water utilities. The only success Zindaba Soko has scored is being vulgar, Zindaba can really insult. Motor vehicle licensing must revert to Local Authorities. RTSA has failed, just look at the endless queues, Zindaba has no plans to improve the Agency



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