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Nevers Mumba urges President Lungu to call for an emergency SADC Meeting over rising xenophobia in South Africa

Headlines Nevers Mumba urges President Lungu to call for an...

MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba speaks to the Clergy from various congregations at Victory Ministries in Kasama on 11th February 2016
MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba has called on President Edgar Lungu to help call for an emergency SADC Meeting over rising xenophobia in South Africa.

Mumba says Zambia is suitable to demand for accountability over xenophobic attacks on African foreign nationals, because it helped liberate the region.

This week scores of foreign nationals are fled informal settlements in the Durban suburb of Sydenham after some of them were attacked in their homes on Tuesday night and their belongings looted.

According to the local SABC news victims said that the armed attackers told them that it will get worse if they don’t go back to their countries of origin.

The refugees say the attackers told them that President Cyril Ramaphosa supports them.

The people fleeing the settlements with their belongings and children say they don’t know where to go.

The refugees say they reported the attacks to the police, but nothing was done.

Officials from the eThekwini municipality are visiting the affected communities.

Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer has denied that xenophobia is behind the attacks in Sydenham.

Addressing hundreds of displaced foreigners who sought refuge in a the park next to the Sydenham police station in Durban, Peer warned that a recent speech by President Cyril Ramaphosa in which he said that shops operating illegally will be closed has been misinterpreted.

She says Ramaphosa only meant that people should follow the country’s laws and operate legally.

Peer says the speech was also not only focusing on certain sections of society but apply to all diligent citizens to operate legally.

She says people including some foreign nationals who believe the attacks were sparked by the President’s recent utterances are wrong and should

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  1. African mindset needs to change for its people to set a new social-economic and political agenda to solve the continental problems. The situation in RSA is just a wake up call for a potential time bomb yet to explode before our very own eyes.

    • I doubt that Lungu and the current cohort of African leaders are the best to deal with such a mammoth task. But then again we cannot just sit back, well done Mumba for starting what van be affectionately be called an ‘Africa shall be saved’ agenda.

    • Lets work hard and develop our own country instead of fighting a tribal war…..this shows that we only have Zambia to call home…..Diaspora should only be for a short stay…..we have Livingstone(Vic falls) copper and Agriculture…..these are enough to bring in resources but we just need good leadership not politicians making themselves rich overnight

    • @Anonymous, how can a Zambia develop if citizens fail to find even a name. You are such a useless example @Anonymous, why are you anonymous, are you a thief? What are you hiding from?

    • @Nostradamus
      I don’t have a name i have a title….and am not hiding from anyone….you when i challenge you to develop Zambia then you become salty…..Start doing something back home….mwiponta mukabwela

    • South Africans have this unique problem of xenophobia in Africa. Most of them have no much understanding of other African countries, have very little education, and do not hesitate to blame other Africans for their economic woes. They need a lot of teaching to change this mindset. I still love my South African brothers and sisters, even though I would never want to live in South Africa–unless their bad attitude towards other Africans changes. Also the South African leaders should make an effort to teach their people about the evils of xenophobia. Remind them that some South African citizens also relocate to other countries too, and no one harasses them in the new country. And also that the neighboring countries helped South Africa in her struggle for liberation. Zambia especially…

    • helped much. Teach them this history. The only South African leader I’ve heard trying to teach South Africans to love and get along with other Africans, is Julius Malema. Ramaphosa needs to do more also.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, why is SA having an influx of illegal migrants? I think SADC will do better to address governance and human rights issues in countries where these people are coming from. That should be the starting point!!

    • Xhenophobic attacks in South Africa must be condemned with the contempt they deserve by all well meaning Zambians and Africa as a all…pertrated by useless, little educated and good for nothing thugs…South Africa… what a shame…

  2. These South African xenophobic people call us “makwerekwere” and they have visceral hatred.Yes Mumba is right,call an emergency SADC summit over these bloody attacks.

  3. I agree with Nevers, it seems the South African government is happy to see what’s going on in their country. This isn’t the first time such acts of savagery have on display, I haven’t heard of any prosecutions. What goes on in the minds of the SADC leaders when they see those videos and pictures? What kind of human beings are they? Indeed poverty has got no heroes. Let’s boycott SA and their goods, the kaffirs have gone too far

    • Ramaphosa is only interested mutu ma election and that’s why he’s even supporting grabbing white owned land. He’s not sincere. Ever since he ousted Jacob Zuma, he’s kept quiet about the corruption Zuma had committed while in office.

    • People go wherever they think they will find opportunities. We have so many Boers and kaffirs working in our mines, some of them without even proper qualifications and getting giant salaries, have we stoned them to death? Shut up if you don’t have anything to say.

    • Ask your President who goes there for basic health check and eager to send anyone there…if we had a smart President only 30 % of foods in Shoprite and other SA stores would imported and the rest manufactured and produced locally.

    • Ayatollah – And what’s the definition of a “Kaffir”? If you are going to use such words at least know where to use them.

    • @Jay Jay, black South Africans were called kaffirs by the Boers, and their behavior now befits the description

    • Adedos go back to your grade 4 class. A human being has always traveled. Even those Zulu people are not original South Africans. You cannot tie people to one place, that is tantamount to preventing progress. America is occupied by people from all over the world and that makes it a great nation.

    • Funny this Adedos 2021 is not posting from Lusaka but from a foreign country. He should be worried that what is happening in South Africa can happen where he’s staying.

    • Ayatollah – And what do you think they call other black people? You are like a slave on a slave ship bragging to the other that your chain around your neck is shiner than your friends.

    • Because in countries like Malawi and Zambia, politicians are corrupt and stealing from the poor. No employment prospects even for University graduates.

    • Don’t be misled by the flag on my posts to think that I am in South Africa, NO. I am very much around.

  4. No wonder the Boers are busy combat training with assistance of Israelis deep in Boer farmlands; they know that once these fools ransack shops owned by hardworking fellow Africans its them next…a black SA would not hesitate one minute to put a burning tyre on the neck of a makwerekwere but will think very careful about attacking a white man. Its laughable every time I hear some people say that Mandela was a great President …the man was a puppet simply look at how lost his people are; you have a whole minister using unpalatable language against black foreigners for political points.

    • No they don’t have those goals of robbing the whites. They are in awe of the white man They just want to kill fellow blacks not whites

  5. No wonder the Boers are busy combat training with assistance of Israelis deep in Boer farmlands; they know that once these foooools ransack shops owned by hardworking fellow Africans its them next…a black SA would not hesitate one minute to put a burning tyre on the neck of a makwerekwere but will think very careful about attacking a white man. Its laughable every time I hear some people say that Mandela was a great President …the man was a puppet simply look at how lost his people are; you have a whole minister using unpalatable language against black foreigners for political points.

  6. President Mumba I am giving 100 percent correct this is how opposition readers should think not fighting insult all the time.

    • @Ndanje , if your PF stops stealing and starts creating quality jobs, no Zambian will go to SA, same in Malawi , Zimbabwe and Mozambique

    • That’s your problem. I have never said this before but because of your sicupidity I will say it. Your ka small god sold companies that employed many people in our country and put the money realized in overseas banks. And for your information, Zambians, Malawians, Mozambiquans have always trekked to South Africa for jobs. Stop this nonsense of blaming PF for everything. And know that I don’t own the PF. Weren’t there Zambians in South Africa before PF came to power. Useless loser.

  7. Yes urgent talks needed. Black SA’s are violent and are mentally damaged by their system. They have lent up and are ready to take it out on someone. Cyril did use misleading language and this Peer Fawksake, is wrong to try to cover the truth. Let’s dialogue.

    We in Zambia would never dirty our shirts getting into fights with white or black South Africans enjoying the share of our economy. And there are many in Zambia.

  8. Poverty is not a good thing. Need to work together. No need to fight each other. A lot of interdisciplinary hardwork coulpled with good leadership is need to fight poverty. The challenge with Africa is purely in the real of leadership and attitude of the majority of the citizenry. Attitude determines altitude. The reality for sure is that we are very poor. The worst kind of poverty is mental and spiritual, because that’s the genesis of physical poverty in most instances. We need to emancipate ourselves from mental slaverly. A poverty of leadership as a whole is the issue. National, corporate, church and home leadership is a huge challenge in Africa. It’s a sad state of affairs,but I believe in Africa’s capacity to rise above it’s challenges like the noble eagle in its majestic flight…

  9. Africa has the best geographical location in the world. It’s the richest in terms of natural resources, yet the poorest.
    We are the enemy of our selves. We spend a lot of time and resources fighting each other, instead of fighting problems. We need to love each other and work together.

  10. We have no problems at all. What we need is a transformation of learning beginning with teaching of how to think from grade one before teaching religion. I think religious education should start in grade 8 after some basic foundation in science and analytical thinking have been laid.

  11. You give away one of the biggest copper mines in the world, kcm for only $25million, less than the price of a stadium, and the indians did not have to pay upfront, as a result Zambia has lost billion of dollars. You have surrendered your emeralds to indians, lebanese, and Senegalese. You are displaced in your own country, you are untouchable, you give away land to foreigners, they make videos of your women with dogs and you continue to buy from their shops, not even for one day did you boycott their businesses. Fix the problems in your own country before making a nuisance of yourself as an economic refugee, in other countries.

  12. Like I ve seen some where else I also have never heard a South African leader give any praise to Zambia or even Tanzania for helping them during apartheid. I have heard Mozambican and Namibia leaders praise Zambia for this. The ANC are only interested in Indians like Guptas

  13. Nevers cannot make a good leader. He is too irrational. Call SADC for what? To just look stupid. This is the very reason he was fired by Mwanawasa. He never learnt anything. Xenophobia is an SA problem and is a genuine problem that should not be trivialized. HH is smart.

  14. Ayatollah the world is massive and you can choose where to go.Just because South African is near does not mean that you have to go.Weigh the cost and benefits or else they will be clobbering you everytime.If an apportunity for me to go to the middle east ,I will compare money with endangering my life . Because peace is important,I will not accept that job offer.So,it is about choice brother man unless it is your country of birth.

  15. South African president is seeing migrants killed brutally like wild animals .Bear in mind the following:your electricity is from Mozambique,your oil is from DRC and ofcourse Libya,Your businesses telecommunications companies are in Nigeria ,Malawi,zambia,Mozambique etc,think of Game stores,shoprite,pep just to mention a few.Above all this the apartheid regime saw most african countries hosting your citizens with love and care .Bringing apartheid to halt was the duty of all african countries but now that you are at peace you think you have wings .Thanks to Comrade Julius Malema for recognising all this foregoing and condemning the remorseless ,barbaric acts of xenophobia .Infact he deserves to be honoured as ‘Sir Julius Malema’.We are giving you guys 48hrs to end your nosence before…

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