Four people have died after being attacked by hippos in the Kafue River in Itezhi-Tezhi District, Central Province.

According to Itezhi-Tezhi District Commissioner Hendrix Kaimana, the accidents happened in separate incidences on Thursday and Saturday last week.

Mr Kaiamana said Njamba Henry Mbambi 20, a grade seven school leaver of Kalombe area in Chief Kaingu’s chiefdom had gone on the river with his friend in a bid to raise money to go to Secondary School when their dugout canoe was hit and capsized by hippos.

The DC said the hippos reportedly hit and capsized the boat, drowning him, though his friend Gift Yamba escaped unhurt.

He added that the incidence happened on Thursday last week and his body has not yet been recovered.

Mr Kaimana said in the second incidence, Gift Kakulachifoyo, was also attacked by hippos in a similar incident a week ago.

He said the canoe Sibbakela was paddling in, was hit by the hippo and capsized the canoe.

“Of the four deceased persons, only one body has been recovered from the water” Mr Kaimana said.

In a similar incidence, a 24-year-old fisherman from Chibolya compound in Itezhi-Tezhi also died when the hippo hit the canoe he was paddling in.

Bicheli Kalandambinga drowned when the hippo hit the boat he was travelling in.

Mr Kaimana said the incidence happened in Batunga area in Chief Shimbizhi’s chiefdom and his body was recovered a few hours after being attacked.

Mr Kaimana said the body of Kalandambinga sustained deep cuts on his waist, caused by hippo teeth.

He said in the fourth incidence, an unidentified man was attacked on Lake Itezhi tezhi in the Kafue National Park, though his body has also not yet been recovered.

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    • Very sad, just young boys can’t get free education.
      And PF have no money to buy fuel in search of bodies? ZAWA not paid too, they can’t work.
      PF niimbwwa.


  1. Hippos are very dangerous especially when they have babies, “calves” I’m sure they are trying to protect the new born hippos. I have seen it before and the man was killed on the land after managed to swim but the Cow hippo chased him on the land and cut him into pieces.
    They deadly and aggressive when they have Calves.


    • Every animal becomes aggressive when they give birth and want to protect their young ones. This includes dogs and hens


    • @Nostradamus You can’t even read my name properly and you expect me to tell you the all story?


  2. The Zambian government should grease the gallows and hang a white man.Peter Carlos Hinds.


  3. It is true what they say that Hippos kill more people than lions for the simple reason that Hippos’ territory is part of man’s livelihood, fishing.



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