Thursday, June 13, 2024

Government to curb illegal mining activities in Eastern Province


Government says it is working towards curbing illegal mining activities that are on the increase in Eastern Province.

Mines and Mineral Development Permanent Secretary Paul Chanda says reports on the illegal mining of precious minerals being done by locals and foreign nationals from neighbouring countries have reached his office.

Speaking during a courtesy call paid to Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila today, Mr Chanda said government is losing a lot of revenue in terms of taxes from such activities.

He said his ministry is trying to find a ways to intervene and normalize the situation by flashing out illegalities in order to bring on board serious investors.

And Dr Nsemukila said the mineral prospects found in the province will play an effective role in the diversification process because Eastern Province is mostly known as an agriculture powerhouse.

He said with the rich mineral prospects discovered in the province, a lapidary training school like the one in Ndola must be put up to empower women and youths in jewelry making skills.


  1. Hopeless collection of leaders,soon everything will be frittered away by foreigners the same way we lost out on Emeralds on the CB,all talk,talk all the time.No serious work done to solve problems!! How can a foreigner have the audacity to enter the country and start digging it up for mineral with following the law when their is a government in place??Too much corruption!!

  2. Just give us a go ahead to shoot and kill them foreigners on sight, they are illegal aliens looting our country. It seems this country has become to big for the central govt alone to manage.

  3. Then you have PF rats like Ka Nathan Chanda organising PF rallies in solidarity with foreigners in Zambia while millions of the youth are unemployed and millions of dollars are externalised

  4. Yet in CB you have legalized it…try explaining that to these boys in EP…this is what happens when you encourage lawlessness.

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