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There will be chaos in Zambia after 2021 election-Archbishop Mpundu


Telesphore Mpundu
Telesphore Mpundu

Former Lusaka Diocese Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu has warned that there will be chaos in Zambia after the 2021 general elections following the failure of the national dialogue process.

Archbishop Mpundu said that the next election will be characterized by violence due to the failure by politicians to agree to dialogue.

“The next election will be preceded by violence and during elections there will be violence and after the elections there will be chaos in this country,” Archbishop Mpundu warned.

Archbishop Mpundu was speaking on Tuesday when he featured on Frank on Hot radio programme hosted by veteran broadcaster Frank Mutubila on Hot FM.
And Archbishop Mpundu said he does not understand why the ruling party became uncomfortable with the Church led dialogue process when it was President Edgar Lungu himself who requested for the Church to initiate the dialogue process.

“I feel honoured that I am counted as one of those who are the initiators of these but I wasn’t. I think the dialogue was a felt need probably in the ruling party, I say so because the one who asked for the mediation in the dialogue was the President himself, President Edgar Lungu and it was on the occasion of the ordination of the Bishop of Mpika and on the 12th of March 2016 and that was in the view of having peaceful campaigns in the run up to the August 2016 general elections,” Archbishop Mpundu recollected.

He added,” So he said it very clearly to the ZCCB, please, put us together as political players so that we can come to the national dialogue so that we can agree to act as civilized people in the way we do politics. I wasn’t there myself because I had a legitimate reason not to be there but I was in the Chair of the Bishops Conference so when they came back and they told me, I said, look, we have always worked hand in hand with other Churches and so we can’t go it alone, it is not right and always two heads are better than one and here there are three heads which is excellent. So we reached out to the Church Mother Bodies that this is the task which has been given to us, are you coming on board and they said we are very pleased and that is what is what we did.”

Archbishop Mpundu revealed that the first dialogue meeting was later held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka.
“And through this interaction, we went through the first meeting at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and there, representatives of political parties came and we agreed on nine resolutions that can guide our conduct as we went about campaigning and throughout the election period. Those nine resolutions, quite a number of them were very quickly destroyed, quite unfortunately, the people who were in the lead in destroying those were people in the ruling party.”

Archbishop Mpundu who has since retired said the situation degenerated and needed to be rescued.

“What happened that as you know is history but it was our intention that we should not give up, so we regrouped after the aftermath of the arrest and incarceration of HH in the maximum security prison without any charge or any investigations. So we demanded that for dialogue to take place, there is no way we could have dialogue when a key player is incarcerated and there was this high treason charge which was hanging around him,” he stated.

“So we continued and in the end the Commonwealth came in, the Commonwealth came in because of the intransigence of our politicians, if they had listened to us Church Mother bodies, we wouldn’t have needed Baroness Scotland to come together with Professor Gambari, they would have come but we went not prepared to talk to one another,” he said.

Archbishop Mpundu charged that the riling PF was the one behind the failure to record progress in the dialogue process.

“Most of the times, it’s the political party in power that should reach out to the weaker ones but this was not coming forth. So after they came and that man was released, we wanted to continue this and they had to help us to own the process but already very hard lines were being adopted and one of the major players is the political party in power and they told us that they want those to facilitate the process to come from the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue, this was the decision of the political party in power,” he charged.

“The opposition political parties made it very clear that they wouldn’t feel secure if the ZCID took up the facilitation role, they wanted the Church to do that and this has not been accepted and we had a lot of things and articles coming up in the media. We didn’t ask to do this, we were asked by the President and this is what happened in 1990 and that is why they asked the Church had to come in,” he said.


  1. You are not God. You have just failed to honour what you promised Double H in exchange with blood money you got. God will protect the nation in the name of Jesus

    • The majority of Zambians don’t have the fire to light up chaos, we are scared, humble, patient and dull/ lazy.

    • No wonder there’s so much violence in the world now because of these same useless religious leaders…misleading people every day and dividing people every day…..shame on you the so called archbishop

    • The writing is on the war and thanks Bishop Mpundu for your boldness. How can a Christian country refuse a Church led dialogue?

    • The churches have now lost direction and we have evil men masquerading as men of God and this useless Archibishop Mpundu is one of them…just from reading about the sexual abuse of young boys at the Vatican….Archibishop Mpundu is a loser

    • This is the reason I stopped going to church. Imagine having such a man standing in front of the congregation to preach the gospel yet his thoughts are contaminated with evil.

    • No wonder Wynter Kabimba said we don’t need churches in order to have a dialogue…churches have their own silly and hidden agendas

    • Telesphore Mpundu, you are not even a bishop, dialogue should start in the catholic church itself to allow fathers to marry not just eating offering and tithe from the congregation. Some of us are living and working deep in double H territory and comments like these coming from someone who claims to be a man of god, note the small g, maybe a man of gold are not productive

    • Former Bishop Mpundu, please sit down … you’re supposed to proclaim good tidings and at the very least PRAY that men live together in harmony.

      Please sit down … God’s hand is on this special breed of Africans called Zambians. No prophecy of doom shall prevail on this Christian nation.

      The smart people of the Zambians Enterprise deserve better tidings not personal vendetta messages because your will didn’t come through.

      Sit down, please and too many sexual predators in your church.

      May God have mercy on your soul.

    • We should pray this never happens, a civil war can start very easily but it’s very hard to stop. It took Charles Taylor only 100 men in 1989 to start that terrible civil that eventually engulfed Sierra Leone and also affected Ivory Coast. Let’s never play with fire. Any gangs be they copper jerabos, market and bus station gangs must be completely disbanded because these are often the source of unruly youths who are used to commit terrible acts of violence against political opponents leading to escalation that can be disastrous. We say no to violence because political violence can lead to conflict and war which is a real nightmare that you can never imagine.

    • Ala shi Mpundu,

      You have lost it too early. Such mindless rhetoric is a consequence of being a signed up partisan cadre. Sadly you have resorted to venting opinionated nonsense. The sooner you realized that you have been overselling your worthlessness, the better. Kindly stop blaming Chagwa when yourselves sabotaged the dialogue process. You have lamentably failed to deliver the Presidency as assigned. Tough luck.


    • Look at the PF rats above condemning the man from the church because he had stated categorically that the onus is on the party in power…….if PF want peacfull elections they have the power to order this but fear of jail for their corruption makes them use violence and oppression to stay in power.

      Lungu and pf have spent more $ that any other party or president in history of zambia and of they were were comfortable at being popular and democratically elected , there is no need for them to use violence ….

    • This Priest is nothing but creating trouble!!!
      We don’t need a National Dialogue. For what?
      Let Parliamentarians discuss all national issues in Parley. There is nothing in his statement apart from this priest wanting to say in 2021 that: I TOLD YOU. !!!!
      He is the man of God and must be in the front door calming down tempers in the nation. Yet, he is adding fuel to an almost dead fire.
      On what grounds is he basing his predictions. Zambia is NOT A FAILED STATE.
      The political hot season is over and HH knows he lost. It was HH who went to Southern Province preaching that he was the designated president fooling his unlearned follows.
      Most smart and intelligent UPND supporters know very that HH has failed to cross the Bridge. He has failed to live up to his expectations. He has tried…

    • Whether we like it or not, the Archbishop has just spelt the truth. The current tension in the political arena if left unattended to will result into something very bad. This is very logical and could be seen any any reasonable zambian. We need dialogue, we have to be civilised in our way of doing politics otherwise 2021 will be a disaster. It does not a prophet to see that it just need intellegence which am afraid lacks in many zambians at least as potrayed in the arguments presented against what the Bishop said.

      The rule of the Thunb is ‘the greatest responsibility is placed in the hands of one with the greatest power’. Its clear that every where in the world where people think right, dialogue is initiated by those in leadership. we all dont want to see violence so lets reconcile…

    • @B R Mumba, Sr. Sir does a person of your calibre need to stoop so low as to argue clearly Ad hominem as you have. Could we leave religion out of this? At least we could argue politics and that is understood to be the dividing line for many zambia who choose to be but Religion no please. Its not like its a very big deal not to but a person of your calibre and Zambia an acclaimed Christian nation. I believe no body is protesting at the moment, so we dont have protestants, we just are all Christians i believe. God bless you.

    • @ck … at this stage the diametrical holds true. The former Bishop would serve the church/nation better by help his clergy deal with violent sexual crimes against minors than prophecy violent political doom like he’s God Almighty who knows the future of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      Therein lies my argument basa and I rest my case.

      Heaven help us all …

    • Why can’t people stick to the topic under discussion?
      Why do people have to drag in non-related subjects to “bolster” their arguments?
      Why all those comments full of innuendos, straigh-forward insults and outright hatred?

      Of course, all the above is so much easier than to actually THINK about what has been written, and only after that comment, sticking to the topic.

      Sad, and really not a compliment to so many ‘contributors’.


      KK once yapped there would be chaos in this sweetland.
      May God strike dead proponents of violence.
      No thanks Zambia will remain peaceful and calm.
      There will be peace in Zambia and pieces in the camps of disgraced, disgruntled hallucinating and delusional Zambians.
      The bishop has fallen short of glory and sanity. May God restore his sanity.

    • I have personally lost all the little respect I had for this Bishop Mpundu Emeritus. All the language he is using here is in support of HH and I do not know why? He claims Lungu is the one who didn’t want to talk to the opposition when in fact it was HH who openly refused to recognize a democratically elected president??? THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LOSERS AND WINNERS IN EVERY ELECTION.
      HH has continued to undermine the ruling president and Mpundu is now spearheading war in Zambia. I am now left to wonder whether there is some relationship in the family line between Mpundu and Mushala.
      If Mpundu continues at this rate SANE people will forget that he was a Bishop and cage him for treason – HE IS PROCLAIMING WAR IN ZAMBIA. IT IS HIS WORDS AND HIS FOLLOWING THAT WILL LEAD PEOPLE TO RIOT AND…

      We have seen what war has done in Congo – it is a sorry sight.

  2. We know this ka party of kaponya’s and drunks who pee themselves when drunk on tax payers money would love to see a lot of innocent people killed, it’s a way of life for these uneducated dander heads, already channelling money meant for salaries to buy panga’s we know your thinking very shallow….. 0 IQ pompwe’s

  3. A very useless priest mpundu. No wonder they demoted u to a mere priest. Why threatening people? Are u part of that war arrangement group? This man should be arrested so that he shares more on his anticipated war in Zambia. He should help the police or go to jail for that declaration.
    This is anti catholic!

    U are a share to the bemba kingdom. I wish you were Tonga. Maybe your father was.

  4. But this chap is a full and unpatriotic. I once head his cermon in church at marry immaculate and he spoke against the government like his try to influence people against the PF. His a sale out.

      Not the sharpest tools in the toolbox, but make the loudest noise in colloquial broken English, a result of corrupt examination leakages.
      P.F cadre’s don’t have the ability to see past their noses.
      Give a P.F cadre a Kwacha, & he will happily endorse you to go ahead & mercilessly brutalise own his sister. For another corrupt Kwacha – (Dolido), the P.F cadre will give a national award to the thugs who brutalised his sister.
      Remember violent toxic criminal Kalobo?

  5. This language of chaos in 2021, I refuse it in Jesus name! Mr.Mpundu may the Lord prove you wrong in 2021and may God make you swallow your words.You sound like a man of war and not of peace.

  6. I really hope that the bishop is entirely worng, chaos are not the method of solving issues and there is a lot of room to prepare and avoid the perceived chaos. I hope the bishop and his cohorts are preparing to avoid the chaos and educating their followers about the dangers of chaos. The outcome of chaos are never known and if a country has better way to reoslve issues, it is wise to pursue that course and better be called cowards, docile etc. Mwebantu please you should be watching what chaos have done to other countries, the people who usually perpetuate such have the means and ways of not being affected by chaos.

  7. When a human being predicts and preaches chaos. Know that he is the messenger of the devil. Mpundu and satan OUT!!!

  8. Bishop TM has a bone to chew with Edgar Lungu. And it’s because of people like the former bishop that the so called dialogue has connotations. The man is full of hate. How can a man of God wish for chaos. Don’t forget Rwanda.

  9. This bishop is contaminated and not worth talking about zambia’s political affairs. You are retired and tired, so just keep quite while we rule over you. We don’t need the church for dialogue and dialogue itself is not even a must. The chaos you are prophesying will not be there you prophet of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

  10. What Mr Mpundu means is that if HH does not win 2021, war will break out. But the God we worship is greater than Mr Mpundu.

  11. which bishop is this kikikiki, when you fail in ministry and fail on the pulpet , you want to cause alarm……wanya mune….change your career

  12. At ground breaking ceremony for a Catholic shopping center, the bishop instead of sticking to the purpose of the gathering suddenly started shouting I KNOW THAT THE PF GOONS ARE PLANNING TO KILL ME BUT I’M READY TO DIE. Everyone was shocked.

  13. God is in control.Trouble comes when people think that they have been destined to rule.selfishness and corrupting others to gain support.Politics is a dirty game.It is win or lose.Zambians will vote peacefully.There are only two violent provinces and you know them.You can create jobs for Zambias, create wealth and live happily.You don’t need to be a politician.Followers might pressure you to go to plot one,tell them if God affirms,you will be there.If he says no, someone else will be there.Anyone can contribute,but not everyone can be a president.

  14. Never!!There will be no chaos in Zambia after 2021 general electionsa.Mpundu is not God to predict what will happen in the future.This man is HH’s cadre.Just give back Kainde the money he gave you.We are not interested in the useless dialogue with losers!!We have enjoyed peace since 1964 and Zambia will remain peaceful even the future.Why should we fight or kill each other for the sake of a politician?Never!!!All we know is HH,Kambwili,Edgar Lungu,etc will go while Zambia shall remain until Jesus Christ returns back.We have had several politicians before,many have died,retired but our peace has remained,so who is HH to cause chaos in Zambia?You can go to hell Mpundu with your Kainde!!IN GOD WE TRUST!!

  15. If all these comments are being written by Zambian citizens and not Sunday chanda and his propaganda team then Zambia is a lost cause kaleza che!, they are full of hate and unreasonable minds

    • Are you supporting violence advocated by the Bishop Emeritus? To me you’re a senseless cadre if you are happy with the prediction. All these comments can only come from people who want peace and expect the Bishop to pray for peace not predicting war.

  16. When his brother-in-law MCS was in charge Telesphore Mpundu never uttered anything against Govt. There’s more chaos in the Catholic Church as Fathers have broken their celibate vows, tabamona skirt. The Catholic Church almost caused chaos in DRC. We won’t allow them to do that here. They’re not the only church. We say NO to doomsayers

    • From what I hear his sister and her children have stopped receiving assistance since the demise of the great man. The Bishop blames Dr Kaseba and Dr Kaseba is working with Edgar Lungu. That is the connection.

  17. It’s very sad to read an article and not follow what it’s saying,it’s a fundamental right for anyone to hold an opinion but not to say what history says.The Archibishop presents the issue as was,why can’t we present what say it wasn’t so? Zambian political violence is easy to stop.Mwanawasa did,under RB resurfaced and under PF escalated with loss of lives!!!
    The President has several security agencies that can stop political violence, police, paramilitary police, mobile police,Zambia State Intelligence,and as a last resort Zambia Army,why is it no firm action has been taken other than vague condemnation? With all State Security Agencies,are you telling us that the instigators are unknown?

    • Which violence did Mwanawasa stop? Stop playing games. You are talking like this because you have never seen war. The church was able to handle the situation in 1990 because at that time we had impartial bishops like Dennis DE Jong (mhrip). Bishop Mpundu has differed before with fellow bishops and as far I know he’s the first Bishop in Zambia whom Catholic Christians have called for his removal. Ask yourself why what I have said should be happening to him.

  18. Comment:And he calls himself a bishop with such careless utterances? you fight your demons, Zambians won’t fight. This old man is truly not ok

  19. The CHURCH is better placed to mediate between political players. The ARCHBISHOP is very correct. Things are NOT moving well in our nation. DIALOGUE is the best channel to resolve issues. When Dialogue fails CHOAS and BLOOD SHED is the way undemocratic govts USE to silence grievances.


    • Tell us what they are going to talk about. I bet they ask Edgar to let Hakahind Hichilema to win the 2021 for the sake of peace? What else is there to discuss. I miss our father KK. He would have put these vermin where they belong.

  20. Ok. particularly diappointing Coming from the bishop. He is stalking fear to push for an unnecessary hyped up dialogue that has deteriorated into political gimmicking. Their is no sincerity that is why the process has failed. We need to have in place a programme where poloticalmparties meet to confer with each other. All parties should be welcome. Their should be no quoram requirement. Chairmanship can rotate among them. Only 8bjective issues should be discussed without politicking. The agenda should be positive contributions to national development.

  21. I was reading Teresfor Mpundu’s story until I came to where he came to the issue of the arrest of HH. He is too biased for me to continue reading. So the disgraced bishop never saw how HH deliberately blocked the Presidential Motorcade? In any case why is this guy opening up closed issues of the arrest of HH. what has this guy got from HH through GBM? I***t

  22. My humble advice to this honourable gentleman calling himself a bishop, if you have nothing useful to say, it is better to keep quiet. There is more honour in that. E po mpelele.

  23. There cannot be chaos in Zambia not that we are special but the hand of God is on this nation. We can differ in politics and other ideologies but, as Zambians, we love each other. The perceived difference is with politicians not us common people. I say the hand of God is on Zambia looking at how Cyclone Idai has caused havoc to our neighbours. We need to thank God that His hand is on us. We are not all that special from our neighbours. What will create chaos in our nation are useless pronouncements from leaders who do not have peace in their hearts. We need to preach peace upon this nation. I expect the Arch bishop to speak words of peace because he represents God. It is pointless to expect citizens to start killing each other over political issues.

  24. Imwe na imwe ba cadre why do you think with your political party instead of thinking with your head? The Bishop isn’t wishing for war, he has outlined a failed process which he alleges or attributes to having been requested for by His Excellency the president. He says the seemingly well intentioned process has now failed, he then mentions the well known fact that the Ruling Party’s seat at the dialogue table has always been vacant each time meetings were called!! Now where resolutions (so called 9 resolutions) for holding a peaceful election have been trashed, isn’t it common sense that the chances of the so called peaceful, free and fair election is now at risk???? Read these articles more than once and read with a keen and open mind, aikona reading what you feel is between the lines.

    • P.F, Cadres can’t see beyond their noses!
      To them like chi J.K (Dununa) cadre confessed, “we don’t care if the leader is a useless corrupt kawalala” as long as he gives us huge funds from the treasury, we shall support him /her.
      P.F cadre J.K says he was even willing to work with & support H.H, BUT in J.K’s own corrupt visionless words, “H.H, ni wakaso, ta bosha”, as J.K knows H.H, will not take funds meant for Zambia’s development, & offload these funds to violent uncouth thugs, who brutalise citizens holding opposing views to the useless sinking P.F.
      With most Zambian’s having this rotten kind of mindset, controlled by greed & the belly, they will continue to vote in Visionless parasites, who sole aim is to “Chitotelarise” the treasury @ the expense of Development, &…

    • And you can’t see beyond your nose because you don’t have nose and therefore you can’t smell any trouble.

  25. Those who think that they will cause Violence when their Ambition & desire to ascend to power fails after future Elections should Shudder & reflect.
    They shall be met with sufficient Force & shall surely smell gun powder.
    This Country has sufficient State Prisons & Penitentiaries to accommodate Law breakers.
    Mr Tresphore Mpundu, thre shall be patriotism & self discipline in this Country.

    You are welcome.

  26. You bring to life what you speaketh and this Bishop has his own ulterior motive. We have never had any peaceful dialogue preparing for an election and yet we have had pretty much peaceful elections including the one transitioning from One Party Rule to Multiparty. Stop raising fears in the nation and come 2021 the elections will come and go peacefully. Amen

  27. oh mother zambia! If we judge ourselves by the comments we have issued here attacking the person and his relious identity without whatsoever discossing the issues raised, then we dont even qualify for a dialogue becasue that happens in a place where people can sit and discuss. A sad read indeed makes a comment forum. How can our universities stand at par with others if all our arguments are but ‘ad-hominem.’ We just had elections in Sesheke, very violent, we are awaiting two by elections already peoples tempers are high.

    I just feel sorry for zambia, and i cant argue much becasue this platforms seems appropriet for right thinkers.

  28. I think it’s time to join the Jehovah’s Witnesses now, These id!ots from other Congregations are taking us for granted. Ba Chitawala please welcome me as your new member who was lost in the name of salvation by these Congregations of Hypocrites. But I will be exercising my right to vote, no one can stop me from exercising my rights.

  29. Ati ley player in the dialogue process was incarcerated, talking without thinking. Zambians now know that this whole dialogue thing was meant to advantage only one chap, the bitter man HH. Please iwe fake bishop, be informed that Zambians are more cleverer than a paid up and compromised chaps like you. HH will NEVER form government under our soil. Take it or leave it.

  30. Matthew 16

    23 But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are [a]an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

    It’s rare these days to hear Men of Hod speak about things related to God and the Gospel. Just politics and self ambition. Satan has infiltrated the Church.

    We condemn this mans words, they shall not stand but fall down and die.

  31. Be wary of these fake bishops dressed in white robes like Jesus but their hearts are full of greedy and falsehoods. Such, turn away from them because they do not mean well for the country. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is one of the principal reasons why the so called dialogue cannot take place in Zambia. There is so much presence and evil schemes among the so called “ Men or women of God” their actions and words are there for everyone to see and hear. Shame those using the name of God in vain. Makakandwa ba Satana.

  32. Only a foolish Zambian would want to sacrifice his/her life fully knowing the end result of all human beings is death. So why invite Mr. Death when he will visit you at some point in your life. I would rather wait for Mr. Death than make myself available to him/her through invited violence

  33. Really? Sounds like you’re privy to some underhand activities! I urge the police to interview this man seriously and get to the bottom of it. Threatening sounds are very easy to note and this is one such!

  34. Ba Mpundu, the call by the President to have the church be involved in bringing all parties was OK. But were the church starts becoming political is another thing and the danger is objectivity was compromised. Problems mwakwata just because you are bishops, pastor what ever you is always right. No sir. This is not 1964!!!! We have eyes, and ears and brains. We know what is happening in thus country. The current team of church reps is far from being real. No wonder Bishop Sichilima resigned.

  35. I agree with Bishop Mpundu on everything that he has said. In conflict resolution you need all players involved in some of the key issues that divides them. Note that the main issue is serving the country from going on fire. As you may know, when fire starts everyone will get caught up in it. Even if it takes years to fight, however, at some point, the divided groups will come together and negotiate, in the meantime, the country will have been divided even further. Lets not play politics, Bishop wants the country to remain United and for me that is the key. Countries that have been through civil wars, have lost everything, and usually, women and children are the one who suffer the most. Country men, dialogue is the key, wars are bad, I have been there and I know what I am talking about…

    • Galatians 5:22-23 King James Version (KJV)
      22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

      23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
      Psalms 11:5 – The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.

      Matthew 26:52-54 – Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. (Read More…)

      Isaiah 60:18 – Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.

      Matthew 5:38-39 – Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: (Read More…)

      Proverbs 3:31 – Envy thou not the…

  36. Romans 13:4 – For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain.
    Proverbs 3:29
    29 Do not plot harm against your neighbor, who lives trustfully near you.
    Proverbs 3:31
    31 Do not envy the violent or choose any of their ways.
    Psalm 11:5
    5 The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion.

  37. I can see from the stupid comments against the Archbishop, but bamakaka,whether u like it or not,that’s the fact and u are the ones going to be used to cause violence after being kicked out of power,but muzakashula coz the police are going to fix u like how they fixed yo thugs from intercity…

  38. Useless bishop, demoted bishop. So you think when your crook of privatization loses in 2021 there will be war. Where? Dundumwezi? HH is tribal leader and he will never rule Zambia. A Tonga should not rule Zambia because there will be war. They are too.tribal. Chiluba saved Zambia in 2001 from tribal Mazoka, after Zambians made a mistake. Just the half a day Mazoka thought he had won, anybody who could not speak Tonga in Mazoka’s camp was kicked out. You talk to a Tonga in English hes answering you in Tonga. And they openly told other tribals that “we are now in power, you.will be sorted out!” Please Zambians dont repeat mistake of 2001.

  39. Although the headline is scary , the message inside is very good to those who think. The Catholic Church has always stood with the poor people , therefore , from the comments herein , those who think of the poor and the weak are with the Archbishop whilst those who support the ruling elite are with the Government of Chagwa. Some of us we voted for Chagwa in both elections , probably because there was no alternative but the Man is a disappointment such that only those who love ‘kudyamo’ will see anything good in him. Power corrupts , and it has indeed corrupted our so-called humble President and his supporters. As for me and my family , 2021 will be time to cast our vote on someone else , even if it means wasting that vote!. At present , Mr Lungu is extremely powerful , he cant be…

  40. The trouble with these kinds of rants even from people who should not sink below Judas is that they reek hollow and suspicious.

    So people retreat to the safety of their families, extended families and ultimately to their tribes. In 2021, we shall see what the founding fathers of this country did not want to see. It will be a landslide in favour of the winner since even in urban areas, voting will be along ethnic identities because of the tension such rants will create. Talk of reaping the whirlwind. Time for earnest selfless politics and preaching should start yesterday.

  41. What type is kind of bishop sees only violence 3 years before election day. This 2019, yet Bishop Mpundu says there will be massive blood shade. Yes there will be blood shade in Zambia if the Catholic Bishops are allowed to get involved in active politics.
    Dear Zambians let us not forget that in Rwanda it was the catholics, in the republic of Ireland it was the catholics, in congo Dr it was the catholics who were habouring those that were killing others, the catholic church has been involved in genocide activity since time immemorial. The bishop is not God, the catholic bishops are not holier than other preachers.
    They are good at abusing young children, even in Zambia we should do an investigation, I will not be surprised to find the Bishop Mpundu has five children which he fathered…

  42. Bishop whatever is not right, he has five children with women he abused in the catholic church, let him deny this. Those who claim to be preachers of the word of God, should preach peace not war. We know that Bishop Mpundu has alot of hatred for the PF government

  43. Archbishop Mpundu, a revelation from God does not contain messages that divide people. It could be that you need to get in touch with God for real inspiration.

    The talks failed because of the quarrelsomeness, self serving nature of Opposition leaders in Zambia. The favour of God is on PF, where President Lungu’s character and nature is pleasing to God. He knows his heart even though others may indulge in wrongfulness in public office.
    The future for Zambia is bright if we eshue violence, hatred, corruption. The rest is up to us; to clean our environment and live clean wholesome lives respectful of the importance of family love. Peace wealth will surely follow us all days of our lives.

  44. Jeremiah 1:8 says “Dot be afraid of them for I am with you”. So as a man of God, you have done well to let us know who is playing what role in the dialogue process. Thank you for the bold and truthful statement “that the ruling PF was the one behind the failure to record progress in the dialogue process.”
    They need to hear such truths about themselves. Maybe they will be forced to reflect on the reality of who they really are. You are being condemned for the statement but remain a person of good cheer. Not everyone will interpret a given statement in the same way. There will always be reactionaries whose sensibilities are injured because they want the status quo to remain the same despite their presences to the contrary.

  45. The last sentence in the above post should read: “There will always be reactionaries whose sensibilities are injured because they want the status quo to remain the same despite their PRETENSES to the contrary”.

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