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Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party says it will not join the Capitalist Opposition Alliance led by UPND

Headlines Fred M'membe's Socialist Party says it will not join the Capitalist Opposition...

Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali
Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali

The Socialist Party says it will not join the opposition alliance because it is aimed at fighting President Edgar Lungu and the ruling Patriotic Front instead of offering solutions to the people’s sufferings.

Socialist Party General Secretary Cosmas Musumali says his party has respect for President Lungu and the PF and would not join an alliance which insults leaders.

Dr. Musumali says the Opposition Alliance is a capitalist entity which has no solutions to unemployment and poverty.

Speaking at a media briefing in Kitwe this morning, Dr. Musumali added that the Socialist Party is fighting the capitalist system and it cannot join a capitalist alliance which seeks to fight the poor and the working class.

And Dr. Musumali said his party will not take part in by-elections because they are not a priority.

He said by-elections are a drain on party resources and the Socialist Party is focusing on the 2021 general elections where it will field candidates in all wards and constituencies across the country.

He also observed that by-elections have become a source of violence and there is need for law enforcement agencies to stop the trend and create peace in the country.

Meanwhile, Dr Musumali has advised government to restructure its debt for a period of five to 10 years.

He said there is urgent need for government to renegotiate its foreign debt and cut some costs.

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    • Sense. At last i can see a party with ideas and principles. Ba tembo is now on hunga chakuti just because of a con HH. believe in yourself as a party and its ideologies

    • Fred Mmembe is 100% spot on this one.

      He had a short fling, or marriage of inconvenience with HH & UPND band wagon. And when the nation calls them to duty in parley, they boycott voting on very important national issues.

      Why? because HH calls the shots and they are not free to speak on their own.

    • Correction from 1.4 …Meant to post the following….

      Fred Mmembe is spot on this one. He had a short marriage of inconvenience with HH & UPND. While there, he realized that UPND’s primary goal is the hate they have for Lungu. They rarely provide alternative solutions but just to be Armchair Critics.

      He had a short fling, or marriage of inconvenience with HH & UPND band wagon.

      And when the nation calls them to duty in parley, they boycott voting on very important national issues. Why?

      Because HH calls the shots and they are not free to speak on their own.

    • So these guys are genuine Politicians not just haters like the other oppositions…Well done we need Mature and educated Politicians not just street Cadres…..Good Job Mmembe and Musumali

    • Socialism & communism died in 1992 when Berlin wall fell. On paper it is a good idealogy.
      Problem is it kills enterprenuership, promotes laziness, free benefits from govt & brings in dictatorship like in animal farm, in USSR, China & even in Zambia during UNIP.

    • Ati we support PF and the government. How can a socialist party support PF which is a capitalistic party as well? Musumali is not making sense at all. Its better to keep quiet than to issue meaningless political statements. All these riff ruffs want to be Presidents!!!My foot!!!
      These are parties (Like Nawakwi and Kabimba’s parties) which get less than 1% of the national vote in the general election. Zambia is a circus. Even Muliokela can do better. Let us be serious for once in Zambia.

  1. Thanks Fred. I’ve always told my UPND sympathiser that HH is core capitalist & UPND is full of pro-capitalist ideas. & I’ve always advised him that such a system only works to benefit the already well-to-do. It milks the poor of their already meager resources but my advice has fallen on deaf ears, these ideologies mu Zambia don’t even make sense to people. PF has a very good manifesto, at least it strikes a balance between capitalism & socialism manje alas the corruption! Like Che Guevara said “we replace leaders only for the new ones to become the tyrants we removed (non-verbatim)” I don’t think Zambia is ready to develop. We support leaders whom we don’t even know what they stand for. Awe nayenda ine

  2. The socialist party formed by Mmembe is it the opposition to oppose the opposition or it is there to help him restock his property confiscated by PF. If you are respecting PF why form a party.MMembe just go to Edgar and privately tell him Bwana I surrender , please consider me as you think of appointments.I have been with you for a long time, ECL is a listening president. He wont tell us you pleaded with him

  3. This socialist party is as good as dead. This party is a complete non factor, not even sure if a two man show is still called a party. Surprised that they have the energy to say something, bet its democracy.

  4. Kikikikiki….two big brains completely lost in the political wilderness. Ba-Mmembe, plz remember that pride goes before a fall

  5. Musumali is right. NDC and UPND zealots think that to drive a political point one ought to be insolent and opposition means obstruction of elected leaders. A worthy political Party seeks its own mandate and not rely on other to escort its leader to State House.

  6. @ Neadman
    Its UPND which you should be making such comments on because we can prove without doubt that its a dead and rotten party. Do you honestly think in that tompwe of yours, Zambians can vote for HH as president? Awe, HH balimukana abantu and nothing will change this law or fact. You see, these other emerging parties are at least able to respect and appreciate the current leadership but also critisize where its necessary no your HH. The chap HH lost it before he found it, and now he thinks he can impose himself as president on people, my foot. Go and tell him, HH, that yes Southern province will vote for you and no one else and thats for a fact. Who is going to support and provide food relief to the people in Southern province following the draught in that area, President Lungu and…

  7. Fred has never and will never support hh. The 2015 link up was because they both hated ECL. It was Fred who coined the Bantustan adage. Now seeing that hh is still the hh he knows, Fred is showing his true colours.

  8. Personally I feel that the so called alliance is just an axis of hatred. We are not fighting an occupying force but a fellow Zambian who was elected by fellow Zambians. If HH is serious and honest he should subject everyone in the alliance including himself to an election to elect a leader. You remove Edgar and then what. This is desperation. I’m anxiously waiting God willing for 2021.

  9. At least i expected Fred Mmembe to be insulting the President and not sean tembo but Mmembe has chosen a very mature approach to politics and the problems the country if facing although his MAST still remains suspect.

  10. Fred Mmembe can never work with HH, it is a very well-known fact, originating from the history of the relationship between these two guys. Mmembe can work with HH ONLY if Mmembe himself was the leader of the alliance. Mmembe is extremely talented with high IQ; however, Mmembe has a problem working with people: he is a terrible bully, and very vindictive. I actually believe that if Fred Mmembe were to be President of Zambia he would be a ruthless dictator. Mmembe is the one who started this toxic rhetoric of the UPND being a tribal party for Tongas only, that was after Sakwiba Sikota was booted out from taking over from Anderson Mazoka because of not being Tonga. Mmembe being half-Lozi and a friend to Sakwiba was very hurt.

  11. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    #Socialist Party… what is their manifesto and where are they going to get money to give to people for free? There is no country on earth that is 100% socialist – from Cuba, China, Russia, Scandinavian countries they all practice some form of capitalism. Mmembe couldn’t even pay his workers superannuation and he couldn’t even pay taxes and then he has the nerve to lie to people that he is a socialist… Negro please!

    So these guys think being in opposition you need to kiss Lungu’s a$s…. Lungu already has enough @s$ lickers and we need a formidable opposition to provide some form of checks on his absolute power! Anyone who thinks Lungu doesn’t need to be fought tooth and nail for messing this country lives in a ln imaginary Utopia land.

  12. Wow!!! talk about having an elitist attitude. By-elections give you a candidate that is on the ground so that you have an ear direct to the people. So if you feel by-elections are a waste of resources it means you don’t care about the cause of the common man on the ground. If you don’t have people on the ground how will you know what the people want come 2021. You want to take an elitist attitude of deciding for them what’s? good for them? Sit on your high stool, look down at the common man and just tell him what he needs…..Already you have exposed the fact that your party is a waste of political space.

  13. Well it has always been fashionable for some rich people to term themselves socialists. There is nothing socialist about MMembe’s life style.

  14. I see Mmembe is no longer a darling to the Bantustans? Remember how they would give their own dear lives to protect him from Edgar Lungu? How they justified his non compliance to tax laws as Post MD? Truly I tell you the same will happen to Archbishop Mpundu if he u turned. This just shows how self-centered these people are. They have no time to see other people’s points of view. Now Mmembe is a villain with low IQ, bourgeoisie etc.

  15. Socialist party i dont think they are even invited to join since their ideals are totally different from the other parties.

  16. Since they support Lungu and the PF they might as well just join them or is jump into the boat while it is still floating. Any opposition aims to dislodge the ruling party and now here we have a party that is for Lungu and the PF, these DRs should revisit their agenda before they get too lost.

  17. Mmembe has compromised his profession by abandoning his cause of holding servants of the state accountable. Instead he jumped into the ring and now he is struggling somehow and so need some support from somewhere and for sure he has a side. We await his next move!!

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