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74 Workers at Kabwe Council suspended for protesting their delayed salaries


Heaps of garbage at Kabwe Municipal Council offices dumped by protesting Council workers on Friday
Heaps of garbage at Kabwe Municipal Council offices dumped by protesting Council workers on Friday

Management at the Kabwe Municipal Council has charged and suspended with immediate effect 74 Council employees for allegedly having participated in the illegal three day strike action last week.

According to Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Waluka Mwaekwa, the illegal strike actions was contrary to provisions 40.4 paragraph (c, d and e) of the Conditions of Service for Division IV of 1996 as read with the Schedule of Offences and Penalties in the Local Government Service.

The workers have been charged with the offence of Riotous behavior, Acting violently and Omission which intentionally endangers the health or safety of others.

The workers in Division Four have been given two (2) days and those in Division 2 and 3 have been given seven (7) days respectively from the date of receipt of the letters to exculpate themselves and show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken against them.

And the Kabwe Municipal Council Acting Town Clerk Mr. Joel Shawa has also with immediate effect charged and suspended the Senior Health Inspector, Director of Planning, Director of engineering Director Housing and Social services and Chief Human Resource Officer for inefficiency.

This follows with the failure to carry out work and complete the set assignments to the standards without reasonable cause in respect to the Keep Zambia Clean green and healthy Campaign.

Mr. Shawa with Guidance from the Local Government Service Commission has charged the Directors with the offence of inefficiency in accordance with Paragraph 62(c) of the conditions of service for division I,II,II of 1996.

The suspension has been instituted due to the gravity of the offences committed.

“Therefore, the affected Directors and workers will be on Suspension until the disciplinary process is completed,” read the statement.

Over the weekend, President Edgar Lungu expressed disappointment that the Kabwe Municipal Council has failed to deal with huge heaps of garbage.

Earlier, aggrieved Council workers dumped garbage from refuse trucks at the entrance to the their office in protest after some PF cadres attacked them for carrying out a protest to press for their salaries.

Senior management officials were later forced to clean up the mess that was dumped by junior officers at the Council.


  1. You are just making things worse. You deny people their salaries which they have worked for and now you suspend them for expressing their grievances? Meantime the President is mute as a grave despite having been witnessed the consequences first hand. Meantime he continues to fly around in his new luxury plane, unconcerned about the suffering of others..
    This is really a callous, hard hearted man.
    It also shows how incompetent he is. There is a national crisis with workers unpaid all over, and not one word to assure or encourage the affected people. All he does are these silly “working visits”.

    • He makes a LOT Of noise over things that affect him personally, and over silly political issues. But when there are important issues that are affecting the people, he is quiet. Never a word to address national issues. A total abdication of leadership. All he is known for is dancing on stage and making questionable statements. This man, without doubt is the worst president this country has ever had. And he wants to stand again in 2021? The thieves that surround him also want him to continue, so that they can continue plundering. The cadres he has sent into diplomatic service-many of whom we see on this blog- also want him to continue, because they get free money for doing absolutely nothing.

    • Naimwe.. though it is not good to go without a salaries , equally it is not justified to misbehave in the way these council workers did. The PF cadres also should behave themselves. If Lungu is listening…let him restrain his PF cadres for they are making us run away from PF.

    • Lets not pretend, things are bad. Your PF Govt has failed.

      PF was voted on the big Lie of “More money in your pockets, less taxes”, but after elections it became “More money in OUR pockets” from stealing through Chinese bribes & overpriced road contracts & cuts from loans.
      Now the grapes turned sour to “NO money in your pockets, MORE Taxes, More retrenchments”: toll gates, borehole taxes, Sales Tax, National Health Insurance, Meal Allowances, Fuel Levy, etc.

      @ JourneyMan: I visited an embassy in Europe full of PF cadres. The caliber of cadres PF Govt is posting to foreign mission “to represent” our country made me feel ashamed of being Zambian.

    • This is what happens when civil servants are being used by opposition to turn against the ruling party…..this is what happens when civil servants become Cadres……UPND with its evil agenda is to blame….inciting violence and mischief…..
      Please lets just work together and develop Zambia regardless of any political affiliation

    • Politics of hate…..and this is what happens when opposition is full of hate……i have always said UPND is evil…..causing confusion in the country

    • People need to be paid what they work for….but how did they stay 6 months without pay???? I smell a rat….this is sabotage…..someone needs to be investigated…..someone is working with the opposition trying to sabotagize the government….and its UPND….now they’re trying to use councils around the country…

    • Anonymous

      That’s why you have chosen such a name because what ever name you can come up with will be more sounding than your posts…,

    • Of course UPND online Cadres wont like my comments….Spaka for your own info….am pro Zambian and non partisan….i dont wish for Lungu and PF to fail….i just want Zambia to develop but unfortunately UPND wants Lungu and PF to fail….pure hate of your own country

    • Spaka you sound like HH will be paying civil servants from his own pocket….For you Spaka the only person you want is Hakainde Hichilema your fellow tribesman

    • Anonymous you are very dull, and all internet sites should ban you.
      Government fails to pay salaries because of buying Presidential jets for $400 million and you blame the opposition? Our Great leader can not even explain what is happening in the country all he does is irritating dances while campaigning

    • Well done ba PF for campaigning for the opposition. You should be commended for this at you are makeing it easier to be kicked out in 2021.

    • That’s PF for you …their moroonic leader failed to dissolve the board but very swift to suspend workers who were protesting for not being paid for 3 months…its going to cost these foooools more to hire new workers and pay off these 74 workers. These workers should lawyer up

  2. We’ll sell the eSwatini mansion to pay them and then use Lungu as usual to clean up that mess. ECL is both cause and effect of this pay stalemate.

  3. This must be emulated by all councils to discipline erring officers but should not wait for the president to say so.The minister of local government should also be suspended for failing to act accordingly. SHAME ON MR MWALE who should have seen this before the president. Ministers in government emulate the minister of health who is on top of things in his ministry. In Zambia there are more health institutions and hospitals than councils but this minister knows 90% of what is happening apart from servicing the president. All ministers in Zambia apart from Finance, agriculture and health do not know their key performance areas and indicators KPA and KPI.because they do not read to know the role of their ministries in Zambia apart from chanting ECL and dancing before children. ECL is…

  4. Not paid , protested…attacked by PF caders , arrested by PF police , blocked from meeting in public , no money for this ,increase taxes for this, renew that and pay ……nollie here , nollie there ……

    Lungu is a complete shambles.

    The worst part is , he is the only leader in the world that does not deny that he is a corrupt theif

    • You’re salivating over this Mr Spaka….and what kibd of a heart do you have….happy and dancing when you see and hear negative news….typical UPND tribesman…..maybe your small god HH is the answer

    • Dancing where ? It’s you that dancers to lungus…..

      We told you so.

      From when someone turns a blind eye to political opponents being banned from meeting the public like lungu does, just know he has no confidence nor plan for the country and is a failed project….

  5. Put your house in order Mr. President because time is your greatest enemy consider the common man, it is him that sacrificed his time to vote for you.

    • sometimes it is good to accept that this president is incompetent and thinking of him going for another term is a waste of time.

  6. When a child cry of hunger you don’t get a weep to weep him as a responsible parent you find food for your child and ensure that he or she continues to receive food in time.
    What is also very shameful, is to see our so called leaders try to stop our workers from crying completely through suspensions or threats from our leaders. This is a pure sign of failure, bad leadership, and irresponsibility of the highest level. Our attitude must surely change, towards work; for we are put in offices primarily those around us and the public at larger.
    Our president must be concerned with leaders like those in Kabwe for putting his name in disrepute, they are not solution oriented and they are definitely not fit to hold such important offices. Surely with the executive powers the councils are…

  7. These look like the last kicks of a dying horse! This is heartless of Chagwa! Instead of giving the workers his ears, you add salt to their wounds? What kind of employer are you? You have just de campaigned yourself! Come 2021, we’ll sing Bombasa Yapona! Check the history of Zambia. We always change government during years with ka one ku last. Just to help you: We kicked UNIP out in 1991, We kicked out Chiluba in 2001, We kicked out RB and his Violent Cadres in 2011. 2021 is your turn to be kicked out! Enjoy your remaining days of plenty! We are tired of this visionless buteko!

  8. A hungry man is an angry man. Ba PF, this is not the PF we voted for in 2011. You were a pro-poor party that promised more jobs, more money in our pockets, lower taxes and true representation of the needy in our society. At times i ask myself if certain things that are happening now would have been the case if one Michael Sata was around. Carders are misbehaving but they go free. civil servants who are merely doing their job are being victimized like Sesheke issue was. where are we going?

  9. These are well paid guys compared to ones employed by our neighbors the Lebanese and Chinese and yet they cannot go for a month delay and are quick at demonstrating and damaging property. What they don’t comprehend is a fact that for every opening there are at least 100 people wanting to take up that job. Delay is one thing and denial another. These guys need to be taught three things in life. Time management, Value of money and Spirit of saving. Do not wait for retirement to start preparing your final requirements to sustain you the rest of your life after employment. When that time comes you will not have anyone to blame for not bringing food onto your table. Practice now and start saving. Striking is not the answer in my opinion. Delay is equally a warning that things can go BAD…

  10. Whichever way this turns out please make sure you pay them their 6 month salaries. That is at the core. The problems I see include failure of leadership, playing politics with peoples lives and misplacing priorities in a nation that is getting to its knees not because of prayer but because of fatigue. PLEASE GUYS! SHOW LEADERSHIP!

  11. pink toe. If there are other 100 people waiting to be employed for no salary that is foolishness. In your own head do you think people going without a salary for six months is normal while the president and his minions’ salaries are not delayed even for a minute plus other free allowances and illegal deals. I can’t imagine in this century there are people who still think like you.

  12. This leadership is shameless, how do they expect council workers to survive? This never happened under previous Governments, yet our President buy a $400 million jet.

  13. The problem here is PF and lungu are spending all the money on by elections to hang on to power. There is no money to pay workers.

    This is due to sheer incompetence and corruption by lungu.

    After spending billions on development, PF and lungu should not even be campaigning. Zambia should be now riding a wave of employment and exports. In the real world , after spending so much there would have been no doors for any opposition.

    In reality all pf and lungu will be doing is fighting to cling on to power amidst suffering masses with illusions of sucsse brought on by massive debt….

  14. The rest of the council workers should boycott in solidarity with their suspended colleagues otherwise they will be cowards who benefit from the action of others but do not themselves want to participate in such action.

  15. The best pay protest to take as an employee is a court claim for breach not contract and request the court to issue a judgement for immediate payment. In this case the govt seems to be having issues with paying due to……?????

    Whatever the cause violence, illegal protests, damage and defacing buildings is not acceptable.

  16. Don’t think politics think Zambian lives… those are Zambian families being destroyed for lack of income in the home and when all your focus is on politics you forget you destroy our country because this shows the private sector and foreign investors it’s okay to treat the Zambian people like this because the people who are supposed to protect them treat them like that…. Our focus should be no Zambian in his/her mother land should be treated unfairly that’s an insult to the freedoms our forefathers died for

  17. I worked in the Lusaka city council for 10 years please don’t politise this issue councils have the capability to make there own money to paid there salaries don’t blame the government for not getting paid these cunts don’t deserve a pay for not even doing there work.Micheal Sata proved it when he was governor for Lusaka city council.Bwana HH please try something have no clue how government works other than experience on you made a quick buck on privitalisation ,white color crime that’s what why you are taking a common Zambian for a advise to my country brothers and sisters watch out for these crooks HH and Kambwili there are not saints

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