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UNDP’s Janet Rogan leaving her Zambia post

General News UNDP’s Janet Rogan leaving her Zambia post

President Edgar Lungu with IFAD President Mr Gilbert Houngbo and Ms Janet Rogan UN Resident Coordinator at State house
President Edgar Lungu with IFAD President Mr Gilbert Houngbo and Ms Janet Rogan UN Resident Coordinator at State house

United Nations Resident Coordinator Janet Rogan is leaving her post in Zambia.

This was announced on Thursday during a farewell party for Ms Rogan organized by UNDP staff.

Her departure marks an end to an eventful five years in Zambia as Head of the UN system.

Last year, United Nations, Secretary General António Guterres was forced to dismissed complaints and allegations raised against Janet Rogan in Zambia by the opposition UPND.

Fahran Haw, Spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary General said the allegations against Janet were not founded, ill-informed and were misdirected.

The UN also dismissed allegations that Rogan withheld an election outcome report and the audit of the voters role.

“In response to questions about allegations against the UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia, Janet Rogan, the Spokesman emphasized that the UN Country Team and the Resident Coordinator will continue to be dedicated and impartial partners of the Zambian people”.

“One allegation has been that the Resident Coordinator had held back on the issuance of the so-called Conflict Structure Vulnerabilities report.”

“That document is a report of the Election Commission of Zambia, so the Resident Coordinator is not in a position to withhold it.There were also allegations that UNDP contract consultants audited the voters’ roll.”

“These allegations were raised, and refuted, previously. In fact, the consultants in question were hired by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, and not by UNDP.”

Ms Janet Rogan assumed her current role as UN Resident Coordinator on 29th April 2014 when she presented her credentials to the Zambian government.

Before her appointment, Ms. Rogan served in Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service for over 20 years.

In her previous assignment, she was Senior Strategy Adviser to the Director for Defence and International Security at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), UK.

She also served FCO’s Deputy Director for Finance.

She held the post of Consul General and Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel (2005-2008) prior to which she undertook language training in Hebrew.

From 2003-2004 she was seconded to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Basra, Iraq (then Baghdad).

She was the UK’s Political Adviser to the NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe from 2001-2003 and from 1998-2001.

Ms. Rogan began her career in 1986 with FCO in the UK as Desk Officer for Zambia and Malawi.


    • She is a great and accomplished public servant with great strides and success in every area she has operated in. As an acquaintance friend and someone who has always stood for objectivity, I can see her either retire well or be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

      Thank you very much for your service to the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. Your demeanor and candor are highly appreciated.

      You are the best,


    • @BR, why you click down on my comment? It’s wrong, I never be negative on your “positive”. I know it’s not @Jay Jay because he is always “negative”.
      I don’t see point why we should fight over nice looking Janet.

    • Nostra…. only drunkards click up your incoherent comments as only a drunkard would think UPND and UNDP is the same thing as they are too plastered.

    • good riddance to bad rubbish. The douche-bag can leave us in peace.

      Her aiding PF has brought misery to our nation through PF’s failed economic policies.

    • Ba BR Mumba ati Janet to be next PM of UK? It shows that you know very little about the UK political system.

  1. Now going back to UK and leaving like a normal citizen probably on her own without the perks of being an Ambassador having drivers,maids etc.

    No wonder HH / UPND was not given space to air their childish pranks.

  3. We shall miss shall miss her services! She was brilliant and above board. Go well and please dont forget to market Zambia, the most beautiful country on earth to your big network and your country. Let them come and see the tranquility and wonders that this country holds.

  4. PF cader, was being chewed by some one at statehouse..one of the chanda boys……she was to be found there every weekend and at every PF function.

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