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Zambians should not to fall prey to lies by the opposition Alliance regarding the National Dialogue Forum Bill

Headlines Zambians should not to fall prey to lies by the opposition Alliance...

 YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe

The Young African Leaders Initiative has called on Zambians not to fall prey to lies and misconceptions by the opposition Alliance regarding the National Dialogue Forum Bill which goes for second reading in Parliament tomorrow.

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe has reminded Zambians, that had it not been for this group and its lies and misinformation, Zambia would have had an effective and expanded bill of rights which would have guaranteed people’s fundermental liberties and social rights.

Mr. Ntewewe warned Zambians not to buy into the bogus interpretations and misconceptions being peddled by the Church, the UPND-led Opposition Alliance and former members of the now defunct Grand Coalition that they should prefere the church led dialogue.

“In the past week, they have been reading from the script, with the same flimsy excuses! They have all been telling Zambians that they should prefer a church-led dialogue”, he said.

“What is the agenda of the same dialogue? What are the guidelines, composition and the rules governing the same dialogue? Zambians have been told that the church has consulted widely; who have the church consulted and when did they consult? Is the church in its current condition even in a position to handle the reconciliation on the political scene when the church’s own leaders are so very deeply divided? Does this same church-led dialogue have a legal framework? Is it guided by law”, he added.

Mr. Ntewewe said the Church has had over three years to ensure that the dialogue happens, but they have failed to bring political parties together even when the political parties already agreed on the thematic areas.

He said Zambia cannot continue to procrastinate as time is of the essence.

Mr. Ntewewe noted that the 2021 elections are around the corner, the Zambian people do not subscribe to constant bickering and simply talking but they want the governance reforms like yesterday.

He said Zambians do not need a public talk show, they want results through effective reforms.

Mr. Ntewewe said the church-led dialogue has failed because one side wants to dictate to the other and will not allow the other side to bring in another “shibukombe” with whom they feel comfortable.

“Now, what kind of mediation is it where one side chooses the mediator who then dictates the terms of the process? That is what UPND and the church have done. Why, they have refused to disclose the source of funds or the donor of those funds, they have refused to disclose to all the parties to the dialogue who this mysterious donor is, how much money was given and how the money will be managed”, he added.

“YALI is asking: how can the nation engage in an open dialogue under a the church which refuses to disclose such vital information? What are they hiding? What is the interest of that mysterious donor in a Zambian national dialogue and why won’t the church disclose this?In any event, the church-led dialogue is not backed by any legal framework and it therefore fails to meet the basic minimum for a successful results-based National Dialogue! Zambians have been told that the National Dialogue Forum is not supposed to include our MPs”, he said.

He said YALI is concerned adding that the only people who have the legitimacy to speak on behalf of the people are the President, the Vice President and the elected Members of Parliament, to whom we have delegated our power as a people and as a nation, through the Constitution.

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    • When someone resorts to insults or fighting, just know that that person has no points to counter the argument.

    • This chap is a beneficiary of brown envelop, just eat and keep quiet. Let those who have the heart for the people (he church and opposition alliance) fight for well encompassing and inclusive constitution that will benefit the country.

    • It’s not just the opposition but even CSOs and other normal Zambians don’t support the bill.

      17. (1)A person commits an offence who, when required to attend before the Forum or before a committee or to produce any document or supply any information that is required by the members— (a) absents oneself from a meeting or sitting of the Forum or any committee without reasonable excuse and the permission of the Chairperson; (b) refuses or fails, without sufficient cause, to produce any document or supply any information in the person’s possession or under the person’s control and mentioned or referred to in the notice served on the person; or (c) knowingly gives false information to the members or to the members of a committee.

      (2) A person convicted of an offence under subsection…

    • (2) A person convicted of an offence under subsection (1) is liable to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand penalty units or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or to both.

      18. (1) A person commits an offence if that person— (a) obstructs, interferes with, or hinders the appointment, swearing-in, membership or duties of a member; or (b) threatens violence against the Chairperson, a ViceChairperson, a member, the Secretary or a member of staff of the Secretariat. (2) A person convicted of an offence under subsection (1) is liable to imprisonment for a term not less than one year but not exceeding three years without the option of a fine.

      In the bill the PF have put these provisions for the sole purpose of attempting to arrest HH. The devil is in the details.

    • YALI was a promising organization for the Youths. Today its been reduced to a tissue-paper after it was hijacked/State-captured by this Lungu-worshipper called Ntewewe just like LAZ was state captured by PF cadres under Mwitwa.

  1. Can someone please tell this PF vuvuzela that his party does not even have the so called arrogance of numbers to amend the constitution even if all independent mps vote with them!

  2. the thief is talking – what can the thief tell us after stealing donor money – shame. this chap must stop talking he is a thief.

  3. Let’s be weary of ‘democracy’ by deception that the opposition alliance has been pushing. Thank God that any well meaning Zambian does not need to look far to see the dangerous selfishness and hypocrisy. A word of advice to all, whatever you do in the dark will be revealed in the open sooner or later. No one can force themselves into a position God has not destined for them for the consequences are destruction!

  4. “Which misconceptions are peddled by the Church”
    The Commonwealth offered to lead the dialogue process, you called them foreigners
    Then the church offered to help,you called them hypocrites
    What do you party cadres want then?
    Zambians are not blind and dumb to listen to nonsense from YALI

  5. we dont support the hijacked national dialogue by pf and its bought supporters. let credible people handle the issue we know what you want, but aaah no to it.

  6. It is true..going by law MPs are peoples representatives and hence they must be part of the dialogue. Why dont they want them to be part given that people have elected them to be representatives? And why not being transparent about everything? Disclose the source of funding etc.

    The other issue is…why does the UPND and its alliance want the agenda to consist only their concerns? Really I smell a big rat here

  7. This Andrew Ntewewe is a useless,brainless PF vuvuzela who has nothing to offer.And stop insulting our church mother bodies because a curse is lingering on your life Ntewewe,seek repentance before it is too late.

  8. How can we know that it’s the opposition telling lies and not the government. People are sceptical of the government because they have been constantly lying in the past and have been caught red handed doing so(social cash, fire tenders, toll gates etc).

    • The legislature is made up of elected representatives. This mandate cannot be usurped. Delusional HH made one absurd comment which confirmed to me how dull this aspiring president is.

  9. When someone is insulting just know that he or she has nothing to offer?some times it the parents to blame coz they used to insult in present of there child

  10. God can never be cheated. The church leaders will confess the source of money. The alliance will be exposed just wait a little bit. God is never fooled


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