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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Insulting President Lungu by the Opposition Alliance Amounts to Inciting Violence

PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda
PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda

By Nathan Chanda

We are astonished by the silence of the Civil Society, the International Community and the Church on the continued insults on President Edgar Lungu by the Opposition Alliance.

The Opposition Alliance through its media Chairperson Mr Sean Tembo have provoked us enough. What is more shocking is the silence by the Civil society, the International Community and the Church on the insults showered on the Head of State.

We find it extremely provoking that the alliance has continued to insult the Head of State. The Head of State Mr Edgar Lungu is also the President of a political party, the Patriotic Front which has the largest following in Zambia. Now we the followers of H. E MR Edgar Chagwa Lungu our President of the PF, we say enough of these insults.

The Opposition Alliance through its member has provoked us enough. The insults on President Edgar Lungu amounts to inciting violence. We are not going to sit idle and watch our President who is also the Republican President to be insulted simply because a few individuals do not like him. We Want to remind them that President Lungu has the mandate to rule this country from the people Zambia.

We take great exception to this behavior by the Opposition Alliance through its media Chairperson Sean Tembo. We will have no option but to stand up and defend our party President from these unwarranted attacks.

Where is the Civil Society? Where is the International Community? Where is the Church? Let them be proactive then been reactive. It is clear that the Opposition Alliance has made it its agenda to insult President Edgar Lungu . The Opposition Alliance through Mr Sean Tembo have abused the freedom of expression. Now we want to state categorically that we the followers of Edgar Lungu will not allow this nonsense from the Opposition alliance.

We have laws in this country and if one is visited by the law, the same civil society, Some Church and International Community will complain that the Government is reactive. This is pure provocation which this alliance is propagating. We want to state that we are equal to the task.

Sean Tembo can not insult openly the Head of State and the Church, civil society and International Community keep quite. This conduct is unacceptable. We the PF on the Copperbelt have said no to such behavior, we say do not provoke us because we can also react.

The Head of State should be respected whether, one likes him or not. Sean Tembo and their Alliance have pushed us way to far. We are now challenging the Church, the Civil Society and the International Community to state their position over the insults on President Edgar Lungu by the Opposition Alliance.

We would also want to thank the people of Roan Constituency in Luanshya more especially the youths, for the peaceful campaigns. As PF, we have lived to what we promised of not importing members from out side Roan to come and campaign. The campaigns are going on peacefully. As the PF we are so confident to win the elections through our adopted candidate Mr Joel Chibuye. Our campaigns are based on what the PF and President Edgar Lungu has done and will do to the people of Roan. We want to do issued based campaigns not politics of name calling because Politics of insults and abusive name calling are absolutely shameful and archaic which can be best described as moral redundancy.

We want to assure our President through the campaign Managers and the local structures, that we are on top of things and this campaign will be violent free. We urge our members to exercise maximum restrain even if provoked in our campaigns.

The Author is Patriotic Front Copperbelt Chairman, and Member of the Central Committee, the Party’s highest decision making organ

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    • Zambia has been ruled so far by people who had no presidential aspirations apart from Sata. Kk, ftj,lpm, RB, and ECL never expected that they can be presidents. If anyone of you thinks that these mediocre noise makers we have in opposition will one day be Republican president you need to look into the past and find answers from there. The next president after ECL will surprise you because he or she will come from nowhere.


    • How many times did kk ftj lpm rb and ecl attempted elections before becoming presidents….one and this still remains precedence forever. Stop wasting your time and energy on non electable people.


    • Zambian domicile populace is being r*led even by child PF-youths. Nathan is just like a child-soldier in Congo.
      When even the small peace of humans who specializes in stealing neighbors chicken becomes leaders, you no that Talinans are ruling. Edgar need to call his dogs call his dogs to stop barking.
      UN and USA need meet PF, before deploying troops. These chaps are dangerous peace of thugs. Now they want to charge Sean and Archbishop Mpundu with treason.
      Archbishop ‘s prophecy of chaos is already here this week.


  1. What Nathan Chanda is saying is useless. This is the most useless statement that can lead to 2021 election chaos. PF should tell teach Nathan how to approach National Issues. President Lungu is the President of the Republic of Zambia and the Nationals have a right to question if the president is medically fit or is capable to run National Affairs. People can question anything about the president, but the cabinet or group of officers whose duties is to see that the president is fit for duties have a final say. On the other hand if the majority of people questioned the incapability of the president to rule, then the president can be subjected to medical examination. Mr. Chanda should be demonstrating why the majority of people are in poverty, but not why people should question the president…


  2. Nathan, your agenda is written all over the walls, and any Zambian worth their salt knows that it us not in the country’s interest but yoyr stomach’s. So please save your breath and just sit down.


  3. Please enough of these !d!ots in this stup!d party. Failing to pay salaries for months and increasing electricity tarriffs by over 100% is also inciting violence you m0r0ns!


    • flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      @We are astonished by the silence of the Civil Society, the International Community and the Church on the continued insults on President Edgar Lungu by the Opposition Alliance….. where is the Civil Society? Where is the International Community? Where is the Church?

      Insult is not a criminal offence iwe koswe minion… it’s not even a crime. So why should the international community be wasting their time just because you think your Lungu is a small god?

      Let him try a civil lawsuit if he feels aggrieved and offended.

      Insult my @s$… malete ahao wena Chanda!(Lozi insult, translated: ‘your test!cles you Chanda). You are wasting our time and just tell your god to concentrate on governing this country properly!


  4. Leaders must be respected whether in government or opposition. There is a saying that “chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi. I do not recall the Party Chief ever being arrested for inciting voilence when he directed party officials in Kabwe to take charge of markets and bus stops; nor was the current party deputy chief ever arrested for inciting voilence over all the several tribal degradation she has voiced on many occasions about the Tongas. What Sean Tembo has uttered may be demeaning but I do not know that it qualifies to be deemed as insults.


    • It does not matter – you first start by analyzing the one who is pointing a finger so that you do not make a mistake.


  5. These are not police. They are Lungu’s lapdogs. Nimbwa shakusakisha ngawamona Lungu amona uwo apingila. If Mpundu’s statements are pronounced as treasonable what about Musokotwane’s statement that
    Zambia faces a real riskof resorting to print money so as to artificially meet its financial obligations?
    According to these policemen this also should be inflammatory. Meaning no one is allowed to speculate in this country. Noone must think, no one must talk except Lungu and PF Fascists


  6. Another dander head with an opinion, these dull people from PFoools are now showing their low IQ for every one to know, ubu puba mu ka party kafibupa


  7. A person is either inciting violence or they are not. Insults are not the same thing at all. If a President cannot take a few insults, then they are in the wrong job. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”, and “Governments should be afraid of their people, not the other way around.”


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