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Catherine Phiri’s controversial loss Fight to Kenya’s Fatuma Zarika



  1. This is problem with people who just watch one boxing match a year with blind loyalty and conclude someone has won because the other opponent has cuts …I didn’t watch this fight by going by the comments on social media I can conclude that people were simply watching Catherine swinging punches and concluding that she won.
    Boxing is a technical game about landing point scoring punches not a bar brawl….you think its that easy for a challenger to grab a belt just by points. Go and watch technical fighters like Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez…or defensive counter punchers like Floyd Mayweather

    • At first it was hard to recognize who as you, but Easter Phiri is a girl not the boy, so she should be one in white shorts. Also looks much cleaner.
      She is really good.

    • Just shut up and don’t show your ignorance if you didn’t watch the fight! Even the Kenyans who were at ringside are condemning it as a hometown decision

    • Mwape – that’s because he is basing his argument on what Kenyans think not about technical aspects of the boxing match.

  2. If you dont know how to review boxing matches eat something so you shut up…you tell me why you think Catherine won?

    • Jay Jay! you just said you never watched the match but you come with the courage to shout down people who watched the match. where are you basing your argument.

  3. Catherine was missing too much. Boxing is about landing punches. However, the Kenyan boxer should have had some points deducted for low blows. In all fairness, however, the Kenyan boxer won the game. If Catherine improves on accuracy, she will be a good boxer.

    • Please tell these people who know nothing about boxing…this why boxers start at amature go to Olympics as it’s about point scoring

  4. I have had to watch this game several times to make this comment. The fight was technically was skewed towards the Kenyan. But my only issue is that there seemed to be no level playing field. Catherine Phiri’s opponent was more of a Male than a female. There is no fair play until male female issues are ironed out am afraid we will be cheating ourselves. We need to go beyond the phonotypical expression. I suspect Fatuma has more than double the levels of testosterone for a female. And this is not fair play we need to measure things besides the traditional phenotypic and weight measurements as a way to classify the boxers,

  5. Please tell these people who know nothing about boxing…this why boxers start at amature go to Olympics as it’s about point scoring

  6. jay is a tonga on oath. the chap lacks logic albeit being to school because he thinks using tribe yapping frm morning upto sunset

    • Its political. – You barking on the wrong tree, try someone else with that must be that old repulsive old childish fooooool who posts that rubbish on this site

  7. Easter Phiri defended some of her belts due to home town decisions. As a challenger you just have to knock out your opponent on their home turf. Thats is how boxing works.
    It has nothing to do with patriotism.

  8. Catherine is very strong though she was
    Missing punches.she needs good technical coaching.she can be world champion. Kenyan won on hometown decision.may be a draw would have been fair.

  9. There is no way Catherine could win that boxing match. She threw punches, but none on target, all howlers; there was no technique in her approach to the game – she was let down by her clueless team. They aimed to knock the Kenyan out but the Kenyan was so fast at weaving and ducking. What Catherine’s team should have done is to change the strategy from knock-out to winning by points. The Kenyan focused on winning by points through jabs, and it worked. Then there was this strange thing I noticed Catherine was over-using her right hand – listen, the days of George Foreman methods are gone, Tyson used both hands very effectively. If Catherine had also used her left hand, she would have won. The Kenyan team capitalized on Catherine’s ‘frozen’ left hand…and again it worked for them.

  10. It was a good fight Catherine fought well seemed to tire a little in the 9th round as she had gone for the kill too early in the fight. She is a courageous boxer and was not in the least intimidated by the physical outlook of her opponent, she gave as good as she took but a little more caution and accuracy would have won her the fight. She chased down her opponent and made her look sluggish. She needs a little more exposure in some of the worlds best gyms since the national soccer team is not going to CAN can we use the money to send her to a gym in say America for a month or two? Come on Zambia

  11. Ms Phiri please retire with your good looks. That face which you subjected cuts onto is a man’s one. Get Mr right and sooner than later start walking streets with junior side by side. We know that “Zangena” but you are slowly loosing your beauty as you absorb those punches. Conclusively I think you did not make it this time around. Your opponent was trained to gather quick points early and that she did while you were looking for a chance to kill which never came.

  12. I watched that fight its a DRAW GAME watch the fight again round by round and look carefully on how they showed the REPLAYS

  13. The same scale you use on your friend is going to be applied on you. Simple golden rule.
    I hope you recall very well a fight between Esther Phiri and Belinda(USA).

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