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No Zambian has died from these recent xenophobic attacks.

General News No Zambian has died from these recent xenophobic attacks.

Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe (l) His Excellency Zambia High commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba (c) and Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba follow the proceeding during the Zambia South African Finance and Investment Forum at Southern Sun

The Zambian High Commission in South Africa says no Zambian has died from the recent wave of anti-foreigner attacks in that county.

Zambia’s envoy in South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba said his office has noted with concern social media reports and articles claiming that Zambians have been affected or killed by recent xenophobic attacks.

“We have also noted that people are circulating some of our old reports where we reported Zambians who were shot or killed or in a particular case where a mob attacked and killed a Zambian,” Mr Mwamba said

He clarified that these deaths were and are not related to the xenophobic attacks that occurred in Springfield Durban last week.

“Kindly exercise responsibility and caution with the use of social media during this period as this may act to inflame emotions and anger as old pictures and old videos have the capacity to stir fresh anger,” he said.

He emphasized that this is not in any way to underplay or undermine the indignation and outrage for any xenophobic attacks.

“As Africans we have made it clear that this unacceptable and infringes on fundamental rights of foreign nationals as life that of a local or foreign is sacred,” he said.

He added, “Our structures from the Zambia High Commission, Zambia Association in South Africa(ZASA) and the Zambian Catholic Community in South Africa are all working together to check on our community. The High Commission is also in touch with the Police.”

“And please note that the recent attacks occurred on Monday in Springfield in eThikweni Municipality in Durban. No other areas in the rest of South African have recorded similar attacks.”

He disclosed that 250 people were displaced and identified as mostly Malawians.

“We also had a case of seven foreign trucks that were burnt to ashes near Mooi River Toll Plaza in Durban. As African Diplomats, we have called for an urgent meeting with government authorities.”

“We are glad to announce that The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation and the Police Minister Hon. Bheke Cele will meet us Monday 1st April 2019 to address our concerns about the lives of foreign African nationals living in South Africa and the recent xenophobic attacks that occurred in Durban. We are also encouraging anyone who is affected or any family members that are in distress to get in touch with us.”

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    • @1 Kongola twine,why are you worried about his transfer as it is a legal matter cast in stone? Suppose his boss has changed his mind on his redeployment? Remember,he was one time rumoured to be going to Malaysi a but he ended up S.Africa!!

    • Sometimes it is best to keep quiet about these things.

      Whether it is a Zimbabwean, or Nigerian, that has been murdered in RSA, it affects us all.

      Do you think those savages in RSA know the difference?

      I am sad to say this, but I am starting to think that the only person that can tame those savages is a boer.

      We thought boers were cruel to our black brothers in RSA at the time, but it turns out they knew what they were doing.


  1. I wish we could do the same through trade. We can stop their trucks from passing through Zambia via DRC. Southern Africa unity and face the reality. Enough is enough. How long will we watch out people touched.?

  2. Look at these foooools they think when those ignorant Zulu boys have blocked the road and they will let you through when you tell them you are a Zambian..really laughable.

  3. How do you know there are not Zambians? Just because they do not carry a Zambian ID does not mean they are not our nationals.
    Zambians have been living and working in SA since the 90’s…

  4. It’s not fair to enter South Africa illegally because some of us we have paid alot of money including repatriation fee and yet some jump the fancy and cry when beaten.

    Any Zambian who would be beaten by south Africans and he/ she has a work permit or study permit should contact me and I will sue the south African government in a bad way. We will make money out of their stupid and come back to Zambia for good. We are here for money and if money comes our way we will definitely grab it with both hands.

    • DJ7, your statement is careless and childish!

      Do you really think those savages are asking for IDs before they murder someone?

      Do you think those shop owners being murdered do not have IDs?

      Please learn to be sensitive. Just because you are not directly affected today does not mean you are immune.

      Let us condemn these savages with one voice.

  5. Zambians are just too docile. While the Bible tells us to turn the other cheek it leaves us to decide what to do after both cheeks have been slapprd. South Africans are not even slapping us but brutally killing our fellow Africans. It we blockade our roads that economy will crumble. We have the Dar port as an alternative..its time to act!!!!!

  6. Either Zambian or Nigerian what you must know is we are all human being and one continent just do your job to stop the stupid behaviour which is happening there if they killed an American citizen this time south Africa should be in danger. But…

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