President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has implored the Zambia Correction Service to help feed the region.

President Lungu said this can only be achieved if men and women in uniform under the Correction Service work hard.

He urged the Correction Service to endeavor to grow more agricultural produce as this will enable the country to feed other countries in the region.

President Lungu cited Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe as some of the countries that are in dared need of help following the recent tropical cyclone IDai that massively devastated the cited countries.

The Head of State said the country will only be able to share and feed affected countries if the correction service produces enough harvest.

“I directed that we look around for what is available and share with the affected countries by the cyclone Idai.

We can only share and feed others, if you people work hard.” He stressed.

President Lungu said this when He visited Mukuyu Correction Service Farm in Kabwe.

And speaking earlier at the same event, Commissioner General Dr Chisela Chileshe said the service has the potential to produce enough agricultural produce if supported with mechanized farming equipment.

Dr Chileshe said the correction service can play a very important role in ensuring that Zambia becomes one of the food baskets in the continent and contribute to the nation’s resource envelope.

Meanwhile, Dr Chileshe disclosed that the irrigation project at the farm has reached 90 percent completion.

And Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo assured the Head of State that the correction service is implementing the call it made for the service not to be a burden on the treasury but to be self-sustaining.

He thanked President Lungu for visiting the farm as his presence will motivate the men and women to work hard.

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  1. Bwana Lungu it is the farmers who need to be given incentives to produce more food.Let the prisons department stick to their core mandate of corrections.


  2. This man is as useless as they come …he will address every irrelevant issue but the economy, you bought 2000 pointless solar hammer mils from China now you want prisoners to feed the region. You are in Kabwe which is basically in Central Province that’s a farming area and you are talking of prisoners feeding the province.


  3. Prisons are barely managing to feed the prisoners and you want them to feed the nation. Give farmers those incentives and not only will they feed the nation but even have enough for export.


  4. That prisoners should work?The Methodists and the bible says that”by the sweat of a man’s face.That man should eat bread”.Although I would not be happy eating prison food.Peter Carlos Hinds.



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