Cyclone Idai caused devastation in Mozambique

Mozambican Ambassador to Zambia Jeronimo Chivavi has called for stakeholder support to assist victims who were affected by cyclone Idai in that country.

Mr. Chivavi revealed that Mozambique is currently in dire need of about US$242 million United States Dollars to help the affected people.

Speaking during a press briefing on the update of the Idai cyclone at his office yesterday, he stated that among the aid required include experts in the Humanitarian assistance, plastic canvas, tents, foodstuffs, emergency health kits and clothing among others.

The Ambassador disclosed that so far 168,943 families have been affected by the cyclone, 839,748 affected persons, 1,523 wounded and at least 493 people have been confirmed dead.

On the 16th of March, cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique leaving a trail of destruction and thousands in need of help.

The cyclone is regarded as one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere as a whole.

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  1. It times like these when people are in need. Where are these charismatic ‘pastors’ and ‘prophets’? They are good at showing off their wealth. And asking the poor for offering all the time.


    • This is why Westerners laugh at us, Africans. We can’t help each other in time of severe crisis like this one being faced by our brothers and sisters in Mozambique. Where is the African Union? The AU is supposed to be in the forefront raising donations and awareness on this. We have a lot of African countries that can make substantial donations to this, and also many people across Africa and blacks in diaspora who would be more than willing to make donations. When are we going to learn to be taking care of each other as black people? Always looking to the West to come help our own people who are just in our backyard. What a shame.


  2. Please GRZ help our sisters and brothers.
    And you the rich pastors ( papas, prophets) who make miracle money this is the time you have to show yourselves to the world that you make miracle money. Make the money to help our brothers and Sisters. If you cant act in this crisis then we should not hear you calling people for miracle money…it will mean you are cheats and tuma false prophets.


  3. This is the time African Union should show her love there are 54 countries in Africa honestly there can come up with something targable to help those effected?


  4. AU n SADC are in a deep slumber but don’t despair as they’ll wake up as soon as the situation normalizes . Tactical, aren’t they?



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