Mwaliteta in court for being in possession of machetes, stones, knives and wooden pick handles

Gary Nkombo and Mwaliteta
Gary Nkombo and Mwaliteta
Gary Nkombo and Mwaliteta
Gary Nkombo and Mwaliteta

UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta has appeared in court for being in possession of offensive weapons. In this Matter it is alleged that Mr. Mwaliteta and James Sichomba were found with machetes, stones, knives and wooden pick handles in Kafue district.

The two could however not take plea because the court has not yet received consent from the Director of Public Prosecutions -DPP-.

The suspects later applied for bail which was granted.

In his application, Defence lawyer Zevyanji Sinkala asked the court to grant the application because the suspects are of fixed abode.

And in her ruling, Lusaka Magistrate Alice Walusiku granted a five-thousand-kwacha cash bail to the suspects.

Magistrate Mwalusiku also ordered the suspects to provide two working sureties who have been bonded in the sum of five thousand kwacha but in their own recognizance.

The matter has since been adjourned to the 17th of April 2019 for mention.

Last week UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, accused Zambia Police of being under instruction to Keep Mr Mwaliteta in Jail when he visited Mr Mwaliteta, in the company of some senior party officials.

This was after police failed to avail him to court last week despite the court schedule indicating that he was supposed to appear before the Magistrate Court in room 3.

Police had no reason for not bringing Mr Mwaliteta to Police but told Mr Hichilema that he could only visit him during the visiting hour at 12 hrs.

Mr Hichilema and his entourage then took a walk to Levy Junction were his supporters gave him no space as they all damanded a handshake and a photo.

Later Mr Hichilema and his entourage went back to the police station where he was allowed to see Mwaliteta.

Mr Hichilema, was happy to see Mr Mwaliteta in high spirit and asked him to remain strong and focused because the fight was for the love of the nation.

“We all have to unite and remain strong in this current volatile political atmosphere which has led to the arrest of opposition political party members on tramped up charges.” said President Hichilema.

Mr Mwaliteta was scheduled to appear at Lusaka Magistrate Court last week , but his case failed to take off and police said Mr Mwaliteta was going to appear before Magistrate Court that afternoon which again was not true because he was again not brought before the court.

Speaking to journalists shortly after seeing Mr Mwaliteta, Hichilema said he was saddened that the Mwaliteta had been subjected to “harsh” and “inhuman” detention conditions.

Mr Hichilema said it was dictatorial for the PF to continue subjecting Zambians to numerous economic challenges and hardships and later keep denying them basic freedoms such as freedom of expression.

He described Police’s failure to avail Mr Mwaliteta to court last week as a method that tyrants use to deny citizens quick access to justice.

Mr Mwaliteta, who was arrested on 27th March, 2019, to answer to charges of unlawful possession of offensive weapons.


  1. “ Mr Hichilema, was happy to see Mr Mwaliteta in high spirit and asked him to remain strong and focused because the fight was for the love of the nation.” Can someone explain to me how hacking your fellow citizens with matchets translates into love of the nation. Is there no other ingenious way to show love for your nation?

    • Iwe Mulanga he was going to chop wood for the people without electricity and the knives where descaling fish with all that bream in Kafue river also very sure the pick handles were for pounding the dry maize. what’s the problem??????????

    • If what we seeing on social media of Mr KZ is true then we await seeing Mr KZ in court very soon and if not then leave these ones too. Let’s have fair and equal rights for every Zambian.

    • They arrested Mr Mwaliteta, and we saw him in the house and of the police but never saw the weapons the pf found.Mwaliteta is a very good man than Pf pretenders.

    • the police in sesheke displayed the machetes found on PF cadres but not on was arrested instead the police officers were fired now no weapons have been displayed but Mwaliteta has been arrested.

    • Southern province at its best…..UPND should be looked at very seriously….these guys are ready to bring tribal fighting in Zambia…..UPND is a very dangerous tribal grouping

    • @ Kelvin Mulanga
      Its like you read my mind brother, I had same sentiments! This is where you see that this Under 5 is really the architect of all this nonsense and divisions being exhibited in our country. Before he came on the political scene, everyone embraced, respected and treated each other with love but now he has managed to alienate our brothers and sisters all because of his personal and selfish agenda. Its time people realized that HH is a destroyer and an evil man who takes advantage of the unsuspecting tribesmen.
      Why hasnt he allowed others to challenge his position? Does it meant that if he were to drop out, then thats the end of UPND?

    • “The two could however not take plea because the court has not yet received consent from the Director of Public Prosecutions -DPP”

      Clearly there is no case here …you kept him in jail that long with DPP receiving consent…this has to end the selfsame injustice PF is dishing out will be served to them in opposition.

    • The tragedy is that UPND has alienated Southern Province from the rest of the country because of its tribal revolution. This was not the case with Mr Mazoka, mhsrip.

  2. “Mr Mwaliteta was subjected to inhuman conditions. ..” Well I suppose those who are in jail are not human beings because those conditions were meant for them. Please speak for all people not just for your member. A good leader should not appear to support a person who is a suspect in a very serious crime. Anyway HH has never been known to condemn Upnd violence unless it’s perpetrated by the PF.

    • Did they arrest those cadres who attacked Kalaba’s convoy?
      What about the PF cadres who attacked council workers in Kabwe?

    • Nostradamus, it’s not rocket science that there’s no way PF can organize people in Kasempa to attack an opposition leader. Is it not possible that others could have masqueraded the PF

  3. Mwaliteta should be caged hence a good message to all law breakers during elections, this is an opportunity for the courts to help Zambia fight violence.

  4. Does hh understand the meaning of freedom of expression. How can been found with dangarous weapons in public and during campaigns amount to freedom of expression.

    • Some people are so naive …to continue beliving PF lies ……Without photographic evidence any thing from PF is lies.

    • Spaka do you want the police to go hunting for a PF cadre to arrest even if there’s no visible or physical offense? Let Mwaliteta explain why he had those items with him, like someone has said maybe he was going to cut some firewood. You and me were not there.

  5. they burned markets as cover to import 42 cheaply converted fire trucks at $42 million….they told us how inoge winas house was burned in WP , they told us how highly trained UPND comandos kidnapped PF in bweengwa, they told us GBM training UPND militia to attack ZDF using golf clubs and catapults, ……

    Their caders were caught with pangas in sesheke , and others on film attacking opposition with pistols …

  6. @ Spaka
    You are just a bitter man like your small god and mind you, you will just d1e a poor man who has run of time.

    • Spaka I thought you’re educated and would know what flag that country belongs to. Of course sometimes LT doesn’t filter the flags or something.

  7. I have no problem with arrest of anyone who intends or actually harms another person but can this be done selectively. Some minister who shot someone in western province is still serving as a minister. The other guy shots at will and is still serving too. what is the problem?

  8. Sad that again Mwaliteta is being arrested for criminality. Was he not imprisoned some time back? I think he enjoys dirty cells.

  9. NJala yamunyokola Mwaliteta.Let him look for grade 12 certificate and get back to politics……………………

  10. Even me I saw that video of Kaizer Zulu circulating on social media in which he was found with offensive weapons and he called police officers “idiots”.Why wasn’t he arrested? I stand to be corrected

  11. You don’t have to believe everything you read.Panga seems like part of 21st century politics approved by political leaders.I would call it a
    political campaign tool.

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