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Observe electoral code of conduct, journalists urged – PAZA

Headlines Observe electoral code of conduct, journalists urged - PAZA

PAZA President, Andrew Sakala,
PAZA President, Andrew Sakala,

Press Association of Zambia President Andrew Sakala has urged journalists to abide by the electoral code of conduct and media ethics during the coverage of Bahati and Roan parliamentary elections slated for next month.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Sakala said being ethical is the only way to protect the integrity of journalism especially during elections and other events of national interest.

Mr. Sakala said some politicians would want to buy journalists so that they can report lies and unbalanced stories that would work against their opponents participating in the elections.

He said journalist should ensure there is fairness, objectivity and balance in the way the cover political parties.

He noted that the electoral code of conduct has sanctions that may lead to one who has violated it to be fined or jailed hence the need for journalists to uphold professionalism and ethics in all their reporting.

Mr. Sakala said much as the association does not support journalists being jailed they should be responsible by ensuring that they do not violate the electoral code of conduct.

Roan and Bahati constituencies are scheduled to have by-elections following the declaration of the seat as vacant by the speaker of the national assembly Patrick Matibini and the resignation of the area member of parliament respectively.


  1. Dictatorship at play, letting the ruling party monopolize our national tv and radio with impunity and denying others access. Unfortunately you cannot regulate social media. We have seen the vote buying not reported by ZNBC which l believe is a serious breach of our electoral laws with serious consequences like no pay to pay civil servants

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