A 41 year-old man of Fringilla Farm in Chisamba district in Central Province has committed suicide.

Central Province Commissioner of Police, Chola Katanga, confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Kabwe today.

Mr Katanga identified the victim as Charles Birke, adding that he committed suicide by cutting his legs at thigh level using a grinder in his workshop.

He said the incident happened yesterday between 14:30 hours and 16:30 hours.

Mr Katanga said the deceased left a suicide note for his wife, found in the house, just before the body of the deceased was discovered.

The Central Province Police Chief explained that according to the wife, the deceased was depressed over an illness he had been diagnosed with.

He added that police visited the scene and suspected no foul play and that the body has been taken to Chisamba Clinic Mortuary.

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  1. What a bizarre & gruesome form of suicide! Whatever the reason, suicide always leaves more questions than answers…


  2. It must have been a chronic disease he was diagnosed with. So he decided to take himself to an early grave. Too bad!


  3. My manager once told me that suicide is not a solution to anything. Just wait for tomorrow because it may bring something pleasant. A cure could be found.


  4. The wife killed him. How does one use an excruciating method to kill oneself? And in this case, a grinder which he used to cut his thighs with?

    Police do your work.


  5. Very suspicious incidence.
    Whites are sophisticated chaps, our Police have to UP THEIR GAME.
    Watch Miami CSI to see the level of complexity.
    Not for stup!d lazy cops. Ati “no foul play suspected” just by getting to the scene. Yaba…


  6. No one can manage to finish cutting even half way of his own toe before he faints.
    The wife killed him.. klarrrrr!


  7. Very bizarre, didn’t he scream? If he was sick, how did he manage to use an angle grinder? It doesn’t make much sense because Fringila is always full of people. The workshops are close to the lodge, there should be an inquest. Our buju shiver when they see mzungu



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