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South Africa’s Foreign Minister to Meet SADC Ambassadors over xenophobic attacks

General News South Africa's Foreign Minister to Meet SADC Ambassadors over xenophobic attacks

South Africa's Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Hon. Lindiwe Sisulu  with Zambia's Foreign Minister Joseph Malanji with Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba
South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Hon. Lindiwe Sisulu with Zambia’s Foreign Minister Joseph Malanji with Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba

South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Hon. Lindiwe Sisulu will tomorrow Monday meet SADC Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to that country regarding reports of xenophobic attacks that have re-emerged in some parts of that country.

According to a statement released to the media by Mrs Naomi Nyawali, the First Secretary Press and Public Relation at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria South Africa, the meeting which has been described as urgent ,follows concerns raised by the diplomatic community after violent attacks on foreign nationals particularly those from the SADC region.

Zambia High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr Emmanuel Mwamba says the Dean of diplomatic community in South Africa Ambassador. Bene Mpoko would lead the diplomatic corp.

Mr Mwamba says the meeting will be aimed at trying to diffuse raising tensions between local South Africans and foreign nationals.

He noted that over 250 foreign Nationals have so far become victims of violent attacks which occurred in durban Kwa-Zulu Natal province.(KZN).

He says 7 foreign trucks were burnt near Mooi River Toll Plaza in Durban.

Mr Mwamba has however emphasised that no Zambian national has so far been a victim of the recent attacks.

He has since cautioned Zambians nationals living or travelling to that country to take extra precautions by avoiding certain places snd areas where there are public protests until the matter was adequately addressed

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  1. You SADC just blatantly tell South Africa off and that you will boycott their goods if they do not act asap.
    We are tired of their backwardness.

    • Look at that stupid smile from Emmanuel Mwamba…..he looks retarded with that grin on his face
      Am not of the idea of begging South Africa or boycotting anything….lets just leave them in peace and develop our own country…..there’s a reason we are called Zambians……so for Zambians in RSA just pack your katundu and say goodbye to RSA….lets make it happen in Zambia

    • Am appealing to all Zambians in the Diaspora…..all over the world….lets start developing Zambia bit by bit…..Zambia is such a beautiful and blessed Country…ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

    • At least we wont see publicity hungry crook Mwamba ….I can’t wait to see him off…I can pay for his taxi to the airport!!

    • Meeting should for the long-
      term goals focus on how to prevent tyranny, promote democracy, reduce corruption and promote human rights in SADC. If that were to happen, the economies of SADC will thrive and there will be no illegal immigrants going to SA. The emotional outbursts such as boycotting SA goods are superficial when we have zero manufacturing in SADC!!!

    • I would fire Malanji. He is useless, domicile. I would rather beg Shyambikula, Kajimpanga or Wilber Simussa to leave their embassy and add value to cabinet.
      Even Emmanuel can do a better job.

    • @anonymous well said, it’s time to develop Zambia we can do it! Even my son a medical doctor is returning to set up his own private surgery not in Lusaka or Kitwe which are over crowded and expensive towns but deep in the rural areas of North Western province. We can do it and to count or blame the govt for everything is being retrogressive, charity begins at home bane.

    • Good governance through transparency and accountability for the strained available resources utilization and persuasive visibility on efforts curbing corruption could entice Zambians in the diaspora to plough their hard earned savings into the home economy through private project initiatives. However the challenge is with government to provide safety against perceptions of high risk national investment status!

  2. Yes let’s close down shops like Shop-rite, Pay’n Pick (whatever it’s called) etc. Let’s open our old MWAISENIS and start producing our own fruit juices from the many fruits that we have including mangoes.

    • So you want govt to open stores bring back NIEC like you want national airline…really laughable…just threaten to come out of SADC and COMESA then make olicy changes its not normal for us to have a 10 to 90% trade imbalance with RSA.

    • Those shops could have been viable except for the incompetence of the managers. I don’t see the difference between ZCBC and Shoprite other than that the latter is able to make profit while the former couldn’t.

    • @nkope is it shop rite and picknpay that are committing xenophobic attacks? If anything these companies are the ones that often employ foreigners in South Africa, so many Zimbabweans and Zambians living in South Africa are working in some of these companies you condemn.

  3. When is this crook Mwamba leaving for Ethiopia …you had a farewell party but you are still lingering….Please go we are tired of seeing your foooooolish face!!

  4. Ignorance is a great evil. These rioters don’t even know that as our people are in South Africa doing various things, there are also South Africans working or doing business in the countries where those they are attacking are coming from.

    • The campaigners for Britain to leave Europe (Brexit) put emphasis on the foreigners getting British jobs without explaining important details. As usual the MOB PSYCHOLOGY syndrome worked. Today the British have realized the naked truth and want a second referendum. Same with the Zulus. They don’t know how their country makes money. They don’t know that we are the people making it possible for their country to tick.

    • There goes Mr. low IQ Khakis. Yesterday this moron claimed someone sold companies on the CB resulting in rampant unemployment. How vacuous and obtuse is this claim! So if a crime was committed during privatization 25 years ago why don’t the PF arrest and prosecute perpetrators and in Ndaje’s moronic mind, that will create jobs, how pathetic!!

    • Thanks Obatala for exposing your lack of intellect. We are discussing xenophobia but you choose a completely different subject on the wrong forum. Maybe you love me and can’t sleep without interacting with me. God bless you and guide you.

    • @ Obatala you’re a UPND sycophant and zealot who is into group think mentality..Nothing will change that the Supreme leader HH of the UPND who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers sold the mines and other Parastatals for a song to his greedy friends due to his acute inferiority complex to the whites. No amount of tricks and trying to suppress the truth that HH is a thief will change that narrative

    • To the retards @Ndanje Khakis and @Fwanya, why has you useless PF not arrested the man. Why has Edgar and team failed to create jobs, why are salaries for govt workers delayed, why is poverty pervasive in Zambia. I am sure you retarded minds will blame HH. Being retarded is often genetic, please check your lineage. Hopefully your offspring do not carry your genes!!

  5. Despite attacks, neighbouring countries people are coming to South Africa. Bottom line, SADC countries should develop their economies. The political elite in SADC are letting their people. Look at Zimbabwe, Mugabe is gone, the new govt has worst situation than Mugabe.

  6. Thinking about it and balancing this, it’s true black South Africans are dullards. They are pompous and fake. They are like House Negro’s well trained by Boers ain’t it!….

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