Eastern Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila

Foot and Mouth disease has broken out in Lundazi and Vubwi districts of Eastern Province.

Eastern Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila says that over 1,000 animals have been infected with the highly contagious viral disease which affects livestock with split hooves.

Dr. Nsemukila told journalists in Chipata this afternoon that government has since restricted the movement of animals in the region.

He said that a total of 600 animals have been affected in Lundazi while 412 have been infected with the deadly virus in Vubwi.

The Permanent Secretary has also directed law enforcement agencies who mount roadblocks to demand livestock movement permits from all vehicles carrying animals.

Dr Nsemukila said that vehicles should be impounded where the drivers fail to produce the required documents.

He stated that there is need for farmers to be alert and report suspicious cases to the nearest veterinary offices in an effort to contain the situation.

The Permanent secretary has since advised farmers and game ranch operators to be alert and report any suspicious looking animals to the nearest veterinary offices.

He highlighted some of the symptoms of the disease as lameness, saliva drops, hooves and mouth sores on the affected animals.

He noted that the infected animals also have weight loose and reduced milk production.

Dr Nsemukila said calves can be infected by the virus through breast milk.

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