Agriculture Minister Hon. Michael Katambo discusses cassava with Zambian Breweries director of corporate affairs Ezekiel Sekele. Picture by Alex Mukuka.

Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo says government has entered into a tripartite agreement with the Millers Association of Zambia for Millers to access maize from the Food Reserve Agency to raise funds to pay farmers that supplied maize to the FRA last year.

Mr. Katambo said under the agreement, the millers will access maize from the Food Reserve Agency at a subsidized fee.

He said the FRA has been allowed access to a certain tonnage of maize under the tripartite arrangement to settle the debt owed to both millers and transporters.

Mr. Katambo explained that FRA will sell the maize to the millers who will in turn pay the transporters engaged to transport the maize.

He said the maize released is equivalent to the amount of money government owes both farmers and transporters which he could not disclose.

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  1. Its time FRA got their maize ground into mealie meal and started exporting the mealie meal just like other millers do. Join the competition and pay the farmers and transporters on time


  2. Plz where are we going as a nation. Ala fitu fimo nganamufilwa u better resign than ukuchusha Imyeo sha bantu


    • Please organize farmers, get the maize, pound mealie meal & export for cash. Otherwise this decision is long overdue


  3. Ba LT subeditor Can’t you construct a sentence ukwabula amazing mistakes what’s that headline?



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