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PF narrowly wins in a less than 30% voter turnout Kafue Council Chairperson By-Election


The Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has beaten the incumbent United Party for National Development (UPND) in Kafue District Council Chairperson By-Election. The PF candidate Simakoyi Moono, beat UPND candidate Beatrice Kayuni by 602 votes. The PF candidate scored 9 252, while the UPND candidate scored 8 650.

The voter turnout for the election was less than 30%

The Kafue Council Chairperson by election was necessitated by the resignation of the incumbent Thomas from the UPND who joined the Patriotic Front.

Mr. Zulu was suspended from the UPND by the Party Leadership for attending the keep Zambia clean, green and health cleaning exercise that was officiated by President Edgar Lungu.

Kafue has about 62, 685 registered voters.


    • @Obatala PF might be leading Zambia to a clif but Zambians have not alternative at the moment. You know what they say jumping from a flying pan into the fire. HH and UPND are grouping of tr!bal dictators that have never had internal election since Mazoka’s death. Thomas Zulu was suspended for practicing is freedom of association which is a constitutional right. HH keeps preaching about freedoms etc but fails to practice them. He is on record of instructing his MPs of what to accept or not accept while in Parliament representing NOT HH but their constituencies.

    • Why you UPND causes by elections by suspending or expelling your own members when you know you may lose. So now you will cry that there was rigging or there was unfairness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be strategic if want to form Government in 2021…………………..

    • HH should start practicing how to faint now. results will be worse in 2021. in 2021 we will send Bembas and Ngonis to man elections in southern province and there will be no 100% for HH again. we know what Tongas did for him in 2016.

    • HH the Delusionals Dictator is evil. Who expels someone for associating with others? HH has never even won an election in his life and has the gall to expel an elected official?

    • Exactly 2016. PF has mastered the art of election rigging to win by “a small margin”. They arrest Mwaliteta who discovers marked ballot papers.

      They first start announcing results with UPND leading during the day. However at night, PF miraculously over-takes as UPND is focussing on their PVT which is worthless.

    • I just want to see progress in Zambia….whoever can make things a little bit better then am cool with it… hate for anyone just love for humanity

  1. Well done Ba Kafue for choosing development and not senselessly opposing everything including cleaning your own surroundings. My appeal to Govt is that let them now revamp NCZ and give Kafue people development in all areas as the rouet they have chosen is very progressive. Mirriam Chonya watch out in 2021.

  2. We saw the hugs and sea of people dressed in red at their rallies.Its surprising those masses didn’t vote for them in their strong hold.Good lesson.

    • Most people don’t see any value in voting when there is a sitting government already. It doesn’t make any difference to our lives voting one way or the other. The ruling party continues ruling the same way. Where is the point?

    • 62000 – 17000 = 45000 who wil hold the key in the general election when such a huge number does not see the need to participate the govt should be worried because you should ask yourself questions why they did not,

  3. Congratulations PF but pull up your socks. Double H must step aside and leave his position to someone who is going to move UPND to another level. Kwashala Luanshya and Bahati. Luanshya will go to PF while Bahati will go to Kalaba.

    • the only reason PF won this election in UPND stronghood is because no blood dropped on the ground until the very last minute. its business as usual ” no blood no winning ”

  4. CHUMA this election was bcoz of Hyena and Kambwili. These guys will never go anywhere. They have no respect for God Almighty

    • why is it that all the time when there is an election UPND will lead at first in the votes counted and at the last minute when it is dark PF from nowhere will just amass more votes and overtake the UPND. This happens in most cases were the PF wins elections


  6. Opposistion political parties need to do more than just oppose current PF and governemnt. People suffering and they need the now solutions not promises of heaven after a party is voted in power. Lossing a seat a whatever level in your own backyard has a negative impact on the part in a long run which every opposition party must take as reality.

    Its clear that current crop of opposition political parties have no worthy solutions to table before the masses are suffering – should that continue, people will still rather continue voting for PF just like the MMD error.

  7. Lmao

    Come 2021 it’ll be PF 50.8% n the rest shared by the na shala neka political parties

    Congratulations to the P.F

  8. Kambwili is a bad OMEN to upnd.It is very sad that upnd does not learn .you can as well forget 2021.How many seats has pf grabed from oposition so far! ati 20twenti wanuuu,mula beja.pobo,pobo,pobooooooooo.

  9. Those with sacks of money have taken the day.If UPND petitions these results they will definitely be nullified due to happenings in the later part of the polling day. There’s no doubt that Kafue is a staunch UPND stronghold. It is just that others ‘ve got all the financial power and muscle to bully their way in

  10. When did Beatrice Kayuni leave Tilyenji’s UNIP? I have always known her as a long serving diehard Unipist. UPND is losing elections to PF because they don’t have a message nor programs. They want people to hate Edgar by slandering him and portraying HH as a saint. However, everything bad they say about PF also applies to them multiple times. There’s nothing bad that PF can do which UPND hasn’t already done. HH is the biggest mistake to have been born into Zambian politics, the devil’s incarnate. He doesn’t care whether Zambia goes into flames as long he’s elected. People haven’t forgotten how his supporters forcefully took over NCZ because they thought he had won the 2015 elections. They burnt down the DEBS office and blew up pylons, the list is endless. He never learns

    • People are not interested in Edgar this and Edgar that. HH is worse than Edgar, he has relatives in Kafue whom he treats like animals. Ask his relative witchdoctor at Kabuchende he’ll tell you how they live as a family. There are several others and they nothing good to say about him,so it’s futile to portray him as a saint. The applies to his newly found friend Kambwili

  11. This is an eye opener for HH and Kambwili.Kafue residents have shown them that hate speech about president Edgar Lungu will never win them any elections in Zambia!!!HH’s UPND has never won in PF strongholds since 2006,but ECL’s PF has continued winning in known UPND strongholds!!If UPND cant win in Chilanga,Kafue,etc,how can they win in Bahati?Am now feeling for Kambwili’s NDC because CK will be embarrassed badly in Roan on 11/04/2019 and that could mark the end of his political career.If CK was wise,he could have stayed away from HH and Roan by election like Harry Kalaba has done just to remain relevant politically before 2021!!I strong feel that nobody will take Kambwili serious after the defeats in Kafue and Roan.Even HH will forsake Kambwili the way he is ignoring GBM after a…

  12. Imwe tu UPND, just accept that you have no leadership and it will be the same old story of complaining even in 2021. If, according to the way you scandalize President Lungu and the PF were to be true, why then are you being relegated to the dustbins in all the elections? HH may show his stolen wealth to you but that wont buy him the Presidency of this country. Until you quickly come to terms with this fact, you shall forever live in denial. ECL will rule Zambia until 2026 not because of arrogance like Akainde but on fulfilled campaign promises and the dislike of HH by the majority.

  13. Sad that the only thing PF are good at is winning elections and not running a country. I have never supported this issue of stopping UPND officials from attending Govt functions. This mindset has to be reversed especially for something as harmless as Keep Zambia clean campaign.

    • @dudelove, it is not PF but electorates who have voted in Kafue. The people see something good in the ruling party unlike the UPND. People do not care whether they go without the three meals in a day; what matters is peace. They can sleep peacefully whole night unlike where wars are taking place. One chooses to have no food, people have resorted to farming to sustain their lives. Just a few people nowadays depend on buying a bag of mealie-meal, most have stocks of maize in their homes to feed.

    • To UPNDEAD opposition means Oppose anything Government, anything and everything. Oppose and walkout.

  14. A win is a win whether wider or narrowly. God has a final say on who will rule according to his WILL. My only worry is most Zambians cursed their destinies with the Dununa Reverse song. If you took part in dancing to the song please break that curse through a prayer as you know there is power in the words. That is the main reason the majority are suffering and not all blame should be heaped on the leadership which has its own pros and cons.

  15. #1.2 kci is very right, trib.als are just nowhere near an option for Zambia. Sensible Zambians, who are in the majority, would rather stay tight with PF if only to ensure that trib.als and upnd don’t come anywhere near the corridors of power, not even to sniff.
    PF may have mediocre leadership but without a shade of doubtere can be nothing worst than (not worse than) upnd!!!
    If no viable option comes up in the opposition, it is Pf aluta continua until 2093. Fortunately for Zambians I am forming a party in January 2020 which will take out PF like Cyclone Idai in 2021.

  16. The Bible says those who have plenty will have even more added and those with little will have even that little taken away from them. HH suspended that chairman for a very unreasonable reason. The guy as civic leader of the district is obliged to welcome the Head of State. It’s a pity bitterness has clouded the thinking.

    • Opposition party in their interpretation means oppose everything, everyone and everywhere.
      Imagine the stooge opposing even development in his so called stronghold, the region and regions.

  17. upnd,ndc have no campaighn msg,theirs is PIPO ARE SUFFERING,NO RULE OF LAW,PF NIBA POMPWE.But ask them what is their solution,zero! upnd is fatigued 20 yrs in opposition singing same broken record.

  18. Sorry for digressing …. kikikikiki…. my post was to congratulate the PF for winning. The vote was 52% for PF against 48% for the trib.als. LT calls it “narrow win” but note:
    1. This was a upnd seat
    2. This is supposed to be upnd stronghold
    3. After Chilanga now Kafue, looks like upnd are retreating and being pushed further
    4. The margin meets even the presidential threshold of 50%+1 vote
    5. Democratically it is a good margin (602 votes) which kills any imagination by trib.als of vote rigging.
    6. As trib.als are pushed further towards the Antarctic, next stoo us Dundumwezi, any by elections there, soon please?????

  19. They shud win narrowly bcoz they are just grabbing this seat. This seat wasn’t PF and it is one of the strongholds of Hyena Hamakala. We should thank the electorates for realizing HH is wasting their precious time.

  20. UPND have themselves to blame for losing the Kafue Council chairmanship. Their expelled member just attended a function officiated by the Republican President. It is not that he supported the PF openly. It was for a noble cause. Who would want to live in a dirty environment? Just participating in a cleaning exercise earns someone an expulsion! No bane, let’s grow up. I have seen Cornelius Mweetwa share a high table with the President when officiating at Anti-corruption day state functions but he is not expelled. Let’s support something positive for change. Next time the government does something good for Choma Central Cornelius Mweetwa should be there to support

  21. We can’t have bye elections as a way of life. Maybe we shud have bye elections only in the event of death, tho even then, there can be a way out. Besides being extremely costly, theze elections have no direct benefit (can somebody mention 1) on the citizens. Reminds me of weekly tests in grade 7, yes, because that’s wat these elections seem to be. Only that this time it is the un/popularity of political parties on test.

    • @The Only Loving Jay, that is why we have to keep on refining our constitution but unfortunately UPND boycotts the amendments.

  22. Why is LT reporting like they dont live in zambia. Everyone knows that the kafue council chairman was expelled from the upnd tribal party by hh simply because he joined ECL during cleaning his town. He didnt resign according to your warped reporting. Even upnd spaka and his fellow tribal cadre jj are shocked that he resigned.

  23. PF: Let’s clean
    PF: Let’s develop
    PF: Let’s do some vital reforms
    PF: Let’s dialogue with ZCID
    PF:Let’s pray
    PF: Lets reform human rights
    UPND: No
    PF: We are in Government
    PF: Let’s legislate
    Thorn: Are you insane?
    Thorn: Are you normal?
    UPNDEAD: agitated, Nooooooo!
    No No No No don’t you get it? We are opposition.

    • Lets over borrow to a point we cant pay back
      Lets print money cause we are broke like sh!t
      We can not pay workers

      Done forget the above mune

    • GOV: Let’s vote it’s election time
      UPNDEAD: No

      Thorn: What do you want?

      UPNDEAD: Mapatizya Formula and Petitions, Bloodshed, Protests, Boycott National Days, Road Rage, Militia Groups, Lawlessness, Bitterness, A supprise takeover, Anarchy, Riots, Xenophobia, More Jailings, Market Torching and Armageddon.

      Thorn: Who does that?
      Are you normal?
      UPNDEAD: No.


    • In a democratic party HH was going to be asked to resign for giving away Chilanga and Kafue on a silver platter to the PF.

  25. 8650 is a strange number in elections. At least one would understand a result like 8639 or 8677; not such a fully rounded up number!!

  26. You see how and fo.olish the de.monic leader hh is because of being selfish he fires the chairperson thinking he is making scores,not knowing that de.monic hh is digging a grave for his so called under5,

  27. What…UPND losing in Kafue??? Mmmm I am mauless people. Does this signifies the end of UPND? What will happen in Roan and Bahati where people campaign while hugging each other though they may belong to different parties?? I feel for UPND. Can we say UPND will fall in 2021? Any way its wait and see.
    But just a free advice to UPND…please stop violence in your strong hold and you will see people like me start supporting you. The majority peace loving Zambians dont support UPND coz of being violent and intolerant to other ethic groupings….example what you did to people (from other provinces) in Namwaala. Stop it.

    • Edgar should now visit Mazabuka where the MP and Mayor will both welcome him and get expelled by HH and generate by elections. ..kkkkk

    • It’s just a ka by-election nainwe. That’s why fewer people turned up. The whole president and his cabinet wasting their energy on a ka council chairperson election and winning narrowly. Shame. Wait for 2021.

  28. The UPND can’t win an election without violence and shedding blood, even with big mouth Chishimba Kambwili they were floored. They (UPND) won the elections on the social media and maligning people, shame on you. Congrats the Alliance Partners for losing this election, noise makers.

    • I like soccer. Teams don’t form alliances in order to defeat Barcelona, they recruit the best players to make their team better than Barcelona. With Upnd a person who is thief today and differs with Edgar Lungu tomorrow, automatically becomes a “best” player. I still remember 2015 when the newly recruited GBM at a Upnd spent time on nothing but showering insults on Edgar Lungu….in soccer that is called a flopped buy.

  29. UPND has no strategy to win.When the civil servants are not getting their salaries on time.Only SATA knew how to campaign against government in power.

  30. This Kafue election was clearly rigged and ECZ openly helped PF rig the election. If UPND want to take power in 2021, they must be more aggressive than this. HH should not expect to win an election by only pointing out the wrongs when PF rigs election or creates violence. Please spend some of your billions and create an army of foot soldiers who will not give a chance to PF rascals to rig elections. Yesterday PF were everywhere stuffing marked votes, where you ba UPND. PF spend millions to make sure their army outnumbers yours to rig comfortably. HH and GBM are the richest leadership pair in Zambia and yet they think they can win by remote control without spending. Wake up and spend, or else stop wasting our time.

    • @Ndanje Khakis
      It is not their responsibility yet to spend money to develop Zambia. If you want development why don’t you ask PF? Why did you vote for PF then? Koma imwe ma-Zambian voters zoona. You marry your wife and expect another man to impregnant her! If you wnat HH, GBM and Kambwili to develop Zambia, vote for them. Unafolapo ukalibe kusebenza nchito??? Kukonda vamahala ma Zambians. HH and GBM don’t owe you anything.

    • Oh? Who do you think develops the USA? Private enterprise develop those countries by investing in major industry not keeping money safely in some foreign countries. We expect foreign owned companies like FQM, Mopani, KCM to develop the country? They won’t: they will always send their earnings to their countries which in turn will enhance their development. That’s how things work if you don’t know.

  31. Urban Kafue has always beaten UPND.It is only the Rural Kafue where UPND still has die hard tribalists and they continue to win, abeut with small margins.

  32. PF hasn’t genuinely won an election in a very long, long time since Michael Sata’s death. Even the 2016 Presidential elections, Kaiser Zulu one day openly warned Edgar Lungu that he should not forget how Kaiser helped him win the election through rigging. The only problem here is that you have an opposition that is fighting a clean game against a dirty player PF. The day UPND and opposition alliance start playing the game that PF plays, that will be the end of PF. Right now PF cannot win a big election anywhere in Zambia, if all the rules are followed….but who follows the rules? PF? So HH and his alliance better stop playing like Priests and start fighting like wild-dogs.

    • Even Hh has always claimed that votes were stolen every time he has lost. Remember Justice Ireen Mambilima at one time told him that if he was claiming that ECZ was colluding with PF to steal his votes, then hh was also part of the stealing because his own people were always around when votes are being tallied. By the way, now we know why upnd engage in violence in their perceived strongholds. They can only win with violence.

    • Even Hh has always claimed that votes were stolen every time he has lost. Remember Justice Ireen Mambilima at one time told him that if he was claiming that ECZ was colluding with PF to steal his votes, then hh was also part of the stealing because his own people were always around when votes are being tallied. By the way, now we know why upnd engage in violence in their perceived strongholds. They can only win with violence. And when they are asked where and how the votes were stolen, they remain ndwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

    • Even Hh has always claimed that votes were stolen every time he has lost. Remember Justice Ireen Mambilima at one time told him that if he was claiming that ECZ was colluding with PF to steal his votes, then hh was also part of the stealing because his own people were always around when votes are being tallied. By the way, now we know why upnd engage in violence in their perceived strongholds. They can only win with violence. And when they are asked where and how the votes were stolen, they remain ndwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Ala violence and tribalism are not good. Even in 2021 hh and his tribal cartel will lose and the blame game for them will continue. If i was a upnd supporter i would have been on every radio and TV station asking hh to step down, of course at the risk of being beheaded by…

  33. Ok if PF can send other tribes to man elections in southern,western,northwestern and part of central then HH will be finished.The reports are showing that UPND rigged using their tribal politics.They were ready to harm in case anyone told them what they were doing was wrong.So ba Lungu please work hard and stop being used by ministers.There is too much corruption in PF.If you can work hard pipo can still vote for coz HH and his pipo will bring tension in da country due to tribal politics being practiced by UPND. Strategise to send intelligent monitors in stronghold of UPND otherwise it gonna be 100% voter turn out

  34. UPND is dysfunctional, generally, UPND has very poor political tactics and strategies to win an election.

  35. Many people think Ronaldo is a better player than Messi. However unless Messi has been injured part of the season the vote goes against Ronaldo. He often cries foul showing how he has played and won this and that..but the alliance with Messi remains. In 1990 the main goal was “KK go”..we voted in the ‘master dribbler’…along the way disillusioned and death not being kind in desperation we voted for MCS….today we are back to the 90s ‘alliance’ so called and their “zwa PF” but…why is the vote swinging for a party that others feel has failed us? With the Upnd in its current form few trust it and we shall keep losing even in 2021 unless…..

    • And this thing of rushing to the police station to give solidarity each time an erring opposition leader is arrested is not helping. If Mr X insults the president or any other citizen, everyone expects that person to be arrested. Therefore it’s waste of time to put up this acts of useless support. Besides there is always a person being arrested for this offense on daily basis but we haven’t seen HH giving them solidarity. But when Kambwili is summoned over theft, HH will fly all the way from Lusaka to Kitwe to give him support. People want to know how you will deliver them from this poverty. But they you have no solution.

  36. upnd has been beaten with pants down by the great pf in kafue. hh bola naimukosela ,2021 it will be a white wash win by pf . a landslid victory for pf in roan and bahat by-election will also give hh a sleepless lolololo we are waiting for that day 11 april 2019.

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