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Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya Brenda Muntemba dies


FILE: Brenda Muntemba being sworn in by President Lungu

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya, Her Excellency Mrs. Brenda Muntemba-Sichilembe has died.

She was 49.

High Commissioner Muntemba was on the 26th February 2019 involved in a road traffic accident head on collision in Machakos near Nairobi in Kenya.

She was later admitted into hospital and was operated on to stem internal bleeding before she was evacuated to a hospital in Nairobi where she has been admitted in Intensive care unit(ICU) since (ICU).

Prior to her appointment as High Commissioner, Brenda Muntemba served as Southern Province Police Commissioner and Chief Program Officer at UNESCO in Zambia.


    • Rest in peace Brenda Muntemba…..i remember your name when you were Zambia Police spokesperson and Francis Musonda was Lusaka Province police commissioner, Mukutulu Sinyani was DEC spokesperson

    • Point of correction….Mukutulu Sinyani was DEC commissioner….and thesevare days when Law enforcement was genuine in Zambia not this DEC which is controlled by Lungu…they pick and choose who to investigate…..Chitotela,Keizer Zulu,Kambwili and Lungu himself should have been in Jail if it was the Mukutulu Sinyani DEC….

    • What a great loss. Am heart broken. When we all thought that she was pulling on to recovering, hearing this is devastating. I grieve with family and friends to our dear sister who endeavored a heart to serve her country diligently. Rest well my Sister.

    • Last time I felt so sad is when Victoria Kalima died, and Ba Edgar abandoned her funeral to go to Mombasa with friends.
      Sad another young woman has died.
      I respect women, I love them.

    • Very sad she was one of the very few Senior Police Officers from the MMD days that had a human heart.

      May She Rest In Eternal Peace and Sincerest Condolences to her Family.

      We are all going to the same place, me and all of you who are reading this so let’s not cheat ourselves let’s try our best in life to leave a lasting legacy because that is more important than riches and gold. Brenda was a good person and her good deeds will be remembered and cherished more than any material possessions she had.

    • @The engineer.
      Very childish and sadistic. We saw that when sata was sick and died. The whole clan celebrated

      Your boss will never rule this nation because we have no place for your kind. As such even with @100%vote from 3 provinces he will still lose.

    • The Mukutulu Sinyani DEC and the Brenda Muntemba Zambia Police used to coordinate very well….remember how they delt with Sydney Chileshe former ZEGA boss… those days DEC was no joke …now you have Chitotela walking in DEC offices like its his living room…..walks in walks out and returns back to his Ministry….President Lungu leading by example stealing and making every single poor Zambian feels the impact of his theft….from Chawama to a Private Jet globetrotter….now struggling to fund Kazungula bridge because all the money waa spent on a private Jet…..
      Rest in peace Brenda Muntemba

    • DEC commissioner Rosewin Wandi was forced to resign and Brenda Muntemba was sent to a foreign mission… move PF bandits headed by Lungu the Chawama mafia

    • I shared some drinks one evening with Brenda a few years ago at then Brown Frog on Kabelenga Road. I met her at the premises’ car park as I drove in and I was alone and so was she. We immediately connected and she felt as a lady it was a good idea to get into the Frog accompanied.

      The rest is now history …

    • This death should be thoroughly investigated. It smacks of an assassination. Trust me, I am not a conspiracy theorist.

  1. MHRIP. The best spokesman I have ever seen in the police service. There is nothing we can, if God allows any situation who are we. RIP

  2. Oh My God this is very sad news indeed
    MHSRIEP!! She was a very hard working person and her professionalism will be greatly missed

  3. Oooh how I look to the day it shall be declared …..Oooh death where is your victory?…….where is your sting? This is short lived life indeed. Go well hopefully we will meet again in glory.

  4. I heard about the terrible head on collision she was involved in despite police escort.My thoughts and prayers go out to her family me she R.I.P.

  5. Very sad to learn of this terrible news! The news reports of the accident had minimised how serious it was. Ms Brenda Muntemba was a true professional who served with integrity, especially within our compromised Police. I know that she was multilingual and very highly educated and dedicated to duty. A huge loss to the nation and her family. Sincere condolences to the Muntemba family.

  6. Apart for her hard working and her professionalism, I remember Brenda for her love for God. I know you are in glory. R I P

  7. Shame some of us never even new you were in Kenya.. the last time I saw you was in Livingstone when you served in that region

  8. May your soul rest in perfect peace aunty Brenda. I remember your encouragements about life at your home back in Kabwe chowa police camp. ????????????????????

  9. Oh no so sad, I remember you with that nice smile of yours & you had a heart for people Rest in Peace Mama

  10. Rest in Peace Brendah,you have fought a good fight,you have finished the race,you will be greatly missed.

  11. Condolences to the family. I liked her. She made being a police officer sexy and trendy. I think she inspired many young educated women to join the service. Rest in peace Brenda.

  12. Sad indeed Ba Brenda.You were such a dedicated and professional person. A Law Enforcement Officer,a Teacher ,a Diplomat,a Preacher of the word..There are few like you in our country,it’s a great loss! May your soul rest in Eternal Peace,we will miss you!

  13. One of the great people with a difference in the police service in the MMD regime. Most people, especially those that were at loggerhead with the law, felt her presence.Her and Dr Solomon Jere are police officers of integrity, and dedicated to duty. What a loss to mother Zambia! Rest in peace, madam.


  15. It was sad to hear of the accident and her hospitalization in ICU. This morning, as I was driving my kids to school, I was greeted with the sad news of the passing on of Brenda. An UNZA alumnus having studied French. She will be sorely missed for her great work as police officer and ambassador to Kenya.
    Go well Brenda as we pray that God strengthens the family during this trying moment.

  16. she was my role model an inspiration to the young generation Brenda you have gone so soon I remember how you encouraged girls in schools I just cant believe you are gone may you rest in eternal peace of God.

  17. i remember her when she bravely arrested katele kalumba with his laptop……she was good looking police spokesperson not nowadays were we have a thing as a spokesperson. Go well brenda Go well

  18. Shame. A down to earth, soft spoken and articulate lady. Why send her to Kenya when she should have led to modernising the police and bringing professionalism in the service?

  19. Sad and a big loss to the Zambian community. A woman of integrity and an inspiration to young girls. The last time I saw her was in Sheffield (England) when she graced her friend’s birthday and I bought one of her books which she signed. Eloquent and graceful woman. She shall be missed. MHSRIP.

  20. Another tricky part about staying in foreign hospitals for extended periods is that they can have no qualms about experimenting on you.
    MHSRIP.lovely woman she was.

  21. Oh, Mrs. Brenda Sichilembe, nee Muntemba. We shall surely miss you. Your professionalism and dedication to duty were unquestionable. This country has lost a gem of a woman. Farewell, beloved Brenda. Your death has left me broken hearted. I shall personally miss you.

  22. So sad, she was a very hard working person, represented Zambia well and executed her duties in an honest way, she never fear any one or to be fired for the truth, loosing such a well dedicated person it is so sad. MHSRIP

  23. Another evil under the Sun: the Good die young, the wicked live long, longer. May the Soul of our Dear departed rest in Eternal Peace.

  24. Comment:my heartfelt condolences to the family and the entire nation at large, we’ve been robbed a very brave and hard working woman

  25. Let her her rest..she arrested HH in Livingstone. She was very bad women. Her sines have catch up with her….Go very well b888888888888……

  26. My Condolences to the family for the great lost, it’s not just a loss to the family by the nation at large.

    I am just wondering why they have been so many deaths of people in the foreign mission.

  27. It hurts to lose important citizen like u, It’s a big loss to the country mama may your soul rest in peace.

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