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President Lungu has personal vendetta against me-Kambwili

Headlines President Lungu has personal vendetta against me-Kambwili

President Edgar Lungu with Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: President Edgar Lungu with Chishimba Kambwili during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on January 24,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Opposition NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili has claimed that President Edgar Lungu pushed for a by election in Roan in order to settle scores against him.

Dr Kambwili said President Lungu has a personal vendetta against and has been trying to find ways to punish him.

He disclosed that he was the only Member of Parliament who required a Police Permit in order to meet the people of Roan.

Dr Kambwili revealed that Roan Constituency was also denied Constituency Development Funds for more than three years despite its neighbouring Luanshya Central receiving its share.

He told residents during a door to door campaign in Roan for NDC Candidate Joseph Chishala that President Lungu was doing all that to punish him.

“I explained how roads we where supposed to do in roan were delayed because Lungu thought if the roads in roan are done then my popularity would grow, this is a man who refused to meet the miners when they were fired. I further explained how the Council through the mayor and the DC (Chibuye) withdrew a piece of land that was designated for a new school in between Mpatamatu and Roan,” Dr Kambwili said.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step. Walk with Joseph Chishala and I to Roan, let us hold our hands together as we continue to be there for one another. Roan can only be developed with people that have genuine concern for the people and not temporary bye elections aimed at increasing numbers in parliament thus holding the people at ransom,” he said.

“President Lungu failed the people of roan when he grew cold feet because one of his men was able to mobilize and garner votes far much better than he could,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Kambwili is today expected in Court in a case in which Avic employees who were arrested when they came to his home to seek audience with him over their poor conditions of service.


  1. Just sell your message and don’t blame Lungu.
    People are not stupid. Making noise all the time won’t get you anywhere …

    • You where expelled by PF. Then formed your own party and then started disrespecting the president day in and day out with your new found best friend The Delusional Dictator HH. You where no longer representing PF as MP. What did you expect the president to do. Hold your hand and stroke your tummy?

    • Lungu is an ungrateful person. Sata made him deputy minister when Kambwili was a full cabinet minister. Lungu has completely annihilated Sata’s legacy and truth be told, without Kambwili’s support, Lungu would never have won the elections

    • @ The Real Olivia Pope.
      Kambwili’s loyalty lies with the people who voted for him and not PF. This is why we’ve remained behind as country. Why would you want Kambwili to continue supporting PF policies if those policies are not beneficial to the people who voted for him? You must realize that Kambwili was in parliament to represent the people of Roan constituency and not to show blind loyalty to a dictatorial regime.

    • 1.2 you are partially correct, on the other side of the coin, people rode on PF’s popularity Kambwili inclusive. Without PF Kambwili cannot pull crowds he was managing. The roan by-elections is a reality check for him and a really sorry site.

    • Obatala can you please tell us what you mean by Sata’s legacy? I thought you called him CHIMBWI NO PLAN.? Why do always change with every situation? Same was with Guy Scott MUZUNGU OPUSA. To day Scott is hero. Kambwili was a thief but today he’s an innocent angel victimized by dictator Lungu. Your instability is the other thing HH should look at as he rebrands his party strategy.

    • @Ndanje Khakis
      Anybody can correctly guess UPNDs new strategy.In Africa bribing the voters with 10 pins,buying alcohol and using violence is the surest way of electoral victory.
      The majority of the young electorate in Zambia are poor,unemployed and uneducated. Clean politics and articulating on economic and social issues is just a waste of time.

    • BUFFOON CK is spoiling the race for his candidate with his nonsense….last week you were calling for these fooools to come to CB now they are there just sell your candidate and please make sure your candidate is with you 24/7 as they will bribe him and he will back down at the last minute.

    • BREAKING: State enters nolle in CK’s unlawful assembly case
      The Director of Public Prosecutions has entered a nolle prosequi in a matter in which NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili was appearing before the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for unlawful assembly.

      This is the waste of time I talk about…after the frustrate you then drop the case…this has to stop.
      Zambians wake up from your docility!!!

    • Nonsense … this is the same guy (ECL) who once lamented that he lost you for acting fast without all the facts.

      I guess it is the other way round, CK! For one second, Kambwili … please sit down. You are all over the place.

      Whatcha gonna do now, huh??? Roan is no longer in your purview, parliament is gone, your accounts are ceased, your legal fees insurmountable and you are just a consultant.

      May heaven have mercy on your ragged soul … heaven help the rest of us.

      Epo Mpelele,


    • Negative, its been a one way lane. One way traffic. You publicly hauling insults on on ECL. I haven’t head ECL abusing you verbally unless you say he does it secretly. Yeah, like you on the public and him on the quiet sides.
      Who does that?
      It’s politics and please face it.
      Those concerned if CK’s rants are correct and he is being treated unfair kindly rescue the thicknecked gòon, otherwise, pass.

    • Ba Kambwili Nabo! Tapali ifya personal vendetta apa. Lungu like any dictator is surrounded by sycophants who will ban you from visiting your constituency because they want to impress their boss. As an ex Lungu sycophant yourself you should know these behaviors

  2. If Lungu and government were against development in Luanshya when CK was area MP under PF, what will change when Luanshya goes to NDC?

    • That’s a good question. During his time he never mentioned Roan at any time. He was busy with other things. At least the other CB MPs appear to be doing something in their constituencies even though in a small way.

    • Well isn’t he appearing in various courts? I’m not the court but he’s surely appearing in court in between fainting acts.

  3. I think it’s the other way round. You have been insulting Lungu night and day. I remember just after being dropped from cabinet your video where you claimed that LUNGU WAS KORAPT(I’m quoting exactly how you said it ) Cases against you were known even when you were minister and people. ..same people you’re now cohabiting with. .called for your sacking. From the time Lungu out witted for the PF you have just been putting up front while inside you harbor hatred for him. Just admit. Anyway becoming president doesn’t give one indefinite life.

    • Ndanji

      You told us ck will be charged for corruption within 6 months of him leaving grz , we are still waiting badala……

    • Ndanji

      You told us ck will be charged for corruption within 6 months of him leaving grz , we are still waiting badala……

  4. Lets just vote for NDC and stop vokamba Kamba, Kambwili bamu yopa che. Ni chikatundu. PF can win Roan now but 2011 is waiting baba. No chance for PF with this lamentable failure on the economy. More money in peoples pockets – Zero, More jobs – zero, lower taxes – Zero. So what are you arguing about – mwakangiwe – crystal clearly

    • Zambani
      Talk for yourself my friend, who told you that we dont have money in our pockets? Even if we have, is it for you to know about it? Sorry bwana. and if you dont have a job, it doesnt mean that everyone is a lofer sitting idle waiting for manner to come from heaven, awe.
      Anything that you do with passion, formal or informal and it brings food on your table is called employment, imwe ati unless you are wearing a tie and sitting in a 4 walled room, then thats work? No wonder you shall continue living in poverty because your thinking is warped. Better still, if you think you can get work in South Africa, go there and meet the Zulus and Xhosas if you know what I mean.

    • You liar ka Malinso. Zambani is very right. Okay pay civil servants, pay council workers, pay NHA. Your import cover in form of reserves is less than a month. Your own President has admitted that we have challenges, so what are you talking about – shurrup

  5. Does Mr. Kambwili mean that his presumed successor in Roan Constituency on NDC ticket, Joseph Chishala is more stronger than him? I thought Mr. Kambwili glorifies himself much more stronger and I wonder if funds were not released to him as a stronger man, if they will be released to Mr. Chishala for the development of the roads in Roan. Hope he will talk about developmental issues and not his failures and always connecting himself to Lungu: Kambwili’s faliures = Lungu.

  6. All ck did was call Lungu a corrupt theif , that is not an insult.

    If Lungu is not a corrupt theif let him deny this…..

    Lungu is the only president in the whole world who accepts to be called a corrupt theif……

    • @ Spaka
      Your ka HH stole and brought misery to the Copperbelt by undervaluing and selling off all the major mining assets on the Copperbelt and todate, when asked how he HH got all that wealthy, he becomes RED, no wonder his ligalia is red too. You keep insulting President Lungu and accuse him of corruption but you have not laid bare any evidence against him, so that story will not take you anywhere, its all malice and jealous and we all know it.
      UPND under HH has no message of how it can transform Zambia other than the boring and hollow rhetoric of “a better Zambia”, tell the masses how and which economic areas is your focus. Too much ukubwata bwat a like a grade 7 seven pupil.

  7. Roan is not a personal farm for Kambwili and this is a good time to teach him a lesson. We have not forgotten how he corruptly got the golf land, the plots in town center, the plots in Ndola etc.

    • Why has Roan always had funny MPs such as Saindani Phiri, Cameron Pwele and Kambwili. Only VJ Mwaanga was of a sober character. Unfortunately it was under VJ that problems in this unfortunate town started. …not that he was responsible for this.

  8. @Ndanje Khakis
    Anybody can correctly guess UPNDs new strategy.In Africa bribing the voters with 10 pins,buying alcohol and using violence is the surest way of electoral victory.
    The majority of the young electorate in Zambia are poor,unemployed and uneducated. Clean politics and articulating on economic and social issues is just a waste of time.

  9. For people who ‘ve never been to luanshya , Roan/mpetis is not part of luanshya constituency. Kambwili and chishala dont live in Roan or mpetis constituency but in luanshya constituency . This big mouth is a foreigner in his own constituency and thats why he is losing.

  10. What does Zambian politicians take us for? Kambwili when he was enjoying the loot in PF even had the guts to annex Luanshya golf course for his personal use and today he is talking like he is talking to children. What a lousy loser.

  11. sometimes i fail to understand the way some people debate issues. This topic is centered on CK & H.E. Ecl. how does someone bring in HH even if you hate the guy? Can’t you stick to the topic at hand?

  12. Guys, what ever PF promised has failed. So why are we keeping them in power. Taxes, jobs, more money, MMD left mealie meal at K30 please. You must have your head seriously examined by a doctor to support the current scenario. And your temperature must be surely well above 39.5 degrees. I am not UPND and will never be, but I will remain an OBJECTIVE Zambian. Cheat the gullible – not me

    • @Clem. Cement and it’s by products has gone down. Mealie meal has never been stable. KK even went to the extent of grabbing the milling companies so that he could control the cost of the commodity but this only resulted in shortages. The MMD promised to reverse this and yes they did but with the price rising up to almost 5 times. Maybe you’re not there so don’t argue. Once politics are detached from mealie meal things will improve. There’s the positive side, where as cement 5 years ago was approaching the 150 kwacha mark it’s dropped to half that price. What’s the reason? There are no politics there. The people involved in cement production are just businessmen with no interest in political power. Don’t be cheated. I have lived in all governments.

  13. @Cleme;prices are never static world-wide.In 1964,a bag of mealie meal was at 50ngwee.By then this money was a lot.in the 2005 or so under MMD,it was about K35 to k45.This is 2019 and more than 10yrs have passed,you dont expect mealie meal to remain at k45 because there are a lot of factors involved.Fuel,electricity,fertilizer,etc have gone up.Meaning,production has gone up.ASK YOUR HH WHO DID ECONOMICS AT UNZA TO EXPLAIN WHY PRICES FOR GOODS AND SERVICES INCREASE AS YEARS MOVE!!
    As for Kambwili,what will stop ECL from not developing Roan under NDC if even CK was ignored?Roan residents,open your eyes.Voting for NDC will be like having a Kambwili who was fighting ECL 24/7!!Vote for a ruling party PF so that Roan can be developed!!!

  14. We are not interested in PF and UPND stories! Our only hope is in ourselves as citizens not in political parties! It’s so sad how inhuman our leaders have become! You expect people to work on empty stomachs and when they complain you send thugs to brutalize miserable citizens? These same citizens also have children who are supposed to be in University but because you have not been paying them, their children are chased from school. When these youths rise up and say “Twalafilila Munsenga” do you think it will end well with our current crop of misleaders? So CK, we have no sympathy for you! You are also to blame for the mess we are in!

  15. President Lungu has never and will never have or harbor any hatred against you. You are just your own enemy via the dirty which comes out of your stinking anasi. You are always barking like a rabid d0g and the President has never answered you because he is above reproach and not petty and foul mouthed like you.

    • This lost guy also. How can the President be above reproach. Feeling sorry for the dark continent. No body is above reproach please. The only one above reproach is the almighty, please stop misleading your self. You are already not well led and you start misleading yourself again. Chalo nkhanza bati

  16. Soon NDC will turn into a mwadia mweka daddy.
    It’s rough out there.
    Eyes on the ball CK, trade good promises to the electorates not insults and defamation until judgement day at the poll day.

  17. I would like to edge the people based in Roan…
    To put their heads together and look for their hearts desired candidate, while let no base on who and who but that person who will have courage to stand for you in parliament and voice out what you desire.
    One who will remember that poor face as he goes to parliament and represent you, as a person that voted.
    Not waiting for the allowance and salary, I edge all of you to look around and reflect on who to vote for.
    All the best and I know you will be wise in voting.

  18. CK if that is so then you should have tried to confront him personally and try to find out why rather than rushing to the press and start accusing him and insulting him…

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